Song Xiaofeng’s daughter song Zhixin was admitted by Nortel, with a cool appearance and good temperament

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Song Xiaofeng is Zhao Benshan’s Apprentice. Compared with Zhao Benshan’s other apprentices, song Xiaofeng has developed very well in the entertainment industry in recent years. In addition to the film and television works made by Benshan media, song Xiaofeng has also made many films. Song Zhixin, song Xiaofeng’s daughter, was admitted by Nortel. Netizens praised song Zhixin for her cool appearance and her temperament. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Song Xiaofeng’s daughter song Zhixin was admitted by Nortel

Song Zhixin, song Xiaofeng’s only daughter, recently posted on social platforms and shared the good news that she was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy. The Beijing Film Academy enrolled 80 students this time, and song Zhixin was admitted with 63. Although the ranking is not very high, so many art candidates only recruit 80, and song Zhixin is already very excellent.

Song Zhixin also posted a group photo with her father song Xiaofeng on the social platform. The relationship between father and daughter is also very good. Looking at the photos song Zhixin usually shares, she should have danced in school at ordinary times, and she has practiced her figure at a glance. Song Zhixin’s appearance is completely different from her father song Xiaofeng. Song Xiaofeng gives everyone the feeling that she is big and coarse, but song Zhixin is very temperament, and her appearance is very cold. If she is an actor, she is still very popular with the audience.

Song Xiaofeng’s daughter is praised for her good temperament

Song Xiaofeng has worked hard in the entertainment industry for so many years, and has accumulated a lot of contacts in the industry. If song Zhixin develops in the future, as a Star II, she must have many advantages. For example, song Xiaofeng can still arrange a role for song Zhixin. Of course, if song Zhixin wants to develop well in the entertainment industry and become famous, she still depends on herself. Song Zhixin is about to usher in four years of Beidian life. She also hopes that she can learn more professional knowledge in Beidian and looks forward to seeing her debut on the screen as soon as possible.

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