Small s and her husband Xu Yajun magic test true love, roast is too humble

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Recently, both size s have brought their husbands to have a dinner with Jay Chou, Lin Junjie and others. During the dinner, they also played magic games. Xiaos and her husband xuyajun magic test true love. After the video was posted online, netizens all complained that roast was humble, and no netizens could understand the performance in Xiaos video. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Small s xuyajun magic test true love

S updated a video on his social platform. During the dinner, s heard that magic game could test whether each other loved each other. S was very active in playing this game with her husband Xu Yajun. When Xiao s and Xu Yajun stretched out their index fingers to touch, the lipstick in the wine glass suddenly moved. At this time, Xiao s was very excited, and immediately rushed to her husband Xu Yajun’s arms, hugged Xu Yajun’s neck, laughing and moving to tears.

Little s shouted “ Ah, you still love me. I thought you didn’t love me anymore ”. However, in the face of small S’s warm embrace, Xu Yajun’s body seemed to resist a little, but perfunctorily hugged small s with one hand. After seeing this scene, many netizens complained that roast was too humble in love. It was a little game, which simply didn’t mean that Xu Yajun still loved her. As a result, s was even moved to cry.

Small s was roast too humble

Many netizens think that Xu Yajun doesn’t love little s very much, and after so many years of marriage, Xu Yajun’s addition together doesn’t seem to bring any benefits to little s, but is a drag on all kinds of things. Many netizens think that Xiao s may live better if she gets divorced, but no matter how much she is wronged, she has to pretend to be in love with her husband Xu Yajun in front of everyone. So when you see the video of little s Xu Yajun showing his love, you will feel so disgusted.

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