Shame who? The de Gaulle family used the “Vichy regime” as a metaphor for macron!

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The crisis in Ukraine has lasted for more than three months, and European powers can neither advance nor retreat. It is impossible to cut off Russian energy completely; It is impossible to restore normal trade relations with Russia.

Last week, it was reported in European media that French President macron would visit Kiev with German and Italian prime ministers on Thursday to discuss the solution to the crisis with Zelensky.


But France changed its mind. On the 13th local time, a spokesman for the Elysee Palace said that French President macron had no definite plan to visit Ukraine for the time being. He would visit Kiev when it was “useful”.

Macron’s hesitation shows that France is in a dilemma.

Also on the 13th, members of the de Gaulle family publicly expressed their attitude towards the Ukrainian issue, and their words were quite fierce. Pierre de Gaulle, the grandson of de Gaulle, was invited to attend the “Russia day” reception held by the Russian Embassy on the same day. He said:

“It was the western countries that allowed Zelensky and the oligarchs and Neo Nazis to plunge Ukraine into the vortex of war. The Americans weakened the Europeans for their own interests. Have we forgotten that all major economic crises have originated in the United States for at least a century?”

He even said to the macron government, “what is happening reminds him of the worst occupation period of the Vichy regime in France.”

Vichy regime is a puppet regime led by law and traitors. The difference is that France was occupied by Nazi Germany at that time, but today France is not occupied by the US Army. What’s more, France is still one of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, and macron serves the interests of the United States. Wouldn’t he be ashamed?


Pierre de Gaulle (right)

According to European media reports, Pierre de Gaulle has criticized makron’s weakness more than once in private. Bernard de Gaulle, another member of the de Gaulle family (de Gaulle’s nephew), also called on the French government not to yield to the United States.

Bernard de Gaulle was also entrusted by General de Gaulle to go to Beijing in 1964, and was received by Chairman Mao. Chairman Mao also asked him to give a message to General de Gaulle.

The de Gaulle family is a symbol of honor. The capital airport and the only aircraft carrier of France are named after de Gaulle.

Although de Gaulle instructed the family members to stay away from politics, the “de Gaulle faction” still had considerable influence.

The de Gaulle family members have repeatedly said that the core issue is that “France should not be kidnapped by NATO”. The French government should have the courage to withdraw from NATO and become an independent power.

NATO and France

In de Gaulle’s eyes, NATO is an Anglo Saxon tool to weaken the European continent. The incompetence and weakness of the Fourth Republic of France (postwar-1958) made the conspiracy of the United States and Britain succeed. Without France, NATO would not have been established.

When the overall situation of World War II was settled, the United States and Britain were brewing a plan to bind Europe against the Soviet Union. On March 5, 1946, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill delivered an “iron curtain speech” in Fulton, Missouri, which opened the prelude to the cold war.

To establish a military bloc in Europe, the United States and Britain must persuade France to join. However, the Fourth Republic of France, which was a parliamentary system, had many political leaders and the cabinet collapsed frequently, which brought a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to the United States and Britain.

Britain carried out fraudulent tactics against France. At the beginning of 1947, the British Army agreed to withdraw from Syria and Lebanon (the former French territory, one of the major disputes between Britain and France after the war), and obtained the French understanding.

On march4,1947, British Foreign Secretary Bevan and French Foreign Minister bidur signed the Anglo French alliance treaty in Dunkirk.

The French had always suspected that there was a ghost in the treaty, but after Britain took the initiative to make friends in the Middle East, the French felt that the treaty could be reached, and the signing place was Dunkirk, where Britain and France “shared weal and woe”.

The core of the treaty is Article 2, “if one Contracting Party is forced to take military action against Germany, the other party must send troops to assist each other”.

The French feel that they will not suffer a loss, because even if Germany rearms in the future, the probability of conflict with it is France, not Britain on the other side of the Strait. Therefore, only Britain helped France, while France did not need to help Britain.

The French signed the Treaty for 50 years. It would be great if the French downloaded an “anti fraud app”, but it was a pity that they didn’t.

Britain is a ten thousand year shit churning stick. Will it sign a treaty that only benefits France? The British made a hole the treaty was open. In other words, the Treaty can be added to other countries in the future, and the French think there is no big problem.

At the end of 1947, Britain proposed to pull the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg into the Anglo French Alliance and sign another treaty – the Brussels treaty – on the basis of the Dunkirk treaty. On march17,1948, France signed a new treaty.

The Brussels treaty is a military alliance treaty meticulously launched by Britain and the United States. It is a key step in the establishment of NATO, but the United States is hiding behind the scenes.

Similarly, Article 9 of the Brussels treaty provides that “other countries may also join the alliance”.

With the Brussels treaty, a small military bloc with an organized structure emerged in Europe:

1? The foreign ministers of the five countries form a Ministerial Council;

2? A military commission headed by a British general (responsible for weapons standardization and military exercise planning)

The rapid development of the situation surprised France. At the end of 1948, the United States came to the stage and claimed to “establish a broader military alliance” — the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO was established on April 4th, 1949.

The United States came in and became the leader of NATO. The next question embarrassed France. On September 20th, 1949, the Federal Republic of Germany was announced to be established, and on October 7th, the Democratic Republic of Germany was also announced to be established.

On may27,1952, the United States took the lead in signing the Paris Treaty with West Germany in Paris, the core of which was to help West Germany rearm.

The French people cannot accept it because things have gone the other way. If it was known at that time that the ultimate purpose of the Dunkirk treaty was to arm Germany, how could France agree to sign it?

The French parliament refused to ratify the Paris Treaty, and the British turned their backs. On October 10, 1953, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill warned France that West Germany would still be attracted to be a member of NATO no matter whether the French legislature ratified the treaty or not.

The Dunkirk treaty was to prevent Germany, while NATO had to arm West Germany. France, deceived by Britain, insisted on refusing to ratify the new treaty.

On August 30, 1954, the French national assembly again rejected the Paris Treaty. The impatient United States and Britain publicly threatened France. If France insisted on rejecting the treaty, the United States and Britain would form an “anti French Alliance” with West Germany, and France would bear the consequences.

And those Pro American forces in France are stepping up their activities to put pressure on lawmakers. On December 30, before the new year, the French National Assembly ratified the Paris Treaty with 287 votes for and 260 votes against, and then submitted it to the “Parliament of the Republic” (upper house) for ratification.

However, the “Parliament of the Republic” did not dare to approve it. In January 1955, Churchill wrote to French Prime Minister Mendes, saying that if the French upper house did not immediately ratify the Paris Treaty, France would be “isolated by the international community”, and all “alliance” organizations in which France participated would no longer accept France

On March 27th, 1955, France “surrendered”, the parliament of the Republic approved the agreement, and the last defense line of France was broken by the United States and Britain. NATO’s arming of West Germany was the most substantive step NATO took against the Soviet Union at that time, so the Soviet Union immediately established the “Warsaw organization”, and the fight in Europe was a group fight.

France withdraws from NATO

In 1958, the Fifth Republic of France was established (new constitution, presidential system), General Charles de Gaulle came to power, and the “de Gaulle faction” assumed sole power, which changed the situation that the original French government was incompetent and weak.

De Gaulle was very dissatisfied with the British fraud and was very clear about the objectives of NATO.

France hopes to find an independent way to restore its status as a great power. Diplomacy: seeking to establish diplomatic relations with China and communicate with the Soviet Union separately; Military: get rid of NATO and avoid being pushed to the battlefield by the United States and Britain.

In March, 1959, de Gaulle announced that the French Mediterranean fleet broke away from the NATO command system and acted independently.

In May, the United States was required to withdraw all nuclear warheads from France.

In June, France asked the United States to return the right to use more than 10 air bases.

Charles de Gaulle’s “reversal” was so rapid that the United States suspected that France’s nuclear program was approaching success, so it drafted the “nuclear test ban” treaty in the name of the United Nations for all countries to sign.

Once France has nuclear weapons, the reason why the United States can not even provide a “nuclear umbrella” is untenable.

France stood with China. New China was not a member of the United Nations at that time. It was none of my business what treaty the United Nations drafted.

China refuses to sign, and France is not alone. It also refuses to sign.

In 1962, the French atomic bomb exploded successfully, earlier than the United States expected.

In 1963, de Gaulle announced that the French Atlantic Fleet was also separated from NATO command.


In january1964, China and France established diplomatic relations. In june1964, Huang Zhen, China’s first ambassador to France, presented his credentials to President Charles de Gaulle.

On may7,1966, de Gaulle announced that all French troops would leave NATO, all foreign troops must leave French territory, and NATO aircraft must not fly over French airspace.

On July 1, France officially withdrew from the NATO military integration agency.

In October, France officially withdrew from the NATO Military Commission.


In 1973, Chairman Mao and President Pompidou

Charles de Gaulle cut the Gordian knot quickly. He did not even leave the United States with a chance for negotiation. He also wanted NATO headquarters to leave Paris. So today NATO headquarters is in Brussels.

The White House accused France of ruthlessly stabbing its allies in the heart.

De Gaulle’s line towards NATO has continued. However, in june2008, the Sarkozy government issued the white paper on national defense, proposing its willingness to join NATO.

On march17,2009, the French National Assembly adopted the decision of full return to NATO with 329 votes for and 238 votes against. On April 4, the United States announced France as a member of NATO at the 60th anniversary celebration of NATO.

Without the French government in the spirit of de Gaulle, even the Fourth Republic of France is inferior.

What did France gain from joining NATO? They have nothing to gain. They have to be stabbed by Australians. Even Ukraine dares to publicly humiliate the French president.

France’s economy and military strength have developed along the de Gaulle line. Otherwise, it would be a problem even to have nuclear weapons.


But the backbone of the later French politicians was broken and they could not stand up. If we dare not solve big problems, we will only use the “white left” method to cheat votes and deceive ourselves and others.


Macron has no pressure for re-election. Don’t you feel ashamed that the United States is still so weak, hesitant and appeasement?

NATO is the belt of the United States in Europe. If this belt falls off, the United States will be naked.

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