South Korean actress was stabbed and injured by her husband repeatedly. Cuizhiyou lies on the gun and goes on a hot search

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As the earliest Korean wave star, cuizhiyou also has many fans in China. However, in recent years, cuizhiyou has rarely been seen on the screen. South Korean actress was stabbed and injured by her husband. After the news was reported, cuizhiyou was found lying on the gun. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Korean actress injured by her husband

The cause of the incident was that the South Korean media reported that a well-known actress in her 40s was cut by her husband in her 30s at the door of her home. The actress was seriously injured and had to sue her husband for attempted murder. Then netizens began to guess who the famous actress in her 40s was. Korean netizens soon targeted cuizhiyou, because the age of the actress and her husband in the news was compounded with cuizhiyou’s situation.

And cuizhiyou’s husband was revealed by netizens to be a cowherd from the very beginning. People think that a cowherd is likely to hurt his other half for money. Even Cui Zhiyou’s fans are very worried. They are afraid that the tragic actress in the incident is really Cui Zhiyou. However, in the face of the controversy, cuizhiyou uploaded his photos directly on the social platform, confirming that he is now in good condition and has not been injured at all. Therefore, the female owner of the news event is not cuizhiyou.

Cuizhiyou lies on the gun and searches

However, there are still a lot of gourd eaters who think that cuizhiyou’s exposure does not necessarily mean anything. After all, this kind of photo was just taken, or taken earlier, so it can’t be verified. Even netizens speculated that even if cuizhiyou’s situation was really cut by her husband, it might not be admitted. After all, everyone opposed her marriage at the beginning. Xiaobian thinks that we should not draw a conclusion so quickly. We should wait for the official announcement of the official media before eating melons. Don’t really misunderstand cuizhiyou.

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