South Korean female singer’s underwear bandage was accidentally loosened and nearly ran out during the performance

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Now, the means of female stars to attract the attention of the audience are emerging in endlessly.

And Korean artists are well versed in it. Every time, they can catch “accidents” off guard and are impeccable.

According to media reports, Korean singer Bibi (Kim hyeong SWE) was performing in Korea.

The underwear strap was accidentally loosened and nearly ran out, which fully earned the attention of netizens.

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It is reported that at that time, Bibi performed a strip show at the jinxingxi Water Music Festival.

On the same day, Bibi originally wore a short white T-shirt, revealing a beautiful A4 waist.

The long hair of the shawl, sprayed by the audience with a water gun, was wet on the shoulders, showing sexy and charming.

Bibi sang while holding the microphone. The atmosphere was very warm.

It may be due to the atmosphere on site.

Singing high Bibi, I took off my jacket and showed my yellow bikini in the performance. I had a good view of my sexy body.

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As a result, after the swimsuit was taken off, the belt of the underwear inadvertently spread.

Fortunately, Bibi found out in time that she continued to sing while holding her hand in embarrassment.

The fans at the scene all sweated for her.

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Fortunately, the staff around her responded quickly and helped her fasten it quickly.

As the staff is also male, Bibi is a little embarrassed and shy.

????????????? ???????

After the tape was fastened, Bibi returned to the stage to continue his performance.

Without any worries, Bibi showed his professionalism and performed with singing and dancing.

The yellow bikini also perfectly shows the good figure of Bibi.

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became high.

????????????? ???????

After this stage “accident” was shared online, the reaction of netizens was “two-level” differentiation.

Some people think that the on-the-spot response of Bibi is really good.

“Nice figure”

“Super beautiful” “Bibi is cute”

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Some people think that in the water music festival.

“What do you wear without a bikini?”

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Some netizens also believe that it is too indecent to take off clothes openly in broad daylight.

????????????? ???????

Some netizens believe that she “catches the eye” in this way.

????????????? ???????

It is reported that the South Korean wet body Music Festival “waterbomb” is a very popular annual music activity in South Korea.

Each performance uses about 300 tons of water.

Sprinkle it on the performers and the audience through the sprinkler.

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Many stars also worked hard on the stage.

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This year’s Music Festival is even more enthusiastic.

In addition to the invitation of Bibi, a number of Korean famous singers such as Hyun ya, Jay Park, Hyun Mei and Zico were also invited.

So it attracted a large number of visitors.

????????????? ???????

Bibi (formerly known as jinhenrui) is only 23 years old. With her unique r& B style and bold style have won the favor of the audience.

This is not the first time that Bibi has caused controversy.

Previously, I suddenly rushed off the stage and kissed female fans in the middle of a performance in the United States.

This has caused controversy among netizens.

????????????? ???????

In fact, as a 23-year-old Bibi, the idol of the younger generation.

It is understandable to use some professional methods to get the audience’s love and attention.

However, it is really unnecessary to take this kind of edge ball approach to get the audience’s disputes and topics, and win the heat and flow.

After all, compared with these external images, unique and professional works can be loved by the audience for a longer time.

????????????? ???????

Of course, we can’t judge what the truth is?

Perhaps, this is just a simple stage “accident”.

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