Sister Lang, 3, 4, xumengtao, retired from the competition, Hu Xinger, xuruyun, and maojunjie were eliminated

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The recording of the fourth brother of sister Lang 3 has ended. Many netizens are very curious about the outcome of the competition and who was eliminated. Xumengtao, the third senior brother of sister Lang, retired from the competition. Besides xumengtao, three other sisters were eliminated, namely Hu Xinger, xuruyun and maojunjie. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Sister Lang, 3, 4, xumengtao, retired from the competition

Although Langjie 3 Sigong hasn’t been broadcast yet, because there are a lot of audience at the recording site, the results of the game were leaked by the audience in advance. It is reported that the four elder sisters of sister Lang 3, HuXingEr, xuruyun and maojunjie, have been eliminated. Xumengtao chose to withdraw from the competition, so there were four less members of her sister.

Netizens also have their own views on the three sisters who have been eliminated. First of all, Mao Junjie did not seem to be reluctant to leave her. In fact, from the very beginning, when Mao Junjie wanted to run for the captain, everyone was not optimistic. They thought that Mao Junjie didn’t have much strength. It was really just to join the election team and stay in Sigong by luck. And Mao Junjie’s popularity has not been very high. And xuruyun, it was also speculated that she could not stay until the end. Although she has strength and qualifications, her popularity is not very high.

Hu Xinger, xuruyun, maojunjie eliminated

In addition, her sister, HuXingEr, was pressed by a group of people to make her debut. After all, HuXingEr is a very powerful actor. When she came to sister Lang 3, everyone thought that she should have talked with the program team about her debut before agreeing to come. Unfortunately, Hu Xinger only reached Sigong. Many netizens are not happy about Xu Mengtao’s withdrawal from the competition. People are not unhappy that she withdrew from the competition, but unhappy that she wasted a place. However, Xiaobian thinks that we should not complain about xumengtao. She came to the competition because of her identity as the spokesperson of the golden code. She has no idea about forming a group.

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