Song Yanfei self heating rice incident can song Yanfei wash away the self heating rice incident

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Recently, Taohuawu 2, 50 kilometers away, invited Yang Di, a flying guest. The arrival of Yang Di also made song Yanfei very embarrassed. The two people constantly mentioned self heating rice in the program. Song Yanfei cooked rice by herself? Can song Yanfei follow the Taohuawu 2 washing white self heating rice event? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Song Yanfei’s self heating rice incident

Song Yanfei was a man who did housework with her family in a variety show before. When Yang Di went to song Yanfei’s house as a guest, song Yanfei’s family prepared very simple meals and even served Yang Di self heated rice. Compared with other guests, Yang Di was obviously snubbed by song Yanfei and her family. So song Yanfei and her family were scolded by netizens after the program was broadcast.

This time Yang Di came to Taohuawu 2, which is 50 kilometers away. Song Yanfei was naturally a little embarrassed. However, Yang Di was kind enough to explain for song Yanfei, saying that she raided song Yanfei’s family at the request of the program, and song Yanfei and her family naturally had no time to prepare. The parties came out to speak for song Yanfei, and it is reasonable to say that netizens have forgiven song Yanfei. But in fact, everyone still doesn’t like song Yanfei. Because Yang Di had diarrhea after eating the food prepared by song Yanfei’s family. When she went to the bathroom, song Yanfei and her family were laughing wildly outside.

Can song Yanfei wash away the self heating rice incident

This smile made Netizens feel that song Yanfei and her family really did not respect Yang Di. This smile annoyed netizens more than self heating rice. Moreover, Yang Di participated in 50 Taohuawu 2 this time. Song Yanfei kept saying that she would cook well and entertain Yang Di. As a result, her performance in the kitchen was a mess, and she still needed all kinds of help from other guests to deal with the aftermath. Song Yanfei’s performance in the kitchen also made many netizens feel that she herself was a delicate young lady. So song Yanfei didn’t seize the opportunity to wash white, and netizens still didn’t like to see her.

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