Sister Lang, brother phi, fans tear open, Hunan Satellite TV is scolded for being eccentric, brother Phi

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Previously, Douban netizens thought that the mainland thirty plus female artists had no stage, so they came up with an idea to hold a collective talent show for thirty plus female artists, so they gave birth to a sister who braved the wind and waves. After sister Lang became popular, Hunan Satellite TV immediately launched the program “brother who cuts through thorns and thorns”. The fans of Langjie Phi ripped open, and Hunan Satellite TV was scolded by Langjie fans for being eccentric to Phi. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Wave sister Phi brother fans tear open

Langjie 3 is still on the air and the program is still being recorded. Unexpectedly, Hunan Satellite TV has begun to record the second season of her brother. And phi’s brothers have arrived in Changsha, Hunan Province, and began to record the program. Hunan Satellite TV is recording Langjie 3 and phi Ge 2 at the same time. However, these two programs are a common team, which leads to problems in the use of personnel within the team.

Director Wu Mengzhi was also very dissatisfied with this. He directly sent a document and complained that he was busy with sister Lang 3 and brother Phi 2 at the same time. He was simply too busy. Wu Mengzhi revealed that he was originally preparing for the work of sister Lang 3, but was directly called to Phi 2 for a meeting. From Wu Mengzhi’s words, it can also be seen that Hunan Satellite TV seems to pay more attention to Phi 2. Wu Mengzhi even ridiculed himself that he was eating the meal of sister Lang’s crew, but he was planning with brother phi.

Hunan Satellite TV was scolded for being eccentric

Wu Mengzhi’s post also attracted the attention of sister Lang’s fans, especially the fans of sister Lang 3 participating in the competition, who were very dissatisfied with this arrangement of Hunan Satellite TV. All kinds of complaints about the favoritism of roast satellite TV made it clear that sister Lang was first popular, and the third season was not over yet, so they were so anxious to open brother Phi 2. Wu Mengzhi didn’t seem to think that his complaint would lead to the tearing of fans of sister Lang phi, and also brought trouble to Hunan Satellite TV, so he immediately cancelled his account.

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