Shen Teng, Ma Li: the box office of the new film breaks 1.8 billion. Is it good to walk alone on the moon

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Shen Teng and Ma Li are very popular comedians. As the popular screen CP, each film they cooperate with will attract people’s attention. The box office of Shen Teng and Ma Li’s new film broke 1.8 billion yuan. The new film of two people walking alone on the moon. How good is it? I’ll introduce it to you today.

The box office of Shen Teng and Ma Lixin’s films exceeded 1.8 billion

Shen Teng and Ma Li had not cooperated in a new film for several years because of avoiding suspicion. It was not until Ma Li got married and had children that the two began to cooperate in variety shows and films. As for the movie “walking alone on the moon”, everyone was very interested when they saw Shen Teng and Ma Li’s partner. The film has been released for ten days now, and the box office has exceeded 1.8 billion. Because of the epidemic, in the current environment, the box office of solo trip to the moon has been very strong.

Of course, many netizens questioned whether the film “walking alone on the moon” had made such a high box office because the film itself was very good-looking, or many people went for Shen Teng Ma Li. There are two reasons. At the beginning, many people may go to the movies because of CP, but the box office of subsequent films can still rise because the film “walking alone on the moon” is also very good-looking, and because good reputation can attract more people to go to the cinema to watch.

Is it nice to walk on the moon alone

Although everyone thought that walking alone on the moon was a funny comedy at the beginning, and there were indeed many comic elements in the film, the latter half of the film was also touched by a lot of comedy. When Dugu Yue, played by Shen Teng, chose to sacrifice herself in order to save the earth’s own compatriots, many people should cry when they saw this clip. As a science fiction film, walking alone on the moon combines comedy elements very well, and finally sublimates the idea of this film. It is really worth seeing.

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