Shanghai female director, who is very popular with Chen Daoming, is gone

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Created the classic Huang Shuqin,

Gradually forgotten by people,

And she also emptied all the memories of the stage.

Authors: Xia Yu, shenyizhu (oral)

Xuxiaodi (interview)

Editor: Xu Ye

Editor: Su Rui

On April 21, the famous director Huang Shuqin died in Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital at the age of 83.



As one of the representatives of the fourth generation of Chinese film directors, the identity of women has given Huang Shuqin a unique perspective of observation. His representative work “people · ghosts · feelings” is known as “the first female film in China”.

She also directed the TV series besieged city, which won the second prize of the 10th National TV flying award, the best director award, the Golden Bear award of the first international TV Festival, etc. in 1991.

When filming Fortress Besieged, Huang Shuqin did not talk about drama or restrictions, just like “raising a pool of live fish”, allowing the actors to act by intuition, “talking and moving”. In this way, 72 characters, regardless of the main character and supporting actor, all have their own plays. Besieged city is still an immortal classic in the history of Chinese TV dramas.



·Poster of the TV series besieged city.

Huang Shuqin, who created the classic, was gradually forgotten by people. And she also emptied all the memories of the stage – she had Alzheimer’s disease.

Xiayu, the old editor in chief of Shangying pictorial, and shenyizhu, his wife and former supplement editor of the evening news, are the authors of the biography of Huang Shuqin. On the third day of the lunar new year in 2015, they met Huang Shuqin.

“It’s hard to see her. I can’t bear it.” Shenyizhu told the reporter of global people, “but we are still very happy. Although she doesn’t talk much most of the time, as long as she talks about familiar movies and TV, she will react and say a few words. At that time, she will feel as if she understands everything.”

The following is the story of Xia Yu and shenyizhu——



“Mysterious giant Buddha”

Even if Huang Dao is not ill, he is not talkative. She never talks endlessly. She often finishes in threeorfour words. Over time, people nicknamed her the mysterious giant Buddha.

Silence seems to be the “genetic gene” of the Huang family.

Huang zuolin, the father of Huang Shuqin, is a famous dramatist. In Chinese drama circles, it is known as “Jiao in the north and Huang in the South”. Jiao is Jiao Juyin, and Huang is Huang zuolin. In addition to the director’s rehearsal, Huang zuoling said very little. His friends gave him a nickname “Pok”, which means “shut up” in Chinese. As a result, the father passed the nickname on to his daughter.



·Huang Shuqin beside the camera.

In these two years’ interviews, Huang Shuqin’s “axis” impressed us most.

Huanghaiqin, Huang Shuqin’s eldest sister, is the most “iron” of her. They also look like each other. When she told us about this eldest sister, she was always very serious. At that time, the three sisters took a tricycle to school, and the fare was 10 cents. Once, the coachman saw that there were many of them, so he raised the price by 15 cents. Huang Shuqin quit and took his sisters back. When he was halfway there, the coachman came up and said, “just one corner. Get on the bus!” She agreed and got on the bus again. As a matter of fact, we have already gone halfway, and we will lose another dime. She is such a person, very “axis”.

Guokaimin, who worked with Huang Shuqin on childhood friends, told us a very interesting detail: on the set, director Huang often speaks Mandarin and Shanghai dialect together. While speaking Mandarin, the delegates were still discussing; Once the decision is made, they will say in the Shanghai dialect: “the case of a lattice stake will be qualified.”—— “That’s it.”

“Later, we will understand that when she speaks Mandarin, we can still fight,” guokaimin said. “When she says’ you can do something with a stake ‘, it means she has made a decision and just do it.”

When you make a decision, you are going to the end. She believes that good is good and will not change because of other people’s opinions.

In man, ghost and love, Huang Shuqin wants to show the world of Zhong Kui. She discussed with her husband, Zheng Changfu, who worked as an art worker, and decided to use a black velvet substrate to darken the entire studio, so that Zhong Kui’s red robe and big flower face appeared in a nihilistic black.

At that time, in order to save money, the crew bought a lot of black velvets to replace them. As a result, a dozen lights, velvets and reflections failed to achieve the deep black hole effect. The Production Department advised her to make do with it. She became angry: “I’d rather not shoot it than change it to black velvet!”

It was the same when filming fortress besieged. At that time, Huang Shuqin had a car accident in a scene selection and suffered a comminuted fracture of his right leg. When her leg injury was a little better, she began to look for actors according to her own model. Chen Daoming, the leading actor, is determined. Huang Shuqin sees a similar temperament to Fang hung Chien from his role as Puyi (the last emperor). But Chen Daoming hesitated, fearing that he would not perform well. As a result, Huang Shuqin came to the door in person and watched the “wounded” director try to persuade him again and again. Chen Daoming finally agreed.



·Stills of the TV series besieged city (1990), Fang hung Chien (Chen Daoming) and sun jou Chia (lvliping).

On the set, Huang Shuqin spent 100 days filming either in a wheelchair or on crutches, averaging 10 days for each episode. He used double seats to repeat a play several times from beginning to end, exerting his energy to make a film. She is one track minded and wants to make a good show.



“My heroine

Are not born rebels “

In 1987, Huang Shuqin accidentally saw a documentary novel entitled “long haired man”, which was written by the writer jiangzilong based on the experience of peiyanling, an actor of Hebei Bangzi. A woman who plays a man, or an ugly Zhong Kui, unexpectedly caused a sensation in the pear garden. Huang Shuqin sat at home for two days and decided to meet this great woman.

She took a car to Shandong, followed peiyanling for 10 days, watched her dress change from a woman to a man and a ghost every day, and played Zhong Kui and Lin Chong on the rural platform. After returning to Shanghai, Huang Shuqin decided to make a play based on peiyanling, which is called “human, ghost and love”.

She wants to show two worlds, one is the world of the heroine Qiu Yun, a female artist who plays a male role; One is Zhong Kui’s world. He took a line of kids singing and dancing to send his sister to marry.



·The stills of the film “people, ghosts and love” (1987), the world of Zhong Kui in Qiuyun.

In the film, Huang Shuqin designed a scene: young Qiuyun was practicing martial arts and was so tired that she lay down on the haystack. A naked little boy asked her, “are you dead?” Qiu Yun scolded a rude remark. After writing this, Huang Shuqin was very excited and said to zhengdasheng, “I wrote a good play today.” The son listened to her description and said, “you make female movies.”

At that time, he studied film performance at the Shanghai Theater Academy and was very familiar with various film trends. On the contrary, Huang Shuqin doesn’t know what feminism is, but feels very happy and enjoyable. When the film was released, the actors asked, “director, are you intentional?” Huang Shuqin said proudly, “yes, I did it on purpose.”

“Human, ghost and love” was launched and won many international awards. But what Huang Shuqin valued most was his father’s evaluation. In an internal projection room of Shanghai Film Studio, Huang zuolin finished watching the film and said nothing. He just hugged his daughter and kissed her on the forehead.

After that, she made the painting soul, telling the story of the female painter panyuliang. In the first scene, panyuliang sneaked into the women’s bathroom to draw nude pictures. As a result, he was beaten by a group of women. It has been suggested that some professional models should be invited to make it more eye-catching. Huang Shuqin objected. She thought this was a typical male perspective.

She took special care: “to find more than 30 ordinary women, you must have all kinds of women, old, small, fat and thin. It’s best to have a pregnant woman.”

This difficult and significant play was cut out when it was finally released. Later, we carefully read all her articles, and there was almost no comment on the painting soul. She was dissatisfied and felt that her thoughts had not been fully expressed.



·In the poster of the film painting soul (1994), Gong Li plays panyuliang, a female painter in the early Republic of China.

However, in any case, people, ghosts and feelings and painting souls are both Huang Shuqin’s two representative works on female consciousness. Qiu Yun in “people, ghosts and feelings” has changed from “women are a curse” to “I play a man”; Panyuliang in the soul of painting has changed from “women are concubines” to “women are capital people with independent values”.

“My heroines are not born rebels. They all grew up in a traditional society and have a traditional sense of attachment. In particular, they have a traditional yearning – to marry a good man and yearn for a good home. Their luck only lies in that when they have to choose to live or die, they choose to live – women’s dignity and independence.”

Huang Shuqin once said, “what I am thinking about is the embarrassment and helplessness of a woman’s survival. This is the status quo. You can feel it, but you can’t change it.”



Fine and coarse

In the process of visiting Huang Shuqin’s relatives, friends and collaborators, what moved us most was not how we evaluated her film achievements, but her delicacy and sincerity as a woman.

When I first met Huang Dao, many people were a little afraid. She was very tall, more than one meter seven, and very strong. She didn’t talk much and was very dignified. But after a long time of contact, the feminine smell on her body began to emanate little by little. General male directors, who cares about your love and life? She will. She is afraid that these girls will go wrong and delay their life. She wants to protect them.

Contemporary people is the first film directed by Huang Shuqin. At that time, Zhang Xiaolei, the leading actress, fell in love with the actor. Zhangxiaolei came from the army compound. He was young, simple and had no plans. Huang Shuqin was afraid that she would suffer losses, so he called her over: “Xiao Lei, be careful when you fall in love…” his son Dasheng teased her, “why do you care about this kind of thing like a ‘matter mother’?”

So is Gong Li. Once, she took Gong Li’s hand and felt cold. Knowing that she was cold, she took her to see a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and advised her to take the ointment like herself.

And wujunmei. Huang Shuqin likes her very much and calls her “little beauty”. When filming operation beyond national boundaries, the crew once went to Beijing hotel to shoot the location. It was said that Italian director Bertolucci wanted to shoot wujunmei. Huang Shuqin was very excited and asked her to call. At that time, Bertolucci was staying at the Beijing Hotel and asked her to come up right away. Wujunmei said, “my parents have told me that girls can’t go to strangers’ rooms.” Huang Shuqin immediately called an actress from the crew and accompanied her up. Without Huang Shuqin, wujunmei might have missed the role of the last emperor and Wenxiu.

However, this very “woman” director is very informal in his life, like “Ma Daha”. Once, when the house was renovated, the workers had to be entertained in the evening, but the rice was finished. Zheng Changfu, his lover, asked Huang Shuqin to buy a bag of rice when he came home, but he waited all afternoon and found no rice.

In the evening, as soon as Huang Shuqin entered the house, zhengchangfu asked, “where is the rice you bought?” Huang Shuqin was surprised: “I bought it and put it at the door.” After a long time, she ran to another building and put the rice at the door of someone else’s house.



·Zhengchangfu (left), zhengdasheng (Center) and Huang Shuqin.



A familiar friend,

I don’t know any of them

In 2014, Gong Li visited Huang Shuqin in the nursing home. Later, in Zhang Yimou’s return, she played fengwanyu, who suffered from amnesia in her old age. Many insiders saw her and thought she had the shadow of Huang Shuqin.

Huang Shuqin is getting worse and worse. In the summer of 2015, she went to the bathroom in the dark and fell down. Since then, she seems to have wrapped herself up; In 2016, she suddenly fell ill. After rescue, she could not walk or swallow; Since then, I have been living in the Sixth People’s hospital with a gastric tube. I lie in bed every day. My muscles have shrunk. No matter how familiar I am, I don’t know any of my friends.

Her son, Dasheng, has been filming outside all year round, and only her daughter-in-law, Shen Yili, is with her. Shenyili is the leading female member of the Shanghai Kunju Opera Troupe and the winner of the plum blossom award. Their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have a good relationship.

Before she got married, shenyili went to Huang Shuqin’s house. At that time, Granny Da Sheng also lived there. The old lady asked her questions. Huang Shuqin was afraid that she would be embarrassed, so she asked her to go out. The two went to Haagen Dazs – Huang Shuqin loved sweets very much. She bought an ice cream, and you could eat it one spoonful at a time.

Later, Shen Yili and Da Sheng got married. When they were free, their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were on the balcony, drinking tea and chatting. The sun moved from east to west, and they followed the sun wherever it moved.

Shenyili is a cheerful person. She likes to talk to Huang Shuqin about everything: “rabbit mother (Huang Dao is a rabbit), do you still remember Chen Daoming? He played Fang hung Chien in Fortress Besieged, and he wanted to pay for the restoration of the whole film of Fortress Besieged. Are you happy?”

Huang Shuqin’s eyes lit up and seemed to smile.

Reporter’s notes

In 2009, Huang Shuqin was 70 years old and had left the film for nearly 10 years. “Someone asked me, do you miss the sound of the camera turning? I don’t dream so much.” She said, “if I had a daughter, I would soberly tell her that movies do not belong to women, especially commercial films.”

At the end of “people · ghosts · love”, Zhong Kui appeared opposite Qiu Yun and claimed that “he came here specially to marry you”. And Qiu Yun’s answer is: “I have married, married the stage.” Ask: “do not regret?” Answer: “No.”

This may also be Huang Shuqin’s answer.

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