She became famous overnight, but she was still destroyed

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In the era of traffic, everyone may become a “network celebrity”.

Once you find the traffic password, you can become one of the top stream overnight.

However, the price is also heavy.

Some people are deeply troubled by internet violence, and some quickly collapse and collapse.

Just like these two days, the hotly discussed Qingsheng net is known as “Goutou Luoli”.

This female netizen has told her “strange” experience many times.

They included being raped in an electronics factory, being “kept” during college, publishing large-scale videos on the Internet by their ex-boyfriend, and being used by adult websites for many times without authorization.

A few days ago, she claimed to have been forcibly expelled at the Chongqing Man Exhibition.

So a video suspected of suicide was released.

“With such a bad image and such a bad reputation, it is impossible for me to get a bit of job opportunities for serious work in reality… Now, I will also be deprived of the job opportunities to meet fans in the exhibition, and even may appear on the blacklist that is blocked in the future.”

??????? ??????……

Fortunately, the online celebrity was finally found by the police and is now safe.

However, the voice questioning her “large-scale”, “marginalisation” and “speculation” has not stopped.

Recently, a new Japanese film tells the rise and fall of a “Internet celebrity”.

In order to become famous, she not only took off again and again, but even embarked on the path of disfigurement.

Today, Uncle Yu will tell you——

“God Seeks Reward” God sees return and asks for return

??????? ??????……

The two leading actors in the film are very interesting.

The main actor is Shi Yi, a comedian known as “Japanese Shen Teng”.

The hostess is a newcomer whose popularity has soared in recent years.

??????? ??????……

Last year, she launched four starring films at one go, all of which were well received.

Not long ago, she also won the Best Actress of the Year award of Japan’s “Film Tendai”.

It can be said that it is the future star of Japanese film industry.

??????? ??????……

The heroine played by Shoji Shinai, whose name is Xiao Youli, is a “net celebrity”.

With a popular video, she instantly became popular.

??????? ??????……

In the video, her upper body is naked.

Two men painted her “clothes” with paint.

Between the words, he was playing the edge ball without disguise.

??????? ??????……

In fact, before taking this video, Xiaoyouli had always been an unknown little transparent.

In life, she is not noticed by others.

??????? ??????……

As a “online celebrity”, there are hardly any fans.

After all, in this era when everyone is seeking stimulation.

Who would like to see the anchor who is not outstanding in appearance, and eat spaghetti while rotating hula hoop on the live broadcast.

??????? ??????……

Even the few comments below the channel attack either Xiaoyouli’s appearance or her taste.

Whether it’s traffic or men.

For Xiao Youli, it is all extravagant expectations.

??????? ??????……

However, Xiao Youli met Tian Mu Shen (Shi Yi).

Tian Mushen is an ordinary office worker of the exhibition company.

??????? ??????……

An accidental fellowship activity made Tian Mushen pay attention to Xiaoyouli.

He was impressed by Xiao Youli’s positive and enthusiastic attitude in the video.

Knowing that Xiao Youli needs dolls to shoot, he is duty-bound to promise to help.

??????? ??????……

Not only did they give the doll clothes to Xiaoyouli, but also they even included the planning, shooting and editing of Xiaoyouli channel.

Gradually, their relationship became closer and closer.

Tian Mu Shen became Xiao Youli’s assistant.

Xiao Youli also constantly praises Tian Mu as the shining “God” in his life.

??????? ??????……

Unfortunately, Xiaoyuli Channel did not increase its popularity because of the help of Tianmu God.

On the contrary, the comments in the comment area are still very unfriendly.

But Xiao Youli didn’t feel sad about it, she said——

When I received comments alone

It’s easy to lose heart

But now there is Mr. Tian Mushen laughing around

I don’t care that much

??????? ??????……

Is that really the case?

Not really.

At this time, Xiao Youli was invited to participate in the channel of the “Online Red” seniors by chance.

This is the beginning of the “large-scale” body painting.

??????? ??????……

While Xiao Youli was pleased with his popularity, Tian Mushen tried to prevent Xiao Youli from continuing to shoot such videos on the grounds of “vulgarity”.

For the first time, there was a disagreement between the two people.

??????? ??????……

So Xiaoyuli decided to try to cooperate with other designers.

The video with great changes in style is indeed more in line with the fashion aesthetic of the public.

??????? ??????……

What also changed was Xiao Youli’s attitude towards Tian Mu Shen.

Negate the planning scheme and the editing method.

Even the channel’s mascot dolls have been rejected.

In the current view of Xiao Youli, the taste of Tianmu God is too “uncle aesthetic”.

Everything about him has nothing to do with fashion.

??????? ??????……

Coincidentally, at this juncture, the younger generation who had been looking for money from Tian Mushen jumped off the building to commit suicide.

When the younger generation died, the debt was borne by the guarantor, Tian Mu Shen.

The huge debt is too heavy for salaried workers.

??????? ??????……

However, Tianmu God can only seek help from Xiao Youli.

In his view, his help in the past was the chip to help her escape from the difficulties.

However, because of the video fire, Xiao Youli turned his face and didn’t recognize anyone.

??????? ??????……

She not only coldly rejected Tian Mu Shen.

Even frankly, the team with designers has been perfect, and Tian Mu Shen has become a burden on the team.

What’s more, even the title of “God”, the god of Tian Mu, was taken away by the new designers.

The life belief of Tianmu God to be kind to others completely collapsed.

??????? ??????……

Once God seeks reward, mortals need to pay more than money.

Tian Mushen’s mood began to get out of control.

??????? ??????……

He has always been honest, kind and willing to help others.

Even if you know that your friend is a gambler, you will help out of sympathy.

Clearly aware that Xiao Youli is not likely to get angry, she is happy to help her run the channel.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, he has no principles, and even some foolishness.

But this is his way of life.

??????? ??????……

However, Xiao Youli’s “betrayal” was like throwing a bomb in the calm lake.

The God of Tian Mu, whose values were shaken, decided to take revenge on Xiao Youli.

??????? ??????……

First of all, it’s hard to fight.

With the goodwill in his heart, Tian Mushen decided to give Xiao Youli another chance.

He invited Xiao Youli to the restaurant where the two people discussed the plan before.

Almost hysterically, he repeated his efforts to Xiao Youli——

I help you make videos all night!

I also help you borrow your car and prepare the props for you at my own expense

Ordinarily, wouldn’t you want to give me at least a little return?

The settlement fee was paid when the roast chicken shop was closed!

I’m worried about not making you sad

I have been supporting you secretly

??????? ??????……

However, these efforts only touched the Tianmu God himself.

Xiao Youli thinks that his verbal gratitude is enough.

Now, it’s just that the God of Tian Mu wants to repay her kindness.

“Isn’t it God who doesn’t ask for reward?”

??????? ??????……

Secondly, tracking coercion.

Xiao Youli’s selfishness made Tian Mushen decide a way to the dark.

In any case, your efforts must be rewarded.

At Xiao Youli’s sharing meeting, Tian Mushen sat at the meeting and stared at her.

The eyes were empty, and the smile on the face seemed to look at an old friend.

??????? ??????……

But Xiao Youli clearly knows that the newcomers are not good.

She simply did not hide, and her words sarcastically satirized the stagnancy of the life of Tianmu God.

The enraged Tianmu God completely lost his mind.

But in public places, he has nothing to do with Xiao Youli.

??????? ??????……

Finally, public disclosure.

The god of Tianmu, who was at the end of his life, had already forgotten his original purpose.

In the fury of revenge, return has become unimportant.

His idea left only the last extreme goal——

Destroy Xiaoyuli.

Tian Mushen created a new channel, covered his face with a black mask, and became the anchor.

??????? ??????……

Under the banner of “revealing the true face of that woman”, he tried to destroy the elaborate human settings created by Xiao Youli.

How could Xiao Youli allow Tianmu to act arbitrarily.

She launched a counterattack in the video——

The god of Tian Mu was portrayed as an obscene and abnormal stalker, which caused him to lose his job.

??????? ??????……

But this is not enough. In order to completely solve the problem of Tianmu God, Xiao Youli pretended to ask him out.

Her partner, however, was filming in the dark.

After the confrontation, the two finally revealed their feelings.

To this day, Tian Mu God wants nothing but to ask Xiao Youli to return his kindness.

??????? ??????……

How can I pay it back?

In Xiao Youli’s view, the kindness of the God of Tian Mu is only due to compassion.

The essence of compassion is that he despises himself.

I despise the industry of anchor.

Such a person disgusts her.

??????? ??????……

Discontent and hatred once found vent.

The debt and regret will gradually come to the surface.

After calming down, the two finally decided to end the senseless farce.

??????? ??????……

However, the matter is not over.

Just when Tian Mushen deleted the channel and was ready to return to life.

In a shooting accident, Xiao Youli was severely burned.

Her “online celebrity” life came to an end.

??????? ??????……

It is funny that there are other “netizens” sneaking into the ward of Xiaoyouli to take pictures.

The cruel torture further hurt Xiao Youli.

Tianmu God, who happened to come to visit the patient, immediately took away the mobile phone of “Nethong”.

Threatened that if “Cyber Red” continued to violate, he would expose his true identity.

??????? ??????……

Unexpectedly, “Cyber Red” directly attacked Tian Mu Shen.

Tian Mu Shen stumbled in the alley, facing the dazzling sunlight.

He danced the doll dance in Xiaoyouli video again.

“I can still take pictures”

??????? ??????……

Antagonism is the core element of this film.

When Tian Mushen and Xiao Youli fought each other, they said more than once——

I will make some naive videos and feel good about myself

Isn’t it just like a child

??????? ??????……

This sentence reveals the attitude of some people towards the culture of “online celebrity”.

In their eyes, this group of people has no meaning.

??????? ??????……

At the same time, the world created by the film reveals a very primitive sense of wildness.

Everyone is stubborn.

Everyone is indifferent to others.

??????? ??????……

When someone jumps out of the building, passers-by will not think of making a rescue call.

They will only hold up their mobile phones in indifference and quickly broadcast the live jump to get traffic.

??????? ??????……

“Cyber Red”, under the banner of punishing evil forces, will only shoot indiscriminately with a toy pistol.

When he smelled the flow, he was just a bastard who trespassed into the ward.

??????? ??????……

The anchor who cooperated with Xiao Youli was in great pain after Xiao Youli was burned.

Live broadcast at the door of the ward in violation of regulations.

Just to not miss this “hot news”.

??????? ??????……

In fact, even Xiao Youli himself sometimes looks down on his online celebrity work.

At the fan meeting, she admitted that her video was interesting, but not eternal.

“But it’s not like movies or music

What can survive the passage of time “

??????? ??????……

Unexpectedly, the little fan in front of me said another touching words.

“But are the things that can be preserved very powerful

I like your video very much. I think it’s very interesting

Can’t it just be that way? “

??????? ??????……

Indeed, many people have a superficial stereotype of the popular online celebrity culture, even hostile attitudes and extreme hatred.

However, it is undeniable that online celebrity culture has already penetrated into all aspects of this era.

??????? ??????……

Admittedly, the content of online celebrity culture is becoming increasingly vulgar.

There is no bottom line to judge the ugliness, and there is a large-scale margin

These “net red” behaviors that lead to unhealthy atmosphere are indeed worthy of vigilance.

However, online celebrity culture also gives many people a chance to leap the ranks and pursue success.

They may not be able to get a good job and value recognition in the society due to their lack of family conditions, education conditions and appearance conditions.

On the Internet, it can glow with another kind of brilliance.

??????? ??????……

This is also the dual nature of today’s online celebrity culture.

We still don’t know where the trend of “online celebrity” will go.

However, the pursuit of all means of self-worth is essentially the same.

Keep enthusiasm and integrity of human nature.

??????? ??????……

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