SHAOHAO: the legendary leader of ancient China and one of the five emperors

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SHAOHAO, one of the five heavenly emperors in Chinese mythology, the ancestor of Chinese culture and the leader of tribal alliance in ancient times, created a situation of heroes. It was honored as Gaozu by the tan state of its descendants (see the spring and Autumn Annals), and later generations honored it as emperor. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look.

The birth of the son

When SHAOHAO was born, there were five Phoenix in the sky. They were of different colors. They were formed according to the five colors of red, yellow, green, white and black. They flew and landed in the courtyard of SHAOHAO family. Therefore, he was also called Fengniao family. SHAOHAO began to use Xuanniao, the swallow, as the totem of his headquarters. Later, when qiongsang was the leader of the league, Fengniao flew in and was overjoyed. So he took Fengniao as the family God to worship the Fengniao totem.

Soon after, the capital of Qufu was moved. In the name of birds, there were twenty-four clans including hongniao, Fengniao, Xuanniao and Qingniao, forming a huge and complete clan tribal society with Fengniao as the totem.

Phoenix system

Under the careful cultivation of his father, the Yellow Emperor and his mother, Lei Zu, SHAOHAO has magical gifts and extraordinary skills. The young SHAOHAO was sent by the Yellow Emperor to the Fenghong tribe, the largest tribe in the Dongyi tribe alliance, for training. He took the daughter of Fenghong as his wife and became the leader of the Fenghong tribe. Later, he became the leader of the whole Dongyi tribe.


He first established a country on the coast of the East China Sea, and established a strange system: using all kinds of birds as civil and military officials. The specific division of labor is based on the characteristics of different birds.

The Phoenix is in charge of hundreds of birds, and then the swallow is in charge of spring, the Shrike is in charge of summer, the parrot is in charge of autumn, and the golden pheasant is in charge of winter. In addition, he sent five species of birds to manage daily affairs.

Filial wagolins are in charge of education, fierce birds of prey are in charge of military affairs, fair cuckoos are in charge of architecture, majestic eagles are in charge of law, and eloquent turtledoves are in charge of speech. In addition, nine species of Hu birds are in charge of agriculture, so that the people will not lose their lust. Five kinds of pheasants are in charge of carpentry, lacquerer, Potter, dyer and leather worker.

The prosperous age of the Phoenix Kingdom

SHAOHAO was very pleased to see the prosperity of the country of birds everywhere. He invited his young nephew Zhuanxu to help manage the government affairs. Zhuanxu lived up to expectations and did an excellent job, which won his uncle’s appreciation. Seeing that his nephew was working very hard, SHAOHAO taught Zhuanxu to play the piano.

The SHAOHAO period was a period of prosperity of the Chinese phoenix culture. The surnames of ethnic groups with SHAOHAO blood ties, such as the current Jiang surname, still have Phoenix or swallow patterns in their totems. From SHAOHAO to Yuan Zhong, the first ancestor of Ying and Jiangde, he has been the leader of the Dongyi tribe alliance, the backbone of the Chinese nationality. SHAOHAO nationality, which developed from Fuxi clan, is the representative of Dongyi forces. In the period of the Yellow Emperor, the Yandi nationality and the Huangdi nationality merged to produce the early Huaxia nationality.


After Xia Qi broke the system of abdication, the Dongyi tribe and the Xia Dynasty faced off.

In the late Xia Dynasty, under the leadership of leader Tang, the Shang clan of the eastern barbarians re entered the Central Plains, and the two Chinese groups accelerated the pace of integration. However, in the period of King Zhou, the Zhou clan in the West took the opportunity to occupy the center of the Shang clan and replaced the Shang clan.

After King Wu of the Zhou Dynasty established the Zhou Dynasty, Duke Dan of the Zhou Dynasty and Taigong of the Zhou Dynasty launched several large-scale wars against the eastern barbarians, and the sphere of influence of the eastern barbarians was greatly compressed. Until the end of the spring and Autumn period, the eastern barbarians were fully integrated into the Chinese nation. The Chinese phoenix culture existed and developed before the dragon culture. On the basis of the phoenix culture, the dragon culture was born and developed. The Phoenix Culture and the dragon culture are the two cultural pillars of the Chinese nation.

Zither master

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