Shangguan likes to disclose that he has no income in September. Netizen roast that stars should not be sold in poverty

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Shangguan likes to be known by many netizens and enter the entertainment circle because of your participation in the second season of youth. Shangguan’s favorite appearance is still very unique in the entertainment industry. Although she is not a girl group at all, she has attracted the attention of many netizens with her unique personality. Shangguan liked to disclose that he had no income in September. Unexpectedly, netizens turned on the roast mode. Haha, stars should not be poor or miserable. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Shangguan likes to disclose that he has no income in September

The reason for this was that Shangguan liked to accept an interview and talked about his star life. Shangguan likes to say that he has signed a 10-year contract with the company. Although he has made his debut, he still owes the company more than 800000 so far. Shangguan liking also said that he had not worked for 9 months and naturally did not have any income, so he could only live by receiving an advance payment from the company. In addition, the trainees who like to be interviewed with Shangguan also said that they only want a job and can earn tens of thousands of yuan a month.

As a result, the change of the clip triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. Although some netizens sympathized with them and felt that they had really given up a lot in order to pursue their dreams. After so many years of hard work, they still owed the company money and were really squeezed by the company. However, many netizens accused Shangguan of being fond of waiting for others and selling miserably in front of the screen.

Netizens roast stars don’t sell in poverty

Because many people think that the stars in the entertainment industry are not short of money. Many artists who are regarded as the 18th tier artists can afford to buy houses and drive luxury cars in Beijing. Even those top-notch artists earn more than twomillion a day. The public simply can’t sympathize with artists and can’t resonate with artists who sell badly. Each circle has high income and low income. We can not sympathize with the low income of artists, but Xiaobian doesn’t think it necessary for us to attack Shangguan’s love.

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