Six short stories, penetrating people’s hearts

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Six short stories, penetrating people’s hearts

1. About understanding

A little pig, a sheep and a cow were kept in the same corral.

Once, the shepherd caught the little pig. He shouted loudly and resisted fiercely. The sheep and cows hated its cry, so they said: the shepherds often catch us, and we don’t shout.

The little pig answered, “catching you and catching me are totally different things. He only wants your hair and milk to catch you, but catching me will kill me!”!

It is difficult for people with different positions and environments to understand each other’s feelings; Therefore, it is not appropriate to gloat over others’ frustration, frustration and pain, but to have a caring and understanding mood. Have a tolerant heart!

2. About emotion

A child ran to the mountain and accidentally shouted to the valley: “ Hello &hellip& hellip;& rdquo; As soon as the sound fell, it came from all directions “ Hello &hellip& hellip;& rdquo; Echo of. Dashan agreed.

The child was surprised and shouted: “ Who are you& rdquo; Dashan also replied: “ Who are you& rdquo; The child shouted: “ Why didn’t you tell me& rdquo; Dashan also said: “ Why didn’t you tell me& rdquo;

The child could not help getting angry and shouted: “ I hate you& rdquo; He didn’t know how to shout. The voice from the whole world was: “ I hate you, I hate you &hellip& hellip;& rdquo;

The child ran home crying and told his mother. The mother said to the child: “ Son, you go back and shout ‘ I love you ‘, try and see what happens, okay& rdquo;

The child ran up the hill again.

Sure enough, the child was surrounded by “ I — Love — You, me — Love — You& rdquo; The children laughed and the mountains laughed.

Sometimes, we always complain that others’ attitude is too cold and their mood is too bad, but we don’t know that you are the best mirror of each other. If you encounter such a similar situation, you might as well ask yourself what you have done. If you want others to love you, you must love others first.

3. About skills

An old man was fishing by the river. A child went to see him fishing. The old man was skilled, so he caught a basket full of fish soon. The old man saw that the child was very cute and wanted to give him the whole basket of fish. The child shook his head. The old man was surprised and asked: “ Why don’t you& rdquo;

The child answered: “ I want the fishing rod in your hand& rdquo; The old man asked: “ What do you want a fishing rod for& rdquo; The child said: “ This basket of fish was finished soon. If I had a fishing rod, I could fish by myself and never finish it in my life& rdquo;

I think you will say: what a clever child. Wrong. If he only wants a fishing rod, he can’t eat a fish. Because he doesn’t know the skills of fishing, it’s no use just having a fishing rod, because fishing is not important “ Fishing rod ”, In “ Fishing skills ”.

Too many people think that they have the fishing rod on the road of life and are no longer afraid of the wind and rain on the road. In this way, they will inevitably fall on the muddy ground. For example, children look after the elderly, thinking that as long as there is a fishing rod, there will be more fish to eat. For example, employees look at the boss, thinking that as long as they sit in the office, there will be money to roll in.

4. About doing things

There was an old carpenter who was about to retire. The boss wanted him to build another house before he left. Although the old carpenter promised, he was no longer interested in his work. He used poor materials and worked hard.

When the house was built, the boss said it was his retirement gift. He was ashamed and regretted that he had built his own house.

In fact, everything in life is done for yourself. If you want to do it, do your best.

5. About envy

Two tigers, one in a cage, the other in the wilderness. The two tigers thought their environment was bad and envied each other. They decided to exchange identities and were very happy at first. But soon, both tigers died: one died of hunger and the other died of depression.

Sometimes people turn a blind eye to their own happiness and always look at the happiness of others. In fact, what you have is what others admire.

6. About showing off

An old man rubbed against a Land Rover parked on the roadside on three wheels. He was looking sad when a passer-by came by.

Passers by asked: can you afford to pay?

Old man: I can’t afford it!

The passer-by said: if you can’t afford to pay, you won’t run away. Wait for others to come to you!

The old man tried to stop talking, but finally he went back step by step! At this time, the passer-by took out his key and drove the Land Rover away!

In one’s life, the greatest show off is not your wealth, nor your shrewdness, nor your means; But a simple understanding and understanding!

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