Song Dandan apologized to Li Xueqin and took the initiative to embrace and admit his mistake

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Song Dandan and Li Xueqin, as the old dock residents of the second season of the 50km Taohuawu, are already very familiar. They cooperated with each other a lot last season, but they didn’t expect to have a conflict at the beginning of the second season. Song Dandan apologized to Li Xueqin. Song Dandan took the initiative to hug Li Xueqin, admitted his mistake to Li Xueqin, and said he would never say that Li Xueqin was lazy again. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Song Dandan apologizes to Li Xueqin

At the beginning of the second season of the 50km Taohuawu, Song Dandan had to hold a bonfire party despite the opposition of everyone, which Li Xueqin was very opposed to. Moreover, before this proposal, Song Dandan and Li Xueqin had a conflict because of the Wu people’s snatching for life. Li Xueqin proposed that everyone should divide their work reasonably and do not snatch for life. Song Dandan directly gave it to diss. Li Xueqin was also criticized for this and was so aggrieved that she slapped herself in the face of everyone.

This matter has also been hotly discussed by many netizens, but in fact, the program group is also full of, because they didn’t release the follow-up in the first issue, until the second issue. In fact, after the dispute, Song Dandan privately found Li Xueqin to apologize. Songdandan saw Li Xueqin and directly reported it, saying “ Baby, I’m sorry, mom won’t say you’re lazy anymore, poor boy, I changed ”.

Song Dandan voluntarily admitted his mistake

Seeing this scene, many netizens also said that Song Dandan was a knife mouth, frank but not bad at heart. We also hope that Song Dandan and Li Xueqin can clear up the misunderstanding. We still want to see them live happily in Taohuawu. In fact, Song Dandan often conflicts with others because of his mouth. She made a misunderstanding with Ni Ping because of her bad mouth, which led to the two people breaking up contacts. Song Dandan didn’t know it until many years later.

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