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Author: Zhou Xiaoping from official account: draw (zg5201949)

Preface: our love for this country and nation is a bottom line and instinct. This bottom line and instinct should be an unbreakable belief. This belief should not be shaken by whether a retired old man goes to the United States to provide for his retirement or buy a house. In that case, this belief is too fragile, too embarrassing and too shameful. If a person’s belief in loving his country and nation can be so humbly broken and shaken, it can only be said that he has never really loved his country and nation.


Recently, people have always mentioned Liu family and Sima. In fact, I am not familiar with both sides. I am a little familiar with Sima, but I only had a few meals with you when I participated in the activities a few years ago—— I have made it very clear about the Liu family before. This time it is another time. In those years of reform and opening up, we had no choice but to take the road of market for technology. We should not use the current board to do things in those years. However, after going through the road of changing technology from market to market, we can’t just hand over to the market without changing technology!

If Liu Jia only developed and cultivated the Chinese market for American technology, but did not use the money he earned to cultivate his own independent technology, he would no longer be loved by the Chinese people. Once an enterprise is no longer loved and respected by people, it will naturally be washed out by the market. What’s more, on the 5g standard voting, the security of a drop of data and other issues, the Liu family’s actions have chilled the hearts of many Chinese netizens. It’s only natural that their family has been widely criticized and denounced by netizens. Where they are suspected of violating the law, they will be severely punished according to law. That’s all. These are my views on the Liu family incident.


You can’t say that I have become the drummer of the Liu family just because I have said two impartial words on these issues of the Liu family? Not at all?

Similarly, on the issue that Sima bought a house in the United States, my view is relatively simple. It is indeed indecent, but after all, it has happened for more than ten years. It is indecent but innocent. For example, in addition to Sima, I also know that many famous people’s children study abroad, many famous people retire and go abroad to provide for their old age, and then they also buy houses and properties abroad. All these things will cause widespread discussion among the Chinese people, and the emergence of such discussion is inevitable, because these life behaviors are somewhat contradictory to the ideas they usually publicize, and will cause the audience to be generous, However, this kind of argument has no practical significance in essence. On the contrary, it shows that our public opinion field always has a sense of self-confidence—— Because this is like saying that in China, patriotism needs to be proved by the personal behavior of a few people, but in Europe and America, there is no need to discuss whether to love or not, and people will not decide whether to continue to love their country because of the words and deeds of individual people. Europe and America are very patriotic, and they will not debate the meaningless topic of whether to love their country.

Let me say a few Western reverse cases. For example, US President Barack Obama launched the strategy of encircling China, but Obama’s brother went to China to buy a house and settle down; Us speaker of Parliament Pelosi is provoking China, but Pelosi’s husband is opening a company in China for investment; When trump was president, he raved about China, but the trump family and himself registered many brands and made many investment arrangements in China. These are the real power figures and their relatives in the United States. I’m afraid that their influence in living, settling down and investing in China is much greater than that of a Beijing Hutong master buying a house in the United States?? Why didn’t I see the American media or Americans talking about this? Why didn’t you see the American media or Americans shouting that senior American officials and their families: “encircling China is work, investing in China is life.”



Confident citizens will not waver on the cardinal issue of whether they love their country and their families because of trivial matters. Just like a few mud dots on the wall, it is impossible to have any impact on our decision to retain a building. Using these trivial things to try to deny patriotism, a cardinal issue of right and wrong, is in itself a kind of self-confidence and indecency.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter that Sima bought a house in the United States. The essence of my remark is not to defend him, but to make more people realize that this matter itself is not worth discussing, nor is it worth using such a small personal matter to affirm or deny the principle of the country. Definitely, if an individual is unhappy with his behavior of buying a house more than 10 years ago, it is OK to scold him for a few words. However, this matter belongs to the individual, not to the state. You can criticize the individual, but not the patriotism.

I don’t have much contact and understanding with Sima, but I can make a basic exposition of my limited contact and understanding with him—— Sima himself was a fighter against fake Qigong in those years. As we all know, fake Qigong was very rampant in China in the 1990s. Many fake Qigong leaders were sponsored and sheltered by the United States. During the development of the cult, they gradually showed their ferocious features of tearing China apart. After the east window incident, most of these fake Qigong leaders also fled to the United States and have been sheltered by the United States until now. The original Sima made some contributions by debating and fighting with these fake Qigong leaders and liars on TV, and accumulated some popularity. In the Internet age, he did not fall behind the rhythm, but opened a we media account to continue to speak. I think this at least needs some courage, and it is worth affirming.

However, after that, Sima did not have a smooth life. However, I can see that he is a rather stubborn person, or he is a rather iron headed person. For example, he has always supported the Chongqing model. Even when there is an accident in Chongqing that others can’t avoid, he still insists on supporting it. He said that an individual can have an accident, but the model is not wrong. Well, I can only say that he is very hard headed.


Another example is that he had always supported Fang liar. Although Fang liar had already shown a certain cult leader’s temperament earlier, Sima was unwilling or unwilling to sever diplomatic ties with him because of the friendship he had forged during the anti fake Qigong period. Finally, Fang liar fled to the United States and completely exposed his fangs and began to attack China crazily. He viciously washed the land for the cult and angrily insulted all the leaders of the Republic, Sima Nan finally put down his friendship with Fang liar when he devalued Chinese culture and applauded the death of millions of people in the United States. Well, I can only say that he is a very honest man? Too much loyalty? Or too much iron?

Of course, Fang liar was not a liar at the beginning. He was also an anti fake Qigong and anti cult person before, so he had close relations with Sima and recognized each other. But you should know that people are very changeable, especially in general, people who can fight against fake Qigong and anti cult can often become fake Qigong ambassadors and cult leaders themselves, just like dragon slaying knights who can become new dragons, It is necessary to study these routines very deeply. Therefore, it is not surprising that Fang cheats have fallen. From this, it is obvious that in the early days, Sima just didn’t want to give up his former friend, just didn’t want to see an old friend fall.

For another example, he himself said that he had a good relationship with Xiao Cui and other people and had been friends for decades, but he was forced to stop his friendship because of different views. But he said Xiao Cui could scold him, but he would never scold Xiao Cui. You see, this head is iron. Well, I can only say that a person’s head iron is up to this point, which can be regarded as some kind of perfection. At least I don’t think I’m as strong as he is. Generally, if other people are not good to me, I will not contact with them directly. If there is any hatred, I will settle it on the spot.


Sima is not only iron headed, but also very active and grounded. Wherever he goes, he can quickly chat with people. This is just the opposite of me. I generally don’t talk much outside. Unless I meet people who can talk at one level, I will open the conversation box. Otherwise, I basically don’t say a word. But he is different. I have observed him carefully. He can talk endlessly at the dinner table, or chat enthusiastically with local residents in the field corner without any obstacles. In contrast, I seem a little ungrounded. Although I can attend a dinner party in a certain place or country without losing dignity, and then walk through the streets and alleys the next day to go deep into the most bustling food markets and roadside stalls to feel the most real life of the local people, it is difficult for me to chat with all kinds of people in a moment.

Looking at all the speeches and views of Sima Nan since 2010, I can see that he is a pragmatic leftist scholar. At least, he shows what a true leftist scholar should look like. He said he didn’t like the capitalist roaders. He loved to study Ma Zhe. He felt that returning to the teacher’s age could solve all problems. He opposed the plutocrats, liked the great unity of the world’s people, opposed all forms of imperialism, liked to describe the blueprint for the liberation of all mankind, and liked to sing international songs

This may be the beginning of the difference between me and him. Before that, there was a thin background picture of the pro american public frantically attacking me on the Internet, because my background picture had a row of huge words: “Chinese imperialism”. The pro american public knows that at this time, they have changed. It seems that all of them have become firm leftists. They unanimously and crazily criticize me as a bad rightist and must resolutely overthrow me. At that time, I withstood great pressure to keep this background picture to this day. I said that as an independent, I have the right to express my ideas.

Yes, actually I have always been a nationalist rightist. We should not mistakenly think that those who are pro american are the Rightists. The pro american big V are not the Rightists, but the slaves of foreigners. Here, I will use the famous dialogue of the teacher comrade to define the personality of the pro american public.

In 1972, someone asked the teacher comrade: “if there is a capitalist restoration in China, will the proletariat suffer twice?” The teacher replied with disdain: “you think too highly of them. What do they know about capitalism? At most, they return to semi feudal and semi colonial society. Capitalism accumulates assets by invading and plundering other countries. Who do they dare to invade? If they are not invaded, they will be Amitabha.”


Therefore, the true rightists must first be nationalists, firm nationalists, firm patriots, and people who have strong self-confidence and think their own nation is very, very excellent. Therefore, the true rightists hope that we can influence the world through mastering and controlling capitalism, rather than the soft footed shrimp that is pro american and Japanese. Therefore, I am actually a nationalist rightist. I can understand the great aspirations and goals of the teachers and comrades. I can see that the ideal of liberating all mankind is so brilliant. But I admit that I am a layman in the world. I only hope that my country and my nation are good. I only hope that we can return to the highest peak that our ancestors once stood on: “there is no king’s land under the whole world, and there is no king’s minister on the coast of the land.”, As long as this goal is achieved. As for the liberation of all mankind, I still believe in the wisdom of future generations. Each generation has its own goal and mission.

In the early years, because of the difference of these ideas, I wrote a blog to hate him, but he did not hate me and did not remember me. This made me feel ashamed ~ ~ this incident made me reflect on it and made me realize that as long as I love this country and achieve the goal of national rejuvenation, even if the means and methods of achieving this goal are different, I should at least be a fellow traveler, We should unite rather than criticize such people. After all, we should try our best to unite all people who deserve to be united. No matter how we say, he is much better than those who are pro american and Japanese, right?

The above are my personal impressions of Sima. They are not necessarily correct. There are subjective feelings and they are not necessarily objective facts. Please forgive me for any inaccuracies or omissions. At the same time, I also asked the Internet dung bugs not to mention that I was washing the land for Sima. Just because of the few nodding friends and route pursuit differences between him and me, washing the land is not enough. It is just a description of objective facts.


In addition, some friends asked me whether you think he is a good person or a bad person. My answer is that it’s not important, I don’t know, it doesn’t matter, as long as the voice he utters and transmits on the Internet is correct and beneficial, and it’s not right for people. Moreover, as far as the general trend of the times is concerned, no one is important. We are all human beings. Moreover, the rivers and rivers of the times are inevitably covered with mud and sand, but no matter how much mud and sand are covered by the mountains, after all, they flow eastward. What I insist on and see is a general trend, a general trend of the rise of the East and the decline of the west, and an excitement and desire for the Renaissance of our splendid 5000 year civilization. I am eager to share all this with you and hope to wake up more people to work towards this goal. Therefore, personal matters, in front of these matters, are too small to be mentioned. So don’t ask me who Sima is. I really don’t dare to make a conclusion for others. When I make a conclusion, I will naturally come to a conclusion. All the answers will be left to time. What I only know is that many of his voices since the beginning of 2010 still support China’s road. It is enough to say that he is anti American rather than anti hegemonic and supports the Chinese model.

It’s the same sentence: whether we love this country or not is not worth mentioning whether we are good or bad. It’s really not worth mentioning. No matter how many ogres appear in the United States, the patriotism of the American people will not be affected. Even if there are some traitors or double faced people in China, our love for our country and nation should not be affected.

I have met some people who fought with Rui Chenggang and his like all their lives, but in their later years, they were busy washing the ground for Rui Chenggang and his like.

I have seen some people shouting for common prosperity, but once they get a little bit of power, they will immediately live a decadent life.

I have seen some people, shouting that righteousness is not worth the sky and uniting with the majority, but once they turn around, they speak ill of others.

I have also met some people who shout patriotism, patriotism and patriotism, but in fact they have never done anything that is beneficial to this country.


But I have also met some people who have cried out for their patriotism, written for their patriotism, and devoted themselves wholeheartedly to the prosperity of this country in their work.

I have also met some people who are not good at verbal expression and are unknown, but they are also determined to defend the bottom line, fight against all demons and monsters, and take root in the grass-roots level to make silent contributions.

I have also met some people who are not so perfect and may be a bit cunning, but they can still make the right choice in the face of major issues of right and wrong or in the face of real tests.

I have also met some people. They are ordinary and like to complain. But even if they have all kinds of grievances, they can not betray their motherland for the interests of the United States and Japan.



This is our world. It is so complex and delicate. It is always full of people of all kinds. It is always full of mud and sand, but it is also magnificent. Someone asked me if you would buy a house in the United States in the future. My answer was: “I don’t have it now, and I won’t do it in the future.” However, even if I go to Papua New Guinea to buy a house one day, it is not important and not worth mentioning, let alone proving that I am not optimistic about the future of China and more optimistic about the development of Papua New Guinea.

For me, I am a person who pursues the unity of knowledge and action. I think that the decline of the United States and Europe is not good. Naturally, I can never emigrate or go there to work for the elderly, buy property and invest. For me, such a duplicitous life will make me feel bad. I love China, I was born and raised here, and I am willing to bury my bones here—— I will persist, be proud, be happy, and be proud to persist in my persistence today. I will live and pursue my ideals according to today’s goals and attitudes. I am absolutely sure that I will not let anyone down. After all, people who are close friends die! Some things are more important than personal interests.

Of course, it’s the same sentence. Everything can be concluded only after the coffin is closed. So let’s leave it to time for my answers.

In fact, I don’t have any fans. I like to read my articles, but it’s because my comrades in arms and friends who are patriotic and consistent with my three views. I think even if I become a bad person that day, they won’t love this country because of me. They will spit on me instead of this country and nation. They are fans of this country and nation, not my fans. Right—— Our love for this country and nation is a bottom line and instinct. This bottom line and instinct should be an unbreakable belief. This belief should not be shaken by whether a retired old man goes to the United States to provide for his retirement or buy a house. In that case, this belief is too fragile and shameful. If a person’s belief in loving his country and nation can be so humbly broken and shaken, it can only be said that he has never really loved his country and nation.


Think of our revolutionary predecessors. How many betrayals and stormy waves have they experienced? How much suffering and despair have they endured, and have their love for this country and nation changed or wavered? No, Therefore, as their descendants, we should not lose their face. We should take over their banner and go on firmly. As for where other people like to buy houses, where they like to buy houses, and where they like to provide for the aged, these are not important. What is important is whether one day we can turn the land under our feet into a place that everyone in the world envy. Can we make future generations and people of all countries pursue the goal of buying houses and providing for the aged in China?

That’s what really matters.

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