Songjiang hansuxi’s travel with him was photographed, and his suspected love affair was exposed

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I like watching Korean dramas. I have friends who pay attention to Korean entertainment circles. I should know Songjiang and hansushi. Before, the two people cooperated with him in the TV series. He was irresistible and loved by everyone. They also gained a lot of CP powder with the sweet part of the play. Songjiang hansuxi was photographed traveling together, and their relationship was suspected to be exposed. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Songjiang hansuxi was photographed traveling together

Recently, the media released a photo that said Han Suxi and Songjiang had a private date. Han Suxi in the photo is wearing a black T-shirt and blue shorts. Although he wears a black mask, he can still be recognized by everyone. In the photo, hansushi is holding his mobile phone to the man beside him. The man beside him is wearing a black sweater with gray shorts. In addition to wearing a black mask, he is also wearing a gray cap.

Although the man covered his face very tightly, many netizens believed that he was Songjiang who had cooperated with Han Suxi. He was very similar to Songjiang in terms of body shape, height and body shape. After this picture of Songjiang Han Su Xi Tong was published, the happiest thing was their CP powder. Everyone felt that they had hit the real CP. But soon someone came out and denied that the man in the photo was Songjiang.

Songjiang hansuxi’s suspected love affair exposed

The staff who worked with Han Suxi on the TV series my name said that this photo was taken at the gathering of the crew of my name. The man next to Han Suxi was not Songjiang, but a stillist of the crew of my name. He shouted to netizens not to misunderstand. Although some people have come out to deny that hansushi has been traveling with Songjiang, many gourd eaters believe that the man in the photo is Songjiang. It’s just that Han Suxi and Songjiang are both in the rising stage of career development, so they are not willing to open their relationship.

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