Small s received the full moon gift of Huang Zijiao’s child and said that he would return the signed photos of his three daughters

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Many stars in the entertainment industry have predecessors, and even some of them are very unhappy, so they don’t communicate with each other. But there are also some who choose to bury the hatchet, such as Xiao s and Huang Zijiao. Small s received Huang Zijiao’s child’s full moon gift and responded that he would return the signed photos of his three daughters to Huang Zijiao, which was also very humorous.

Little s received Huang Zijiao’s child’s full moon gift

Huang Zijiao and Meng gengru were openly young in 2013, but they didn’t get married until 2020. In May this year, Meng gengru successfully gave birth to a child. At that time, the media asked Huang Zijiao whether he would give Xiao s a full moon gift for his children. Huang Zijiao responded humorously that he would not give it away, because Xiao s had three babies and had not given it to him.

At that time, s sent a document to respond, saying that when he had three children, he had not reconciled with Huang Zijiao, and naturally would not give his children a full moon gift. Also “ Roast ” Huang Zijiao should not be stingy. It’s nothing to give a full moon gift. Finally, he didn’t forget to praise Huang Zijiao’s wife Meng Geng Ru for her beauty after giving birth to a child. He praised Huang Zijiao’s daughter Meng Geng Ru for being super cute. He didn’t give himself a full moon gift.

Small s said he would return his daughter’s signed photo

Although Huang Zijiao joked in front of the media that he would not give little s a full moon gift, in fact, Shanghai did. Small s also posted the received full moon gift on his social platform, and attached an article& ldquo; To be a person is to be generous. Of course, blessings should also be sincere. Your family will be healthy, safe, healthy, safe, happy and happy. I will send you the signed photos of my three daughters ”, Also @ Huang Zijiao. Huang Zijiao and Xiao s fought so fiercely that they finally reconciled. Sure enough, time can dilute everything, and the past gratitude and resentment will also disappear. Xiaobian also wishes Huang Zijiao and Xiaos a happy life.

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