“ Shennong tastes all kinds of herbs ” Where exactly does the legend of come from?

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When it comes to Shennong tasting herbs, what does everyone think of? The following is a brief introduction to the relevant historical deeds of China story network.

In ancient times, there was an unusual man in the martyrs’ mountain. He was born in a cave in the martyrs’ mountain. He was an ox headed man. Because his appearance was different from ordinary people, plus he was very hardworking and braver than ordinary people, when he grew up, everyone elected him as the leader of the army. Once, by chance, he got the inspiration from the birds’ seeds and invented agriculture. This invention made a great contribution to mankind, so people named him Shennong.


Later, people fell ill, but at that time they did not know how to cure. Whenever they fell ill, they looked at the “destiny” and allowed themselves to live and die. As the leader of the army, Shennong had a headache about this matter. So he began to try to eat all kinds of grass to judge whether he could cure people. In the process of tasting grass, he was poisoned many times, thanks to tea to detoxify.


Once, Shennong’s daughter was also ill. Worried, Shennong grabbed twelve things, such as bark and wild fruit, and mixed them into medicine. Who knows that his daughter’s stomach hurts more after eating them. The result was a bird. The bird is psychic. Shennong named her huaruiniao (Shennong’s daughter is Huarui). Later, when Shennong went to taste plants and fruits, he took the stamen bird with him. He let the stamen bird taste the things he picked and the minerals he dug so as to judge what medicine they had and what diseases they could cure. After a long time, Shennong determined people’s meridians and wrote the materia medica classic. Once, the stamen bird ate the full crown insect given by Shennong. However, the full crown insect was so toxic that it broke the stamen bird’s intestines. After the stamen bird died, Shennong continued to taste all kinds of herbs. Finally, he ate the broken intestines by mistake at xiaobeiding and died.

To commemorate him, people called the small North roof Shennong altar and built a Shennong temple on it.

Where did Shennong taste all kinds of herbs

Shennong, also known as Yan Emperor, was the leader of a tribe in ancient times. He made important contributions to agriculture and traditional Chinese medicine at that time. It can be said that he was the founder of China’s agriculture and medicine. There are several versions with different opinions on the reasons for “Shennong tasting hundreds of herbs”, but each version has a little connection with medicine. So where does the legend of “Shennong tasting hundreds of herbs” come from?


As far as the relationship between “Shennong tasted hundreds of herbs” and traditional Chinese medicine is concerned, it is probably the Huainan Zi written by Liuan, the king of Huainan in the Western Han Dynasty, and his disciples. In Huainanzi, it is said that Shennong tasted all kinds of herbs. They were sweet and bitter. He had encountered more than 70 kinds of poisons. In this way, Shennong knew which plants could be used to treat people and which plants would kill people. In this way, with medicinal materials, medicine began to rise.

Lu Shi waiji also mentioned this incident, saying that Shennong took the divine whip given to him by the emperor of heaven, and he could know which plants were poisonous and which could be used as medicine. Later, they used these herbs to cure people’s diseases. The book Hanfeizi · five bark beetles thinks so about “Shennong tastes all kinds of herbs”. It says that when Shennong and his people go out looking for food, they slowly find that not all animals and plants can be eaten. Sometimes people will vomit and faint because they eat some animals and plants, and even kill people if they are more serious. Sometimes some animals and plants eaten can alleviate some of the above symptoms, or have some benefits for diseases. Over time, more and more animals and plants could be identified by people. Knowing their functions was more and more beneficial to people’s survival at that time. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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