SJ child prodigy dispels the rumor that he is unmarried. Isn’t he engaged? Isn’t he married

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SJ is the representative of the Korean wave men’s group. The group was established in 2005 and has been in existence for 17 years. The group has been established for 17 years, and the members are naturally brothers of 30 +. SJ child prodigy refuted the rumor that he was unmarried. Wasn’t the child prodigy engaged at the beginning? Why didn’t you get married? I’ll reveal the secret today.

SJ child prodigy dispels rumors that he is unmarried

The prodigy recently asked the netizen & ldquo; Complain;, He said he had received an invitation from a variety show that invited divorced artists to participate. The child prodigy said that he had never been married. How could he become a divorced person? The reason why the prodigy gives the impression of divorce to some people is actually related to the fact that he nearly got married. The child prodigy did have a girlfriend in his early years. He also very much hopes to marry his girlfriend, and even tells about his love with his girlfriend in the program strong heart.

In the program, the child prodigy told about his plan to get married with his girlfriend. At that time, everyone thought that this relationship was certain. The child prodigy dared to say on the program that their marriage date was near. But in fact, after the program was broadcast, the prodigy broke up with his girlfriend and never married. The reason for the breakup was that the parents of the child prodigy’s girlfriend had no idea that their daughter was dating the child prodigy. After watching the program, they also felt pressure, so they broke up the child prodigy and his girlfriend.

Isn’t the prodigy married

This incident was a big blow to the child prodigy, so the child prodigy also chose to deal with the breakup in a low-key manner. As a result, many people did not know that the child prodigy and his girlfriend had broken up, and thought that the two had married step by step. Born in 1985, the prodigy is already 37 years old this year. The prodigy will definitely not be on the divorce program, but he can really be on the dating program. At this age, he really needs to hurry up to get married.

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