Sima Xiangru, Qin qiaowen, the truth: a thousand year scam of sexual and financial robbery

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In the history of Chinese opera, “Qin Tiao” is a very famous Zhezi opera, and many plays are named after it. The word “Qin Tiao” originated from the romantic story of a great writer in the period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. This man and historian Sima Qian are called “two SIMAS in the Western Han Dynasty”. However, the two cannot be compared in the same breath. This Mr. Sima, who gained fame and fortune all his life, can be called the darling of fate. So, who is he? Does his piano really provoke a story that will last forever?

Ingeniously set up a fraud in Linqiong

Sima Xiangru was named Changqing. When he was young, his parents were afraid of disaster for him, so they named him “dog”. After finishing his studies, Changqing learned the story of Lin Xiangru and changed his name to Sima Xiangru in order to express his admiration for Lin Xiangru.

With his rich family, Sima Xiangru became a “Lang” (taking wealth as Lang), and “Lang” was the emperor’s attendant. The Han Dynasty inherited the Qin system, which stipulated that the rich in the family could be Lang. In the early Han Dynasty, the “ten calculations” (100000) was used as the starting point, and in the Jingdi Dynasty, it was changed to “four calculations” (40000) as the starting point. There are two purposes to do this. One is to know etiquette when you have enough food and clothing; Second, there are assets that can afford official clothes.

When Sima Xiangru first became a monk, he served as a cavalry bodyguard of emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty. He didn’t like this profession. Sima Xiangru liked Fu (a style of writing), but emperor Jing of Han Dynasty didn’t like Fu. Therefore, Sima Xiangru’s talent was not displayed in the king Dynasty, and he was very depressed.

Later, when King Liang Xiaowang came to Beijing, zouyang, Mei Cheng, Zhuang Ji and others came with him. Xiangru and these masters of Ci and Fu had the same interests and hit it off. Therefore, he resigned from the “Lang” of the king of Jing Dynasty on the grounds of illness and came to the state of Liang with King Xiao of Liang. King Xiao of Liang asked Sima Xiangru to live with zouyang, Mei Cheng and others and enjoy the same treatment. Sima Xiangru’s mood changed greatly and his literary thoughts flowed. He created the famous Zi Xu Fu and became famous.

However, soon (in the sixth year of the reign of the king of Jing, 144 BC), King Xiao of Liang died of illness, and his disciples went their separate ways. Sima Xiangru left Liangdi and returned to his hometown Chengdu. According to records of the historian, Sima Xiangru’s biography, Liang Xiaowang’s death was like returning home, and his family was poor and had no business for himself. “The book of Han Dynasty: Sima Xiangru biography”: Liang Xiaowang Hong, looks like home, but his family is poor and has no business for himself. The contents recorded in these two important historical books are exactly the same. They both say that Sima Xiangru was poor and had no means to make a living after returning from the official tour of King Xiao of Liang.

This record is very suspicious. If Sima Xiangru was really “poor without self employment”, then how could he have been “rich as Lang”? However, Sima Qian and Ban Gu both wrote so, we can’t know the truth today.

It was in this case that Wang Ji from Linqiong county (now Qionglai, Sichuan) invited Sima Xiangru to Linqiong. County Magistrate Wang and Sima Xiangru are close friends. After Sima Xiangru arrived, Wang Ji settled him in the hotel (duting) in the county.

A romantic drama of “Qin Tiao” kicked off.

After Wang Ji, the magistrate of Linqiong County, settled his close friend Sima Xiangru, he deliberately pretended to be modest and came to the hotel to visit Sima Xiangru every day. Sima Xiangru first met Wang Ji, the county magistrate, every day. Later, the county magistrate visited, and Sima Xiangru declined. The more Sima Xiangru declined, the more respectful Wang Ji was, and he still visited every day. (Linqiong orders Miao to be respectful, and the day goes by, Xiangru. Xiangru is still seen at the beginning, and later, he makes his followers thank Ji. Ji is more beneficial and sincere.)

“Miao Wei respectful” is worth pondering. “Miao Wei respectful” is deliberately pretending to be respectful. Why did Wang county magistrate pretend to be respectful? What are Sima Xiangru and Wang Ji up to?

It turned out that there were two steel kings in Linqiong County, one was Zhuo wangsun and the other was Cheng Zheng. Both of them became rich by making iron. According to the current saying, one is president Zhuo and the other is president Cheng. There are more than 800 slaves in Zhuo Wang sun’s family, and hundreds of slaves in Cheng Zheng’s family, which is slightly inferior. The two bosses heard that county magistrate Wang visited a distinguished guest in the hotel every day, and they often ran into a wall. They were very curious and wanted to see it. After thinking about it, I came up with a plan. Since we are the distinguished guests of the county magistrate, we should express it. It’s better to prepare the next table of wine and banquet, treat people well, and entertain the county magistrate by the way. (if there is a noble guest, it is called, and the order is called.)

On the day of the banquet, county magistrate Wang came to Zhuo Wang sun’s house first. At this time, hundreds of guests had been seated. At noon, King Zhuo sent someone to invite Sima Xiangru to the banquet; However, Sima Xiangru said that he was ill and could not attend the banquet. Originally, waiting for the guests to arrive before inviting the guest of honor, which is a way of respecting the guests. However, if the guest of honor doesn’t come, don’t mention how embarrassed Zhuo wangsun is. Hearing that Sima Xiangru didn’t come, the magistrate of Wang County didn’t dare to take a bite of the food, and immediately went to the door to invite him. Sima Xiangru saw that the magistrate of Wang county was so kind that he had no choice but to make a trip reluctantly. As soon as Sima Xiangru arrived, his demeanor immediately shocked the upper class society in Linqiong. (Zhuo’s guest visited Sima Changqing with hundreds of guests to the middle of the day. Changqing thanked his illness and couldn’t go. Linqiong ordered him not to taste food and went to meet Xiangru himself. Xiangru was forced to go and sat down.)

Interestingly, there is a one word difference between the records of the book of Han and the records of the historian about the King County’s order to invite Sima Xiangru: the records of the historian says “Xiang Ru has to be strong”, and the records of the Han Dynasty says “Xiang Ru has to be strong”. Compared with historical records, there is an additional word “Wei” in Hanshu, and the “Wei” is “false”, that is, Sima Xiangru pretends to be honest and pretends not to go to the banquet. Ban Gu wrote more thoroughly than Sima Qian. He revealed that Sima Xiangru and his close friend Wang county magistrate indeed planned a big conspiracy. So, what exactly do Sima Xiangru and his close friend Wang county magistrate want from this conspiracy?

Through the word “Wei” in the book of Han Dynasty, we can basically know that Sima Xiangru’s trip to Linqiong is definitely not an ordinary visit to relatives and friends, but a well prepared one, which must be related to Zhuo Wang sun.

The heart of the piano makes the beauty return

Wang county magistrate settled Sima Xiangru in the hotel to worship every day, aiming to build momentum and attract the attention of Zhuo Wang sun; Sure enough, King Zhuo and his grandson took the bait: they gave a family dinner to Sima Xiangru. On the occasion of the banquet, he “called for thousands of times before coming out”, which made Zhuo Wang and sun’s appetite and bid up his status.

At the climax of the banquet, the county magistrate Wang respectfully sent a piano to Sima Xiangru and said: I heard that Changqing played the piano very well, and I hope to play a song to help the wine. Sima Xiangru repeatedly declined, and Wang county magistrate repeatedly invited. Finally, Sima Xiangru couldn’t resist and played two tunes conveniently.

“Historical records · Sima Xiangru biography” records: Xiangru stutters and is good at writing books. Sima Xiangru has a physical defect, stuttering, but his article is very well written. The reason why Wang county magistrate asked Sima Xiangru to play the piano was to avoid his weakness stuttering, and to give full play to his strength playing the piano.

After all, why did you do so much to pave the way and show your unique skills?

It turned out that this Zhuo grandson had a baby daughter named Zhuo Wenjun. This miss Wenjun had just been widowed and returned to her mother’s house for a while. She likes music very much and is especially proficient in zither. Therefore, Sima Xiangru didn’t play two tunes for Wang county magistrate so much as Sima Xiangru wanted to provoke Zhuowenjun’s heart with piano music. (it’s the time when King Zhuo’s grandson has a female literary monarch, who is new and widowed, and has a good voice. Therefore, the phase is like a Miao and the order are important, and they are selected with the heart of the piano.) Please pay special attention to the word “Miao” in “Xiang rumiao and Ling are important and selected with the heart of the piano”. Sima Xiangru plays the piano, which is not played by the county magistrate, but to make a young lady secretly agree.

A person who has a hobby has a weakness.

Zhuo Wenjun loves music, which just becomes Zhuo Wenjun’s weakness. Sima Xiangru had figured out Zhuowenjun long ago. Zhuowenjun was proficient in zither, which was her psychological excitement. A zither song expressing love is the key for Sima Xiangru to open Zhuowenjun’s heart.

It turned out that Sima Xiangru had been mystifying and arranging troops for a long time. What he wanted to seek was Zhuo Wenjun, the Pearl of Zhuo wangsun’s eyes!

When Sima Xiangru was invited to Linqiong, he was accompanied by a lot of cars and horses. After arriving, he behaved calmly and gracefully, and his manners were elegant. Coupled with his handsome appearance, no one in the whole Linqiong County knew. Zhuowenjun, who lives in a widowed family, has heard of it for a long time, but he has no chance to meet. When Sima Xiangru came to his home to drink and play the piano, Wen Jun saw Sima Xiangru’s romantic style from the crack of the door, and he was extremely admired, and he was worried that he was not worthy of him. Miss Wenjun was intoxicated and moved by the two proposal songs.

This is the so-called “Qin Tiao” of Sima Xiangru, which uses the sound of the Qin to stir up the spring heart of Wen Jun.

After the banquet, Sima Xiangru sent someone to bribe Zhuowenjun’s maid with a large amount of money to express his feelings. “Love each other” really makes people dizzy with happiness. Zhuowenjun risked his life and fled from his home overnight. Sima Xiangru was ecstatic. That night, he took her away from Linqiong and returned home to Chengdu.

When he arrived in Chengdu, Zhuowenjun found that Sima Xiangru’s family was poor and had only four walls.

Of course, the sentence “living in four walls” is quite inconsistent with the previous “taking money as a Lang” and having a grand car and horse entourage when traveling. I really don’t know what the economic situation of Sima Xiangru’s home is.

The next day, Zhuo wangsun heard that his daughter eloped with Sima Xiangru, and that the two had left Linqiong to return to Chengdu. He was very angry. However, as the richest man in the Han Empire, Zhuo Wang sun has his own killer mace: economic sanctions, no money!

After the honeymoon, the two young people immediately felt the hardships and embarrassment of life, and Zhuo wangsun’s economic sanctions were immediate. Zhuowenjun can’t stand it first! She grew up in a rich family and was used to being rich. How can she stand being poor? She said to Sima Xiangru: if you are willing to go back to Linqiong with me, even borrowing some money from my brothers is enough to maintain your life. Why suffer poverty here?

Finally, Sima Xiangru agreed with his wife, sold his chariots and horses, bought a house in Linqiong, and opened a hotel, similar to the current bar. He asked Zhuowenjun to sell wine on the platform in person (Wenjun was in charge), tied his apron and washed the dishes with the guys. (Wen Jun was unhappy for a long time. He said: Changqing was as good as Linqiong, and it was enough to earn a living by taking fake loans from kundi. Why did he suffer so much? Xiang was as good as Linqiong, selling his cars and horses and buying a wine house to drink wine. But let Wen Jun be Lu, and Xiang was as good as a calf’s nose, and mixed with Bao Yong as a scrubber in the market.)

“Xijing miscellany” (Volume II) is even more vivid: after Sima Xiangru and Zhuowenjun returned to Chengdu, life was difficult, Zhuowenjun had to take his high-end leather clothes to credit a little wine, and the two drank together. After drinking the wine, Zhuowenjun hugged Sima Xiangru’s neck and cried, “I’ve never been rich, but now I’ve come to the point of exchanging fur coats for wine.”. So the two agreed to open a hotel in Linqiong. Sima Xiangru worked in an apron himself, deliberately embarrassing Zhuo wangsun. (Sima Xiangru returned to Chengdu with Zhuowenjun at the beginning, living in poverty and sorrowful. He enjoyed the wine with Zhuowenjun, the city’s people, Yangchang wine. Then, Wen Jun hugged his neck and cried, saying: I have been rich all my life. Now I use clothes and wine, so I plan to sell wine in Chengdu. Xiangru kisses a calf’s nose with a scrubber, and shame the king and grandchildren.)

Zhuo wangsun’s wealth is by no means ordinary. Sima Qian’s “historical records – biographies of goods and colonization” describes the whole process of Zhuo wangsun’s initiative to move his disciples from the Zhao land to Linqiong after the Qin Dynasty destroyed the Zhao state, and finally moved to ironmaking to become rich. “Records of history · biographies of goods colonization” records that all are state-level millionaires, and Zhuo Wang sun ranks first: Zhuo… He is so rich that he has thousands of children. The joy of shooting and hunting in Tianchi is intended for people. Zhuo wangsun was undoubtedly the richest man on the Forbes China list.

Zhuo wangsun’s daughter returned to Linqiong to open a bar and sold wine in person; Zhuo Wang sun’s son-in-law Sima Xiang did the same chores as the servants, which really made Zhuo Wang sun disgraced. Therefore, Zhuo Wang sun didn’t step out of the door (Zhuo Wang sun was ashamed to hear that, because Du men didn’t go out).

There are probably three reasons for this:

Lead the wolf into the house.

Sima Xiangru kidnapped his daughter because he invited Sima Xiangru to a dinner at home, and this was the bridal care of Wang county magistrate. Can’t you fall out with the county magistrate? Zhuo Wang sun has difficulties to say;

Zhuowenjun ignored etiquette.

His daughter didn’t do it with her daughter, but she was shameless and eloped with Sima Xiangru, which made Zhuo wangsun lose face;

Lose face and throw it at the door.

If the daughter and Sima Xiangru’s hotel were opened in Chengdu, the public opinion would not be so great if they were out of sight and out of mind; But they even opened the hotel to Linqiong, and the business was done at the door of their home. The small town of Linqiong is well known, which is really called “losing face and losing home”!

Zhuo wangsun was ashamed and angry, but he had nowhere to vent.

Wenjun’s brothers and elders mediate one after another: King Zhuo, you only have one son and two daughters, and your family is not short of money; Wen Jun is already a wife, and his rice is ripe. Sima Xiangru is also a talent. He is not incompetent. Wen Jun can be entrusted for life. Moreover, Sima Xiangru is still the guest of honor of Wang county magistrate. Why don’t you stick to it?

King Zhuo and sun had no choice but to spend money to alleviate the disaster, giving Wenjun 100 servants, onemillion dollars, and a large dowry.

Sima Xiangru and Zhuowenjun immediately closed the hotel and went back to Chengdu to buy land and land.

Sima Xiangru’s legendary story of picking Zhuowenjun, a talented and beautiful couple, has been handed down for thousands of years.

How many wishful thinking and how many schemes

However, in my opinion, there are still many questions to be answered in this beautiful love story:

First, why didn’t Sima Xiangru think of the plan to return to Linqiong with Zhuowenjun to open the wine shed and slaughter Zhuo Wang sun?

Sima Xiangru came to Linqiong at the invitation of his close friend Wang Jizhi when he was unable to make a living. He may not have a complete idea before he came to Qiong, but after arriving in Linqiong, especially after a secret talk with Wang Ji, Sima Xiangru made a careful plan. But Sima Qian didn’t point out the plan, but secretly.

Why didn’t Sima Qian reveal Sima Xiangru’s plot? The reason is very simple. Sima Qian has a preference for Sima Xiangru, especially his talent. Sima Xiangru’s great Fu and articles are quoted in the full text of “historical records · biography of Sima Xiangru”, which is unique in the 112 biographies of “historical records”. It is natural for Sima Qian to show mercy to Sima Xiangru; He won’t write Sima Xiangru’s disgraceful marriage history in a straight line. However, as a good history, Sima Qian can’t violate the principle of being honest as a historian, and he has to reveal Sima Xiangru’s story. Of course, you can only use the Qubi to see the words “Miao” in the two sentences “Linqiong makes Miao respectful” and “so the phase is like Miao and the order is heavy and picked with the heart of the piano”, and the truth will be clear.

Sima Xiangru first came to Linqiong and made a big splash. In fact, he teamed up with the county magistrate to catch Zhuo Wang sun.

Sima Xiangru’s ability to formulate such a thorough “fishing” plan and deceive the shrewd and sophisticated Zhuo wangsun at least shows that Sima Xiangru does have a scheming side. How could he not have thought of taking the initiative to return to Linqiong to open the wine house and kill Zhuo wangsun?

One is humiliation. In ancient China, male chauvinism prevailed. A man who depended on a woman to eat would undoubtedly be despised.

Second, what if Zhuowenjun refuses? If Zhuowenjun would rather be poor than ask his father for money, it would be difficult to mention it again.

Third, it may make Zhuowenjun doubt the original purpose of “Qin Tiao”. This will bring a bigger problem: do you love me Zhuowenjun or my money? Are you picking for me or to kill my father?

Therefore, Sima Xiangru will not propose to return to Linqiong; Then there is only one way: patience! To the point that Zhuowenjun couldn’t stand it himself, he took the initiative to push the boat with the flow and achieve success.

Sure enough, Zhuowenjun offered to return to Linqiong. At this time, Sima Xiangru’s heart should be ecstatic – the bitter days are finally over! If we push this matter forward a little, we will find another problem.

What is Sima Xiangru picking Zhuowenjun for?

The reason why this question is raised is that it has been falsely rumoured since ancient times, and it is related to the true evaluation of this classic love story.

First of all, is Zhuowenjun beautiful?

If Zhuowenjun is an ugly woman, then everything is clear: isn’t Sima Zhao’s heart known to everyone who picks the ugly woman who is the richest man in the country?

“Historical records · Sima Xiangru biography” and “Hanshu · Sima Xiangru biography” do not record whether Zhuowenjun is a national beauty. Only Volume II of Xijing miscellany records:

Wenjun is beautiful, her eyebrows are as beautiful as a distant mountain, her face is often like a lotus, and her skin is as smooth as grease. Seventeen and widowed, he is extravagant, so it is more polite to please the talents of a long Qing Dynasty. Changqing has always been suffering from thirst quenching disease. When he returned to Chengdu, he was happy with the king of literature, so he developed chronic diseases. It was written as “Ode to beauty”. It wanted to stab itself, but it couldn’t be changed in the end. The death died of this disease. King Wen was a Lei, which was passed down to the world.

If this record in Xijing miscellany is credible, then Sima Xiangru, who is very admired by the beauty of the country and seventeen Miaoling, plotted with the magistrate of Wang county about Qin tiaowen. Moreover, Sima Xiangru had diabetes. Because he loved Zhuowenjun and did not exercise restraint, his condition worsened and he finally died of diabetes.

Of course, because Zhuowenjun is beautiful and the piano is picked, the purpose is nothing more than to hold the beauty back, which seems understandable; However, it cannot be ruled out that Sima Xiangru had other purposes after Qin tiaowenjun. If you rob sex first and then money, you will kill two birds with one stone. Of course, your character will be greatly reduced.

Yang Xiong, a famous writer in the late Western Han Dynasty, worshipped Sima Xiangru very much. He imitated Sima Xiangru and created many Han Dynasty Fu. However, Yang Xiong first proposed in his article “jieridicule”: Sima Changqing stole money from Zhuo, and Dongfang Shuo cut it from Xijun. Fu Cheng could not be with this Duke, so he was silent and kept my “taixuan” alone.

Yang Xiong believed that he neither robbed the wealth of Zhuo Wang sun shamelessly like Sima Xiangru, nor cut his own flesh to give his wife shamelessly like Dongfang Shuo, so he had to deserve to be poor. Yang Xiong was the first to propose that Sima Xiangru was “stealing money” and robbing money.

Yan Zhitui’s “Yan’s family instructions · articles” criticized “ancient scholars, who have fallen into frivolity”, and also said: “Sima Changqing, stealing money without manipulation”.

When commenting on Sima Xiangru in Sima Zhen’s “historical records and hidden stories” of the Tang Dynasty, it also said: Xiangru is like a birthday, stealing money from the Zhuo family.

It seems that the ancients generally agreed on this matter, thinking that Sima Xiangru had a bad character and robbed the wealth of Zhuo king and sun. However, the ancients did not discuss it in detail, so we might as well make an argument.

In addition, is Sima Xiangru really going back to Linqiong to rob King Zhuo and his grandchildren?

Sima Xiangru’s biography in the records of the historian and the book of Han did not mention it, but Xijing miscellany wrote four words worth pondering, “shame on the king and grandchildren”. If we believe that the records in Xijing Zaji are true, we have to admit that Sima Xiangru opened a hotel in Linqiong to kill King Zhuo and his grandchildren. This is one of them.

Second, where can I open the hotel? Do I have to open it in Linqiong? It’s obviously for the money of Zhuo wangsun.

Third, the records of the historian and the book of Han both recorded that Sima Xiangru immediately closed the hotel and returned to Chengdu with his wife after receiving onemillion yuan and onehundred slaves.

From these three points of view, Sima Xiangru’s return to Linqiong to open a hotel really cannot rule out “robbing money” from Zhuo wangsun.

Finally, Sima Xiangru zaizhuo Wang sun’s plan is before and after Qin Tiao?

Let’s see whether the following five questions are true:

(1) Sima Xiangru knew that Zhuo wangsun was the richest man in the country;

(2) Sima Xiangru believed that he could use a careful plan to provoke the literary king to himself;

(3) Sima Xiangru knows that he can’t afford to support Miss Wanjin Zhuowenjun at all;

(4) Sima Xiangru is convinced that Zhuowenjun cannot stand poverty and will take the initiative to return to Linqiong to force his father to bleed;

(5) Sima Xiangru firmly believes that Zhuo wangsun can’t stand humiliation and will settle it with money.

If the above five questions we have to admit are true, Sima Xiangru, Qin Tiao and Zhuowenjun had been prepared to rob money before. Therefore, this eternal love legend turned out to be a fraud of robbing sex first and then money.

Will such a “romantic marriage” be happy?

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