She went to Xinjiang, the Western fried pot!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming shuzatan wechat id:laomingdashu

In the last ten days of May, a “major event” involving China and the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights occurred.

At the invitation of the Chinese government, the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet, paid a visit to China from May 23 to 28.

This is the first visit to China by the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights in 17 years.

In the context of the Sino US game, the United States, Britain and other western countries, out of the strategic goal of containing China, have constantly fabricated lies related to China’s human rights, and even cooked up rumors such as the so-called “genocide is taking place in Xinjiang” and “there is forced labor in Xinjiang” to slander, attack and discredit China in every way.

In this case, Bachelet’s visit to China has been highly concerned by all parties from the very beginning.

On the occasion of Bachelet’s visit to China, some think tanks, scholars and government officials from the United States, Britain and Australia once again dished out the so-called internal “leaked” documents, accusing China of the human rights issue in Xinjiang, in an attempt to put pressure on Bachelet.

However, the “leaked” files they used were too fake. Even on twitter, an American social media platform, they were also criticized by netizens as appropriate.

In fact, people with a clear eye can see that the goals of the United States, Britain and other western countries are very clear. They want to use human rights as a pretext to launch public opinion and information warfare against China, disguise themselves as “defenders of human rights” and smear, slander and attack China. In the end, they fantasize about “stinking China” in international public opinion. At the same time, they brazenly interfere in China’s internal affairs and serve the great strategy of the United States to contain China.

Originally, the United Nations established the office of the High Commissioner for human rights in 1993 to promote the development of human rights worldwide. However, in the past 30 years, the United States, the United Kingdom and other western countries have greatly politicized and instrumentalized the human rights issue.

Their goal has never been to sincerely improve the human rights situation in the world, but to turn the human rights issue into a big stick that can be used to “hit people” at any time. Whoever has bad relations with them will smear, attack and slander these countries on the issue of human rights. If some countries are willing to cooperate with the interests of the United States, Britain and other western countries, even if these countries have serious human rights problems, they can still turn a blind eye.

Over the years, the United States, Britain and other western countries have long lost their credibility on human rights issues because of their double standards and hypocrisy on human rights issues.

However, it is obvious that Bachelet’s trip to China did not follow their preset script.

The United States, Britain and other western countries had hoped that Bachelet and the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights would cooperate with their actions to smear, slander and attack China. However, with the joint efforts of China and Bachelet, this trip to China was very rich and constructive.

At the press conference held before the end of the trip on May 28, Bachelet made it clear that this visit was not an “investigation” of China’s human rights situation by the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights, as some Westerners hoped, but an “opportunity” to exchange, discuss and cooperate with China on human rights issues.

Vice Foreign Minister mazhaoxu comprehensively introduced Bachelet’s visit to China. He said:

The two sides conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges in the spirit of mutual respect and honesty. The two sides comprehensively and deeply elaborated on China’s path, philosophy and achievements in human rights development. The two sides exchanged views on global human rights governance, multilateral human rights work, China’s cooperation with OHCHR and other issues of common concern.

During her stay in Guangzhou, Bachelet visited projects that reflected China’s grass-roots democracy, poverty alleviation, judicial security, environmental protection, livelihood security, protection of the rights of specific groups, and human rights education. During his stay in Xinjiang, China gave Bachelet High Commissioner a comprehensive introduction to Xinjiang’s measures and achievements in anti-terrorism and depolarization, economic and social development, ethnic religion, labor rights protection, etc. Bachelet High Commissioner made on-the-spot visits in Kashgar and Urumqi, and held discussions and exchanges with people of ethnic minorities, experts and scholars and other people from all walks of life. “

Mazhaoxu stressed that with the joint efforts of both sides, Bachelet’s visit to China has achieved positive and pragmatic results:

——Enhanced the understanding of the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights on China’s human rights development path;

——It clarifies China’s position on promoting global human rights governance;

——Strengthened cooperation between China and OHCHR;

——Let Bachelet personally feel a real Xinjiang.

For such a situation, some people in the west can no longer sit still.

Over the past period of time, they have repeatedly clamored that “Bachelet cannot communicate freely in China” and “the press release issued by China distorts Bachelet’s speech”.

In the final analysis, the reason for their performance is that Bachelet did not cooperate with their plan to slander, smear and attack China, which made them angry.

More importantly, inviting Bachelet to visit China is also an initiative of China’s diplomacy. It will help reverse the trend of the United States, Britain and other western countries kidnapping the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights, help China establish direct contact and cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights, help China break up the discourse monopoly of the United States, Britain and other western countries in human rights affairs, and help bring about a diplomatic war and a war of contention on human rights issues, Lead to the United States, Britain and other countries.

A few years ago, when the US government declared that it was concerned about the human rights of Muslims in Xinjiang, China, I found it inconceivable.

The United States is the country that has committed various crimes against Muslims in the Middle East and other parts of the world over the past few decades. Just by waging wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, the United States has killed at least hundreds of thousands or even millions of Muslims and displaced tens of millions of Muslims.

After trump took office, he directly issued discriminatory policies against Muslims.

How can such a country even boast that it cares about the human rights of Muslims in Xinjiang, China?

This is like a robber saying that he wants to safeguard the personal and property safety of the people; This is like a thief saying that he should make sure that every household does not lose anything; It’s like a rapist saying he wants to protect the chastity of the victim.

Is that really outrageous?

What a strange thing!

Of course, human rights are a good thing. All countries should focus on the people and let the people live a stable, prosperous and beautiful life. This is the most important thing to do to protect and improve human rights.

In the 73 years since the founding of new China, great progress has been made in respecting, protecting and improving the human rights of the Chinese people.

Even Bachelet said that poverty alleviation and the elimination of extreme poverty were 10 years ahead of the target date, which was a great achievement for China.

Western countries have politicized and instrumentalized the issue of human rights, resulting in three incredible trends:

First, ignoring their own human rights abuses, they are keen to dress up as “human rights defenders” and act as “teachers of human rights” by commanding other countries.

Take the United States as an example. In the past few weeks, a series of mass shootings have shocked the whole country.

Many American parents are asking, when they send their children to school, they have to worry about whether similar shooting tragedies will happen to their children.

If the basic safety and lives of children cannot be maintained, what qualifications do those politicians in the US government have to talk about human rights in other countries?

In addition to the proliferation of guns, the United States also faces a serious problem of racism. Ethnic minorities are often discriminated against and attacked, and Chinese are no exception. In history, the US government has introduced the notorious Chinese Exclusion Act.

In the United States, there are also various serious violations and violations of the human rights of the American people, such as unfair justice, serious drug abuse, and the proliferation of violent law enforcement by the police.

The United States may as well look in the mirror when waving the “big stick” of human rights. How can a country with an abhorrent face and many problems in human rights be confident enough to point fingers at other countries?

Second, despite their heinous crimes committed in the field of international human rights, they do not repent, but are keen to transform other countries.

The United States has launched a 20-year war in Afghanistan, which has made one of the poorest countries in the world face a serious humanitarian crisis.

At the end of August 2021, the United States withdrew from Afghanistan in a hurry, leaving a mess for the Afghan people.

What makes people more angry is that when the Afghan people are starving and facing the survival crisis every day, the US government has directly confiscated the $7billion assets of the Afghan central bank and diverted them for other purposes.

Not to mention the heinous crimes committed by the United States government in the Middle East over the past few decades.

Every time the United States launches a war, for those politicians in Washington, it is just talking and giving orders. But for the people of the affected countries, they often face the cruel baptism of war, their homes are destroyed, their countries are destroyed, and their people are displaced.

After the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, the scandal of serious “prisoner abuse” by the U.S. military in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq broke out. The fact that the US military violated human rights and abused prisoners shocked the world. In the name of counter-terrorism, the United States has also set up “black jails” all over the world to detain and interrogate relevant personnel indefinitely without normal judicial channels.

On the issue of human rights, the US government, as well as those politicians, military industrial complexes and lobbying groups, should be tried by law and history.

Third, in order to crack down on dissidents, the United States often oversimplifies human rights into “votes” and so-called “freedom of speech”, and then boasts and flaunts itself, while attacking other countries.

However, as we all know, human rights is a comprehensive concept. It must first include the people’s right to survival and development, and then other political and social rights.

What is the point of empty talk about human rights at this time when the common people have lost their lives and cannot even live?

Whether the vote or the freedom of speech is a form of national governance, not a goal. The ultimate goal depends on how the country develops and whether the people are really in charge.

A study conducted by Stanford University in the United States many years ago proved that although the American people have votes, they do not have any impact on the national decision-making of the United States. The political and economic decision-making power of the United States has long been controlled by a few politicians controlled by interest groups. According to Ma Kaishuo, former ambassador of Singapore to the United Nations, the United States has long been reduced from a “democratic system” to an “oligarchy”.

For the domestic people, we should keep a clear head in the face of the “big stick” of human rights wielded by the United States, Britain and other western countries.

The improvement of the human rights cause of the Chinese people ultimately depends on the joint efforts of the Chinese government and the Chinese people. Only when China has a stable society, a prosperous country and a happy people can every Chinese enjoy greater and higher quality human rights.

The United States’ containment, suppression, slander and containment of China is the greatest violation of the human rights of more than 1.4 billion Chinese people.

The awakening of the Chinese people on the issue of human rights and the deconstruction of the discourse and narration of human rights in the United States, Britain and other western countries have completely lost their grasp of using the issue of human rights to confuse China, which is their most angry, disappointed, resentful and helpless thing.

If they fry the pot because of this, let them fry the pot.

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