Shinzo Abe is dead. Should we sympathize?

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Author: Li guangman source: Li guangman freezing point review wechat official account id:ligm-479210127 has been reprinted with authorization

After the bizarre death of OPEC Secretary General valjindo, British Prime Minister Johnson was driven out of politics by the British, and former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated today.

On July 8, Shinzo Abe was suddenly assassinated while giving a speech in the streets of Nara City. Someone fired two shots at Shinzo Abe from three meters behind his back. Shinzo Abe fell to the ground with three shots, and finally died of serious injury. The gunman, named Takeshi Yamauchi, was a former member of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force.

Immediately after the incident, some people published an article saying that Shinzo Abe had been humiliated by the leaders of the United States and Russia many times in international politics, but endured humiliation in order to strive for the best interests of Japan. For example, when visiting the United States and playing golf with trump, he fell into the sky on the sand slope, but he still kept a smiling face, and when taking a photo with trump, he stood outside the red carpet and was not angry. For example, when visiting Russia, Putin was two hours late and still waited patiently, On another occasion, Putin saw him with a Akita dog, and he was also accompanied by a smiling face. I was shocked to praise Shinzo Abe so loudly in the Chinese public opinion field.

We must first evaluate the political leaders of a country from the standpoint of China, to see whether he is friendly to China or firmly Anti China. The period when Shinzo Abe served as the leader of Japan was the period of the most tense and lowest political relations between China and Japan. Although Abe visited China twice, he was a firm Anti China Japanese leader from the perspective of his overall China policy, China’s diplomacy has not left any political heritage that has a positive impact on China Japan relations.

First, Shinzo Abe comes from a far right political family in Japan. His grandfather kishiuke is one of the class a war criminals in the war of aggression against China. He was released in 1948 because his pro american and anti Communist position got the favor of the United States. Since then, kishiuke has become the right-wing ancestor of Japanese politics after the war, known as the “Showa monster”. Shinzo Abe has completely inherited kishiyuki’s political gene and become a far right anti China iconic figure in Japanese politics. His consistent Anti China position, policies, programs and actions all show that he is an out and out far right anti China hawk.

Second, although Shinzo Abe said in his first term of office that he would inherit the contents of Murayama’s talks and made a lightning “ice breaking trip” visit to China, he did not conduct a deep reflection on Japan’s war of aggression against China and apologize to the Chinese people. Instead, during his tenure as prime Minister of Japan, he visited the Yasukuni shrine where the memorial tablet of Japan’s class a war criminals was enshrined many times, even if he did not visit it in person for several years, Every year, sacrifices are offered to the Yasukuni shrine to pay tribute to those war criminals.

Third, during his tenure as Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe planned the so-called South China Sea arbitration case with the United States, and pushed the incident to a climax on July 12, 2016, attempting to deprive China of its sovereignty over the islands and reefs in the South China Sea and its affiliated waters through the so-called international court of justice ruling, and then engaged in the so-called free navigation in the South China Sea with the United States to create contradictions, conflicts and confrontation on the South China Sea issue, Become a troublemaker of the South China Sea issue with the United States.

Fourth, the Asia Pacific strategy launched by the United States is a strategy to contain China first proposed and planned by the Shinzo Abe government. Later, Shinzo Abe and the United States upgraded this strategy to the Indo Pacific strategy. During the tenure of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan has always been the craziest running dog of the United States to contain and encircle China.

Sixth, without deeply introspecting the war of aggression against China and apologizing to the Asian and Chinese people, Shinzo Abe comprehensively promoted the Japanese parliament to officially pass the security bill, enabling Japan to lift the ban on the right of collective self-defense and become a country that can send troops to the sea. Since then, he has been trying to promote Japan to amend the peace constitution and make Japan a so-called normal country, which essentially wants to make Japan a militarist country again, Once again, it has become a threat to China and other countries in Asia.

Seventh, the Japan US alliance is the cornerstone of Abe’s policy. Serving the U.S. strategy and curbing China’s development is the starting point of Abe’s policy. Therefore, United States Anti China is the cornerstone of Abe’s government’s politics, diplomacy, science and technology and other strategies. It is necessary to establish a chip alliance with the United States to curb the development of China’s chip industry. In order to confront China, he has repeatedly put forward the views of nuclear sharing with the United States and the introduction of nuclear weapons, and constantly promoted the development of Japan’s armaments. Recently, he proposed to increase Japan’s military spending to more than 2% of GDP.

Shinzo Abe was assassinated and died. Although we don’t know what the assassin’s real purpose is, we can judge that Japan’s far right government represented by Shinzo Abe is leading Japan on a path of self destruction. Since the late 1980s and early 1990s, Japan’s economy has fallen into a stagflation period of more than 30 years, the development of high-tech and manufacturing industries has stagnated, the national income has declined, and the aging has increased. Like the United States and the entire Western world, Japan has also fallen into a high debt trap, becoming the country with the highest debt among the world’s major economies. It can only rely on unlimited printing money to maintain the normal operation of the country, Japan is losing its future. In this situation, Japan’s far right political group, represented by Shinzo Abe, still wants to be militaristic, and wants to rely on military expansion, the U.S. – Japan alliance, and containment of China to renew Japan’s life. This policy and practice will inevitably be opposed by more and more countries in the world, and must also cause more and more people’s dissatisfaction in Japan, which will inevitably lead Japan into a more serious crisis and disaster.

Where will Japanese politics go after Shinzo Abe’s death? I think Japan will only go more frantically to the far right, Japan’s economy will be in deep recession, Japanese politics will be more dependent on the United States, and the Japan US alliance will be regarded as a lifesaver by the far right of Japan. Because the United States has already crossed the river, it is difficult to protect itself, not to mention Japan that wants to be dependent on the United States?

Shinzo Abe is a far right politician in Japanese politics and a firm Anti China element. He not only does not reflect on and apologize for the war of aggression against China, but also continues to run wildly on the road of Anti China. He is the common enemy of the Chinese people. Therefore, we should never have any sympathy for the death of Shinzo Abe.

Recently, Sakura island volcano erupted in Japan. It is reported that Mount Fuji volcano is entering an active state and may erupt at any time. How would you feel if Mount Fuji erupted?

It’s God’s business to sympathize with Shinzo Abe, not ours. Now that Shinzo Abe has gone to see God, what else can we regret?

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