Singer Gao Tianzuo is exposed to beating his girlfriend, resulting in lifelong disability

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Recently, because of the beating incident at Tangshan barbecue stall, many netizens are condemning the men who beat women. As a result, Netizens found that there were such scum men in the entertainment industry, and even he wrote it in his lyrics. Singer Gao Tianzuo is exposed to beating his girlfriend. It also leads to the permanent disability of the woman. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Singer Gao Tianzuo is exposed to beat his girlfriend

The Tangshan beating incident has aroused the attention of all walks of life, and Gao Tianzuo’s beating of his girlfriend has also been picked out again. In 2016, Gao Tianzuo and his girlfriend had a dispute in the KTV. As a result, Gao Tianzuo even beat the woman violently, causing the other party to suffer serious head injury. Finally, he was identified as grade II serious injury. The Xuanwu District People’s Court of Nanjing, which tried the case at that time, also publicized the judgment on the official wechat.

Gaotianzuo voluntarily surrendered at that time, and then compensated his girlfriend for medical expenses. Then his girlfriend wrote him a letter of understanding. Finally, the court sentenced him to three reprisals. What Gao Tianzuo did made everyone more angry was that he wrote the beating incident in his song. Gao Tianzuo wrote a song about “ I’ve been in prison for half a year. Now I can stand in front of you because it cost me a life ”. Later, an insider revealed that Gao Tianzuo said “ Human life and money ”, In fact, it’s only 800000.

Gao Tianzuo caused her permanent disability

The source said that the girl was seriously injured and was permanently disabled. The girl also looked at her relationship with Gao Tianzuo and finally agreed to write a letter of understanding for Gao Tianzuo. As a result, Gao Tianzuo showed off that he spent 800000 to settle the matter, so he would not have to go to prison. What makes people angry is that Gao Tianzuo has no one to resist him with his own help. He is still quietly active as a rapper. Gao Tianzuo not only broadcast live, but also held offline fan meetings. This kind of person, even with fans, is really speechless.

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