Sister Lang 3 invited Phi brother members to be scolded by the program fans

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Riding the wind and waves, the content of the latest edition of the program “Jia Geng” of sister 3 has aroused heated discussion among many netizens. Sister Lang 3 invited Phi members, but unexpectedly, they were overturned. Not only the program team, but also the three Phi brothers who came to participate in sister Lang 3, were also scolded by the program fans. Why is the program fan of Langjie 3 like this? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Sister Lang 3 invites members of phi brother

The latest version of Langjie 3 is also an outdoor activity hosted by Xie Na. The program team invited three male guests to interact with the sisters. These three male guests are Gao Hanyu, Lin Xiaofeng and Liu Cong, who have participated in the cutting through thorns. These three people had a good reputation when they were in pHi Ge, but they overturned in Langjie 3 and were scolded miserably by the fans of Langjie 3.

There are three main reasons why Langjie 3 is dissatisfied with the three Phi brothers coming to the competition. Many fans of Langjie 3 like to watch the sisters. They like to watch the beautiful interaction between girls and don’t want boys to join in. In addition, Langjie 3 only adds videos once a week, with only more than 30 minutes each time. The fans of the program all hope that the sisters have more shots. As a result, after the three Phi brothers came, the shots of the three people accounted for half of the time, and the shots of the sisters were very few. As the fans of the program of sister Lang 3, how can they be happy.

Langjie 3 program group was scolded

The last point is that many program fans think that Lang Jie 3 is a female program. They don’t understand why they need to find three Phi brothers to choose three sisters to record short films. For program fans, they don’t need it at all, and the short films prepared by the program team are also very childish, which makes program fans disdain it. The program group of sister Lang 3 hopes to draw lessons from the audience’s response to this event. It’s better to give more shots and stages to the sisters participating in the competition.

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