Soul stirring: the great counterattack of the century behind the textbooks!

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Original: yinguoming source wechat official account: Mingren Mingcha has been authorized to reprint


Today is International Children’s Day. First of all, I wish the children a happy holiday and grow up healthily.

Children’s Day is given to children every year, but this year, we adults, especially parents, may feel different from previous years because of the teaching materials. Some people feel a little worried, others feel ashamed of their children. Of course, some people feel it doesn’t matter.

Children are the flowers of the motherland and the best group that a nation should be protected. However, once the poison teaching material incident occurs, can we confidently say that our children are well protected?

Because the defense line of teaching materials and juvenile reading materials has been broken through, children are directly exposed to the cultural aggression of their opponents, and become the direct target of cultural infiltration under the new form of war.

From the illustrations in problem teaching materials and the contents of some teenagers’ books, opponents should not only plant the seeds of “Western civilization centered theory” in their children’s psychology according to their Western worship complex, but also instill “white race superiority theory” into them, so that they will fall into the inferiority complex of system, nation, civilization and race since childhood. In addition, it will also affect children’s aesthetic outlook, cultivate them from an early age, and turn self vilification into beauty. The most frightening thing is that the opponent has to instill all kinds of abnormal ideas into the children.

There is a rule I wonder if you have found that those who highly agree with Western values are either extremely selfish, extremely abnormal, or both.

Wuyong and his teachers need not say more. Let’s see who is involved in the compilation of problem textbooks and the compilation of problem works into textbooks.

Caowenxuan, head of the Chinese textbook compilation team, was exposed by zhengyuanjie to have smuggled his own articles into the Chinese textbook. His own works were praised as children’s must read books nationwide and recommended to students. In 2018 alone, he made a profit of 18million yuan.

I think the most incredible thing about caowenxuan is that the expression “poppy seed” appears in the book “seven colors flower” published by others’ Education Society:



In his chief editor, he recommended to read the sub volume of “learn to fly like an eagle” in the big Chinese series, which is aged 8-15, and included the famous “folk song” (Xiao Huang’s poem) of Wang Zengqi, who is praised as “the last pure literati in China” and “the last scholar bureaucrat in China”.



This editor in chief of Chinese teaching materials has a unique preference for choosing works.

On April 22, 2020, the basic education curriculum and textbook development center of the Ministry of Education released the reading guidance directory for primary and secondary school students of the basic education curriculum and textbook development center of the Ministry of Education (2020 Edition), which recommended extracurricular reading materials for primary and secondary school students. Caowenxuan’s works were selected in the directory and recommended reading for grades 5-6 of primary schools.

Many people don’t understand why the problem textbook illustration of the people’s education edition should be handed over to an unregistered studio?

This is the phenomenon of “small circles” within the sphere of influence divided by modern literati themselves. As the chief editor, caowenxuan can make his own works enter the teaching materials, and can also incorporate his own recognized Xiaohuang poems into the big language. As the general consultant of the teaching material design of the people’s education society, why can’t LV Jingren let his students take over the work of illustration for the teaching materials with his son?

They are selfish enough, that’s all right, but they are also psychopathic enough. Otherwise, they won’t choose Xiao Huang’s poems, and the illustrations won’t have so many explicit or implied child pornography.

Because these things are rich in western culture, they also accept them when they agree with Western cultural values.

Therefore, those children’s sexual suggestion, sexual harassment, the dross of these dross, have also been moved to textbooks and children’s books.

What are these literati who have entered the circle of compiling textbooks doing with their power?

The more knowledge you have, the more reactionary you will become.

These people will always live in the spiritual world of self abasement in the face of the West and can’t extricate themselves. If it’s just their private affairs, it’s OK. But they take the opportunity of compiling textbooks to put these cultural dregs and spiritual garbage they accept into textbooks, poisoning our most innocent children. There is no excuse for this from any angle.


There is an article written by an art major student of a university on the Internet, which can explain why the character image of illustration in problem teaching materials is so ugly.

This indoctrination of ugliness as beauty begins at the stage of art education.

The normal and lovely painting style, which normally reflects Chinese aesthetic taste, will not get high marks, and will be denied or even suppressed by teachers. Only when the images of Chinese people are painted weird and ugly can they meet the artistic requirements of their teachers and be recognized.


The right of aesthetic interpretation in the West has long been rooted in the art education in Chinese colleges and universities.

The students who are forced to be influenced by this kind of artistic aesthetic education can only rely on their own strong independent thinking ability to achieve the goal of being free from mud.

The problem that the student reported is actually very serious, no less serious than the problem textbook. The aesthetic standards that the West has created for China by taking advantage of cultural hegemony and the right of aesthetic interpretation have become the standards that artists and college professors (of course not all) implement in China.

This can explain why the art of “squinting” appears in Tsinghua Academy of fine arts.


It can also explain why Xiaoying, a professor at Tsinghua University, said: “I don’t think the pictures in this textbook are ‘ugly’, let alone that these pictures will have adverse effects on Pupils’ learning and education.”.

In Xiao Ying’s view, the illustrations in the mathematics textbooks of the people’s Education Edition conform to his aesthetic standards, “first, they adopt an exaggerated cartoon style, and second, they focus on the naive and childish performance of children”. In Xiao Ying’s opinion, the PEP mathematics illustration should not be criticized and rectified, but should be given a big medal for artistic innovation.

I’m afraid it’s not just a hard word to confuse black and white with right and wrong. Now I really begin to believe that these highly westernized cultural “elites” (hereinafter referred to as “westernized elites”) have accepted this aesthetic standard from the heart. After they have completed the “self deception” of artistic aesthetics, they will “deceive others” and teach them to their students through the teaching materials they influence and the platform they control. Generation after generation, their standards have become the mainstream in the industry.

The cultural penetration chain is clear and complete at once:

1. The United States and the West designed the aesthetic standard of self deprecating and taking ugliness as beauty for China.

2. The United States and the West instill aesthetic standards into China’s westernized “elites” through academic exchanges, education and award setting.

3. It monopolizes the right to define China’s aesthetic standards through westernized “elites”, and then becomes China’s mainstream aesthetic standards through domestic award design, education and training, and textbook compilation, which are instilled in Chinese children and affect generation after generation.


A considerable number of Chinese cultural “elites” have completed the process of Westernization from morality to art itself, and then degenerated.

Starting from the thought of “farewell to the sublime” in the 1980s, they deconstructed the standards of truth, goodness and beauty established in the previous three decades, clearing the way for accepting the vulgar and degenerate cultural dross. The release of “river mourning” completed the self disparaging of Chinese civilization in theory, and installed a theoretical weapon for the westernized “elite”. From then on, they can deal with Chinese culture without psychological pressure. They have no fear in their respective professional fields, because they are the industry authority, they represent the mainstream of the industry, and they are the industry standard.

They are also not afraid of problems with some of them, because the team can be topped at any time.

The small circle they set up is difficult for outsiders to enter and for external forces to break. It can be said that “water cannot be poured into and needles cannot be inserted into.”

This is the reason why there are frequent problems in teaching materials, not only in the people’s education society, but also in publishing houses such as Shaanxi people’s education. It can be seen that the westernized “elite” has a wide range of penetration and strong resource control.

The content of learning from Lei Feng is accompanied by propaganda pictures of Japanese devils. What else do they dare not do and cannot do?



They are not even afraid of higher political power intervention, because they have formed the cultural discipline power that Foucault said. Political power can only break through a certain part of disciplinary power, but they can be quickly repaired.

They keep together to keep warm, share interests, exchange resources with each other, and form a community of interests that is intertwined, prosperous and harmful.

It is really difficult to break this structure.

The only way to deal with them is the three magic weapons: Party leadership, the united front and the mass line.

We should trust the masses, encourage and mobilize them, discover and provide clues to problematic teaching materials and cultural dross, and deal with the infiltration of Western values into China through westernized “elites” in the way of people’s war.

Because these westernized “elites” have failed in the main battlefield of ideology, Internet media. Westernized “elites” have become negative and full of value in front of public opinion, which has prepared the ideological conditions for winning the ideological and cultural defense war through the people’s war.

Xiaoying, the professor of Tsinghua University mentioned earlier, thought he was different. He came out to speak to the problem teaching materials on Weibo. He was beaten up by spontaneous netizens, deleted his posts and ran away. The westernized “elites” are not without timidity. What they fear most is the spontaneous “everyone shouting at them” from the broad masses of melon eaters. Their so-called academic self-confidence is built on Nothingness that can not stand the sun.

Since the Fangfang incident, such westernized “elites” have been shouted at by everyone as soon as they emerged on the Internet. There is no need to be greeted. It is entirely the initiative of the melon eaters. This group of people has completed self-education through the Internet, walked out of the trap of Western worship arranged by westernized “elites”, and realized self awakening. The Internet has less and less room for them to play.

However, they still have a strong voice and influence in the relatively closed sub fields of publishing, academia, education and art. In these fields, they can operate behind the scenes without directly facing the vast ocean of the masses. Their small circle can avoid the direct supervision of the masses.

These subdivisions are not isolated from each other, and the penetration of competitors is systematic.

These westernized “elite” groups infiltrating all cultural fronts are the basic organizational guarantee for the cultural infiltration of China by the United States and the West.


Italian philosopher and thinker Gramsci put forward an important concept “cultural leadership”, which mainly refers to the ideological leadership of modern countries. His theory of cultural leadership still has strong explanatory power for some current cultural infiltration phenomena.

Gramsci believes that the superstructure of modern industrial society consists of political society and civil society. Political leadership refers to the leadership of the police, courts, military and other powerful state organs, while cultural leadership refers to the leadership of non-governmental academic organizations, media, schools and other institutions. Gramsci put cultural leadership in a more important position than political leadership. He believes that whoever can gain cultural leadership, especially ideological leadership, is likely to gain political power. Intellectuals play an extremely important role in the struggle for cultural leadership.

According to Gramsci’s theory, the late Soviet Union lost its cultural leadership because it didn’t pay attention to ideology and put the position of public opinion to others, so the Communist Party of the Soviet Union soon lost its political power.

The issue of teaching materials has actually triggered a dispute over cultural leadership. Specifically, it is to take back part of the cultural leadership controlled by the westernized “elite”.

Since the problem of teaching materials was ignited, at least the right to define the aesthetic standards of westernized “elites” has been exposed to the public and suffered a disastrous defeat. The aesthetic standards they want to instill in the public through teaching materials and art works have been completely denied by the public. Since then, they can only hide more in the enclosed space and carry out quietly. Even in the future, they will have to face the students’ direct questions and resistance. After the public discourse power on the Internet, their space in art, academia and education will also be compressed step by step.

Once they become the target of public concern and disdain, their failure is inevitable.


With the help of this textbook event, the layout of the United States and the West in the decades with the cooperation of westernized “elites” has been more and more completely exposed to the public, and the ugliness has finally been spread in the sun.

Although China’s cultural leadership takes place internally, it is actually a dispute between China’s mainstream ideology and the American and Western ideology. The ideology of the United States and the West has been deconstructing and scouring the mainstream ideology of China for 40 years through China’s westernized “elite” as the media and carrier.

Revolutionary culture has become a thorn in their side, so the five heroes of Langya Mountain, who is the most lovely person and other red revolutionary classics have been removed from primary and secondary school textbooks one by one.


The spirit of national independence and national culture have also become goals. Some people began to reinterpret the aggression and anti aggression in China’s modern history and concocted the theory of “colonial meritorious service”.

Zhuxueqin, Professor of History Department of Shanghai University and director of Shanghai peace and Development Research Center, The following ideas have been put forward: “If we only confine ourselves to the hatred formed by the colonial and anti colonial history in the past, there is no reason for the existence of the street on the Bund of Shanghai today. We can say that a colonial and anti colonial history is not only a history of rule and resistance, but also a history of civilization import and civilization expansion. I think it is precisely the participation of various factors that have jointly created the history of our coastal civilization zone.”

They not only want to transform China’s modern history, but also China’s ancient history.

In 2003, yuguiyuan, one of the persons in charge of compiling the history textbook of the people’s education society, decided to delete the national heroes such as Yue Fei and Wen Tianxiang from the history textbook. His reasons are: “Jin, the enemy country of the Song Dynasty, was the regime established by the minority Nvzhen. This tribe later evolved into the later Jin Dynasty of the Qing Dynasty. That is to say, the Nvzhen was integrated into the Chinese nation and was no longer an invader. Therefore, if this is the case, the Jin state that Yue Fei fought against would not be an invader… The Mongols who defeated Wen Tianxiang later established the Yuan Dynasty. This is the same as Yue Fei. Therefore, the previous conflict was at most internal strife.”


While accurately destroying ancient Chinese national heroes, Yu Guiyuan did not forget his special “care” for modern red classics. He agreed to delete the five heroes of Langya Mountain on the ground of “for the sake of China Japan Relations”.

The ideological public opinion war between the United States and the West against China is indeed of a high level in terms of layout. They first influenced China’s academic and award standards and achieved different degrees of Westernization. Then they settled some Westernized “elites”, using western academic, art and awards to make these people become “masters” in the Chinese industry, quickly establish their position in their respective fields, and influence and control the cultural leadership in various sub fields. Isn’t that Lu Jingren respected as the “great power” of Chinese book design?

The red classics have been eliminated, and the historical national heroes have also been cleared out of the history textbooks, praising the stories of Western politicians and scientific and technological elites. Fictional stories such as “Washington and the cherry tree” and “Edison saves mother” have a subtle impact on children’s recognition of Western history and culture.

Wen Lisan, who has been involved in compiling textbooks for a long time, is even more shocking:

“The Chinese nation is a hopeless garbage nation, a savage and backward nation, and a nation that is best at belittling itself. When I think of the United States, I feel that the Chinese nation really does not deserve to exist on this earth. It is the Western civilization that has changed China, but we do not know how to be grateful. The invaders and colonists are the sowers of civilization. Our textbooks should be compiled by the Americans.”

There are so many westernized “elites” in the teaching material compilation team, rather than individual phenomena, which is enough to show that these people have formed a climate in the cultural and educational circles. They can influence and even formulate Chinese standards in their respective fields. A large part of cultural leadership is actually controlled by the group composed of these people.

What about the film and television industry?

“Tear the devil by hand” is a masterpiece of directors from Hong Kong and Taiwan. This is a way of joking to deconstruct the historical cognition of the Anti Japanese war among the public.

The spy war film that reflects the wisdom and courage of our underground party to engage in secret work is full of flaws.

Films that vilify the image of Chinese people have won World Awards, which has promoted the tendency of taking ugliness as beauty.

The battle for cultural leadership is really not just a matter of which sub sectors.


Is it possible that this big exposure of the textbook issue will become the starting point for China to regain its cultural leadership?

I think it is very possible to use the three magic weapons, including the mass line.

The article “teaching materials must not be prone to European style and beauty,” and “words must be called Greece” published on the website of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, in addition to clearly stating that “Chinese teaching materials must take root in China, stand firm in China’s position, and show Chinese style, and must not be prone to European style and beauty,” words must be called Greece. ” There is also a particularly important paragraph:

In this incident, the vast number of Internet users showed that the Chinese people in the new era, especially the younger generation, are more active and confident in culture, and more identify with Chinese civilization, excellent traditional culture and ideological value system. This power derived from cultural self-confidence is the most basic, deepest and lasting power in the development of our nation. Seeing this power, we have the confidence and reason to keep the bottom line of educating people and casting souls, firmly adhere to the party’s educational policy and correct political direction in all aspects of the whole process of education, carry forward mainstream values, and educate and guide young people to better understand and identify with Chinese civilization with deep historical and cultural confidence, so as to enhance their ambition, backbone and foundation to be Chinese people.

This paragraph occupies a large part of the article. The core idea is eight words: believe in the masses and rely on the masses.

The broad masses of China have become more and more confident. China’s self-confidence has a solid mass foundation. China’s westernized “elites” have been unable to shake off their national inferiority complex, and they have lost their mass base.

Who will be the winner of this battle for ideological defense and cultural leadership? The great man said, “soldiers and people are the foundation of victory” and “the deepest root of the great power of war lies among the people”.

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