Song Qian’s fans have been lurking in the Black Pink post bar for ten years, becoming the bar owner and deleting all Black Reviews

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There are few stars in the entertainment industry who can become evergreen and continue to be popular. This is because many fans’ love for a star is difficult to last. Basically, many star fans change one by one. There are too few fans who can continue to like a star. Song Qian’s fans have been lurking in the Black Pink post bar for ten years. After she became the owner of the post bar, she deleted all the black song Qian’s posts. Such fans have no doubt about their absolute love for song Qian. Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Song Qian’s fans have been lurking in the black powder bar for ten years

Songqian made her debut very early. At that time, she was still Victoria, the captain of F (x). At that time, song Qian was loved by the Korean public because she participated in our wedding program. She even spread her popularity from Korea to China and has many fans in her own country. However, there are many popular rights and wrongs. After becoming popular, song Qian also has some black fans in China. These black fans also set up a black song Qian’s post bar. At that time, the post bar was very popular, which is equivalent to the current microblog.

It turned out that one of song Qian’s fans actually got involved in Song Qian’s black powder bar, and then lurked in the bar for nearly ten years, eventually becoming the bar owner of the bar. It took more than ten years for this fan to become a bar owner. Being a bar owner is the goal of song Qian’s fans, because in this way she can have the right to delete these black song Qian’s posts.

Song Qian’s fans become bar owners and delete all Black Reviews

After becoming the owner of song Qian’s black powder post bar, the fan spent several days, and then deleted all the black posts of song Qian in the post bar, with nearly 15000 pieces of data. After all this, the fan is also very proud to put this matter on his social platform. This fan is really great. Her love and support for song Qian is so moving.

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