Song Yanfei is actually Australian. Is song Yanfei mixed race

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Since her debut, song Yanfei doesn’t seem to be very popular with everyone and has no popularity. Maybe she was scolded and scared by netizens. Song Yanfei recently participated in the variety show 50km Taohuawu 2. The whole person felt a little nervous and not very active. Song Yanfei is Australian? Is song Yanfei a hybrid? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Song Yanfei is actually Australian

Some people on the Internet always scold song Yanfei for leaving the Chinese people and asking her not to make money in China. Looking at Song Yanfei’s appearance, I feel that she is Chinese, but looking at her appearance, I can’t feel that song Yanfei is a hybrid. It is reported that song Yanfei is one eighth of British descent, and her grandfather is of English descent. However, by song Yanfei’s generation, the British blood has faded.

However, song Yanfei is indeed Australian. She was also born in Australia, and her parents and brother are also Australian nationals. But when song Yanfei was four years old, the family settled in Shanghai from Australia. So when you listen to song Yanfei’s accent, you won’t think she is a foreigner. According to the old photos of her parents and her own childhood photos, song Yanfei’s family is still quite rich. In the 1990s, the whole family immigrated to Australia. Such a family is naturally in a good situation, so song Yanfei has always been said to be a rich second generation.

Is song Yanfei half blood

Song Yanfei developed in Korea earlier. Her beauty and dancing strength are very good. Coupled with her superior family background, song Yanfei is quite enviable. Unfortunately, her domestic development was not smooth, and her performance in grade one was very unpleasant from the beginning. After so many years of development in China, it seems that many people know her because of her affair with Zhang Yishan. Although song Yanfei has participated in many film and television works, none of them is famous, so song Yanfei has also become an unpleasant resource in the eyes of many netizens.

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