Spring and autumn beauty sister Hua Xuan Jiang Wenjiang’s romantic marriage

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“How can you get a wife? You must have all the ginger?”

This poem reflects an interesting situation of the marriage of princes in the Zhou Dynasty: the yuan family in the state of Qi was famous for producing beautiful women. At that time, men in the upper class all took it as a pleasure to marry the yuan family women in the state of Qi—— Mr. Jiang Ziya, the ancestor of the yuan family in the state of Qi, seems to have a strange appearance in the vernacular novels. Why are the offspring so charming?

Zhuang Jiang, the most famous daughter of the yuan family, praised her peerless appearance in Poetry: “her hands are like catkins, her skin is like congealed fat, her collar is like a white palm, her teeth are like a bottle rhinoceros, her head is like a moth’s eyebrow, her eyes are looking forward to it…”

Zhuang Jiang is beautiful and has good conduct, which makes the man yearn. However, the daughter of the yuan family after her seems to be getting worse and worse in terms of conduct, which has caused great disaster.)

At the beginning of the 7th century BC, there was a pair of extraordinary sisters on the land of Qilu. They were the daughters of Duke Qi, the ruler of the state of Qi. None of them left a real name in history.

Of course, their surname is Jiang. Their elder sister married Duke Xuan of Wei and was called Xuan Jiang. Their younger sister was called Wen Jiang and married Duke Lu Heng.

According to the truth, they were married to each other, but the tragedy of the sisters’ life began at the same time as their marriage. Their marriage tragedy influenced the history of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty at the beginning of the 7th century BC.

In 718 BC, Xuan Jiang, who was 15 years old, was just at the beginning of his love affair.

In the summer, the kingdom of Wei sent messengers to propose to Princess xuanjiang for the prince.

The blood of the yuan family also flowed on Prince Wei’s body. His mother’s name was Yi Jiang. He was once the concubine of Zhuang, the father of Duke Xuan of Wei. However, Duke Xuan of Wei had an affair with this concubine and gave birth to this son, who was secretly raised outside the palace. When Duke Xuan finally succeeded to the throne, he officially brought Yi Jiang into his harem and made Yi Jiang and his son crown prince.

Ji Yun is only sixteen or seventeen years old. Like the princess, she is famous for her beauty. The prince is also famous among countries for his beauty and elegance. Although there are some small problems in his life experience, it does not hinder his future monarchy.

Of course, Duke Qi immediately agreed to the perfect marriage.

Hey hey, it’s a pity that there are so many people in the state of Wei. The envoy who proposed to the crown prince is one of them. When he returned to China, this guy immediately reported to the emperor Wei Xuangong: the princess is more attractive than flowers. My Lord, you might as well pick such a beautiful woman yourself. Of course, I am so loyal, don’t forget.

——If the little prince wants to be a king, he still doesn’t know the year and month. If he doesn’t want to be a king, he won’t be able to do it. It’s better to flatter the ready-made king.

Ji Jin, an old lusty ghost, dared to seduce his concubine under his father’s nose when he was powerless. It is conceivable that his virtue and lust are so bad that he has no fear now that he has power. He immediately drooled at the daughter-in-law who had not been there. The monarch and the minister had a secret discussion, and the plan to cheat the relatives was properly adjusted.

The prince, who was expecting to marry his sweetheart, was sent to the state of song. The old man quickly built a palace called “Xintai” by the Qishui river.

The little princess covered her head and went to the wedding ceremony with old Dongxi in a muddle headed way.

Until entering the bridal chamber, Xuan Jiang found that the handsome husband who had come to the blind date had become an old man with white beard.

The new platform of the bookofsongs truthfully records the tragedy of incest.

New Taiwan has arsenic, and the river is drenched with misty water: Yan Wan’s request, “follow the polyester” is not uncommon!

If you set up a fish net, you will leave it. Yan Wan asked for this Qi Shi!

Tong Di and Qi Shi are both used to describe the vicious appearance of old and ugly Duke Xuan. Xuan Jiang came to the state of Wei with the desire of being a talented and beautiful couple, but he didn’t expect to end up with such an old, ugly and immoral fellow.

What can she do in other people’s territory?

In this way, the princess became the stepmother of her lover.

For Duke Qi, of course, the news made him angry for a while. However, he was an old political fox after all. His daughter married the king ahead of time, which was even more beneficial to him, so he laughed at his son-in-law, who was not much younger than himself.

But what about the poor Princess and the prince?

The old goat picked several women in his harem and sent them to his son. One of them was designated as the crown princess.

The prince lost his love at first sight and married the concubine of his father Ji Jin. If you were a man, what would you do?

According to historical records, since then, Ji has often been in a daze and speechless. However, Ji Hui is an honest man, and he has been reverent to his father since childhood. Without expressing any dissatisfaction, he quietly accepted the humiliating arrangement.

The greatest misfortune of a woman is that even if she is raped, she will get pregnant and have children.

Xuan Jiang soon gave birth to two sons: Ji Shou and Ji Shuo.

The real tragedy will happen between the former lovers.

Women can not love men, but they can not love their children.

These two sons, who are connected by flesh and blood, are all the sustenance and hope of Xuan Jiang.

Fifteen years later, Xuan Jiang’s sons have grown up.

The old goat is really old.

Looking at the aging Wei Xuangong, xuanjiang worries about the future of himself and his children after the old man’s death all the time. Slowly, the gentle memory of the young figure in her heart disappeared, replaced by deep fear.

Xuan Jiang’s eldest son, Ji Shou, is a handsome and kind-hearted young man, but his younger brother, Ji Shuo, is not a good man.

Finally, one day, Ji Shuo told his mother that his eldest brother had never forgotten his hatred of robbing his wife, and even vowed to eradicate his mother and son after he succeeded to the throne.

There is no mother who does not believe in her son.

Xuan Jiang is shocked and turns pale. He takes Ji Shuo to the old man’s husband, hoping to save his son’s life.

The old man didn’t think that the root of the matter was himself. He called Ji Yun’s biological mother and scolded her for her incompetence in teaching her son.

Ji Yun’s mother Yi Jiang hanged herself that night.

Next, the old goat will be eradicated.

Xuan Jiang didn’t expect this to happen. She didn’t want anyone to die at all, let alone Ji Hui.

However, Xuan Jiang’s plea was no longer effective. Ji Shuo’s complaint had a greater impact on the old goat: he was old and feared that he would die at the hands of his eldest son, who was in his prime.

Duke Xuan of Wei sent Ji Yun to the state of Qi and asked the prince to use a special flag: “four horses with white tails”. Take this as a sign to send killers on the road to prepare for assassination.

Knowing the news, Xuan Jiang hurriedly asked his son Ji Shou to deliver a letter to his eldest brother.

However, Ji Yun didn’t believe his own father. He was able to kill himself and insisted on starting.

Ji Shou decided to make atonement for his brother. At the farewell banquet, he got Ji Yun drunk and set out instead of him.

The killer killed Ji Shou indiscriminately.

Ji Hui wakes up, finally understands the truth, and hurriedly chases her brother.

When he arrived, Ji Shou was already in a pool of blood.

Ji Hui scolded the killer and sighed, “it’s wrong!”

The awakened killer did not stop until he cut him to death.

Xuanjiang fainted at the news.

The two sons of the bookofsongs recorded Xuan Jiang’s missing for Ji Fu and Ji Shou by boat. The two sons took a boat to see the scenery. Wish to speak and think of your child, and keep it in the center. The two sons took a boat and passed away in general. They are willing to say that they are thinking of their son without any defect.

Xuan Jiang, who died and recovered, was as expressionless and speechless as Ji Hui.

In the whole event, the only winner was Ji Shuo.

The boy hid in the dark and laughed wildly: the killers are really great. They wiped out my two opponents at once!

The old goat soon died.

Ji Shuo succeeded to the throne for Duke Wei Hui.

The nobles of the kingdom of Wei could not accept this villain as king. They launched a coup, and Ji Shuo was driven to his grandmother’s house. When he left, he forgot his mother at all.

Xuanjiang fell into the hands of Prince Zuo of the state of Wei.

She asked master Zuo to kill her. But the nobles of Wei did not want to offend Qi, so they spared her.

The monarch of the state of Qi at this time was Xianggong, xuanjiang’s brother.

Duke Xiang of Qi came up with a wonderful idea: let gongzishuo, the same mother brother of the deceased Prince Wei Ji Hui, marry Xuan Jiang to fulfill his brother’s wish. It not only comforts the dead, but also consolidates the friendship between the two countries.

All the nobles of Wei thought it was a good idea.

So Shuo and Xuan Jiang, the drunken young master, were locked up in their new house.

Although she was named princess, she was actually just a tool of communication between countries. Xuan Jiang accepted the arrangement of fate in a daze.

Later, she gave birth to three men and two women: Qi Zi, Dai Gongshen, Wen Gongrui, the wife of Duke Huan of song, and the wife of Duke Xu mu.

The year when Xuan Jiang died is not recorded.

A flower withered on the earth of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.

To tell the truth, Wenjiang really shouldn’t have married.

Wenjiang is xuanjiang’s sister. Her beauty was not inferior to that of her sister, and her marriage life caused more sensation than her sister.

At that time, the state of Qi was already one of the great powers in the spring and Autumn period. In the powerful state of Qi, there were two king girls who looked like immortals. They were both expensive and beautiful. Naturally, they were good suitors for all countries.

Xuan Jiang promised to marry the prince of the state of Wei (also known as Ji Zi), while Wen Jiang promised to marry Ji Hu, the prince of the state of Zheng.

However, similar to linggong, the father of his sister who was cheated to marry an urgent son, the prince of the state of Zheng unilaterally rescinded his engagement because of the rumor that “Qi Da is not even”.

Wen Jiang was conceited of his beauty since he was a child. He never dreamed that he would be abandoned by a man. I cannot help feeling sad about spring.

In this state of mind, I don’t know what kind of situation it is. She unexpectedly turned to have an affair with her own brother Jiang zhu’er.

Paper can never contain fire, and the matter soon spread to his father, Qi Yugong. The news made Duke Qi look pale. He had to hurry to find another marriage for his children and split them up.

At this time, Duke Huan of Lu sent someone to ask for a marriage.

This was in the heart of Duke Qi. He immediately agreed. In order to prevent leisure, he decided to send his daughter to the state of Lu to marry in person.

However, the men and women who are deeply in abnormal love can’t be seen by the old father’s eyes?

On the eve of their marriage, although Jiang zhu’er and Wen Jiang could not meet, they still expressed their feelings in poetry.

Jiang Zhuer wrote, “the peach trees are full of flowers. They are bright and rosy. When they are at home, they will float straight. They will cry again and again!”

Qi Jiang was even more direct than zhu’er, and answered: “the peach tree has a Great Britain. Ye Ye has a great spirit. I am not going to break this. No one has come to prove it. Please remind me again“

However, exhortation is one thing, and reality is another. The auspicious day has arrived. Wenjiang was sent to the state of Lu as scheduled and became the wife of Duke Huan of Lu.

Watching his beloved sister marry away, Jiang zhu’er is reluctant to part with her.

The folk book of songs Nanshan satirizes this marriage that neither starts nor ends well, as well as the brother and sister of Jiang Zhuer who lack reason:

Nanshan Cuicui, Xiong Hu suisui. Lu Tao has its swings, and Qi Zi returns. Since they say “return to the end”, how can they conceive the end? “?

Ge Bi five Liang, Guan Bi two Zhi. Lu Tao has its swings, while Qi ziyong has his limitations. How can we stop at the same time?

What is the art of hemp? Balance from its mu. How to get a wife? You must sue your parents. When they say “stop”, how can they stop?

What about salary analysis? Bandit axe cannot be defeated. How to get a wife? No bandit media. How can we stop at the same time?

The Nanshan Mountain is towering, and the male fox is wandering there. The road to the state of Lu was so smooth that the daughter of the king of Qi married here. Why do you want her back now that she is married?

Ge Ma shoes are in pairs and hat bands are in pairs. The road to the state of Lu is so smooth that the queen of Qi follows this road to the state of Lu. It’s already set out. Why do you have to follow it?

How to grow hemp? In a row across the field. How to get a wife? Parents must be informed. Now that I have told my parents, how can a good thing get so bad?

How to chop firewood? You can’t do without an axe. How to get a wife? You can’t do without a matchmaker. But since we have already married according to the rules, how could it be so bad?

As a father, Duke Qi was ashamed and annoyed at his two daughters who didn’t give themselves credit. After finally marrying Wenjiang out, he refused to let xuanjiang and Wenjiang return to the province, that is, not to let them go back to their parents’ home. There is some truth in using this decision on Wen Yuan, but it is too unfair to use it on Xuan Yuan – she is still a beloved Princess during the day, and is raped by shameless old men at night. The innocent girl’s tears have not been wiped away, but it has become a shame for the family – of course, there is another possibility: the father is afraid that his daughter will refuse to return to defend the country when she returns to her mother’s house, causing him trouble.

If you can’t go back to your province, you can’t follow Jiang zhu’er. Qiwenjiang had no choice but to be the wife of her monarch. She gave birth to two sons: Ji Tong and Ji Jiyou.

She is a meritorious child-bearing, beautiful and powerful family. Wenjiang is really in a stable position in front of her husband, Duke Huan. There is nothing she can’t do.

In the 14th year of Duke Huan of Lu, Duke Xi of Qi finally died. Jiang Zhuer became Duke Xiang of Qi. Wen Jiangli naturally went to the hometown of Qi, which had been away for 18 years, to congratulate him with the huge guard of honor.

When hearing that his younger sister and his wife had returned home, Duke Qi Xiang, who had always been obsessed with Wen Jiang, was elated and gave the highest standard of treatment: he personally went to the border to meet Duke Lu Huan and his wife, Qi Wenjiang.

Not seen in 18 years, Jiang zhu’er has become a monarch, and his gestures are full of men’s majesty and valor, while Qi Wenjiang is a mature and beautiful woman with all kinds of manners. Such a brother and sister meet again, both of them are shaken.

After some flirting, Duke Xiang Qi, who understood deeply, welcomed Wenjiang into his harem on the pretext that his concubines wanted to meet his sister-in-law.

At this time, there was no Duke Qi Xi who hindered good deeds in the Qi palace, and the concubines of Duke Xiang did not dare to go against the king’s wishes. Finally, Zhu erwenjiang, who had achieved his long cherished wish, was driven to the palace to live and fly, and died.

Duke Huan of Lu was left alone in the Posthouse with a cold blanket. Thinking of the old father-in-law’s vague reminder, he heard rumors from time to time. He was in a bad mood and suffered a lot.

When the contented Wenjiang reappeared, Duke Huan of Lu, who was already unable to contain his anger, slapped him in the face, denounced the brutality of the Jiang brothers and sisters, and ordered him to set off immediately to return home and settle accounts with Wenjiang again.

Wen Jiang was shocked. He passed Duke Huan’s words of revenge to Qi Xianggong, his adulterer and brother, through the Shicong, and asked him to maintain his peace.

After Qi Xianggong’s disorderly movements, he seized the opportunity to kill. He ordered a banquet at Niushan in Linzi and coaxed Duke Huan out of Lu on the excuse of inviting his brother-in-law to have a banquet and go on a trip.

When he was in a foreign land, Duke Huan of Lu had no choice but to endure his anger and went out.

At the banquet, Duke Huan of Lu was drunk by the ministers of the state of Qi.

On the way back, Pengsheng, the son of Duke Huan, was ordered by Duke Xiang to kill him. Duke Huan was killed in the car. It’s a pity that Duke Huan, who was once a young and promising king of a country, was not only betrayed by his wife, but also killed by his adulterer.

The left behind ministers of the state of Lu who learned the news were extremely sad. After helping Li Shizi Ji Tong succeed to the throne as Duke Zhuang, they went to the state of Qi to welcome back Duke Huan’s coffin, asked to trace the cause of the sudden death of the monarch, and asked the state of Qi to give an explanation.

Of course, the result of the investigation is obvious: Pengsheng, who was just asking for credit and reward, became the scapegoat of Qi Xianggong.

Pengsheng was betrayed by the Lord, and he couldn’t help burning with anger. As a dying man, of course, he had no scruples. He shouted injustice in public in the hall, scolded Duke Qi Xiang and Wenjiang *, and even killed his husband. Now he is framing others.

Duke Qi covered his ears and waved again and again. The warrior pushed Peng Sheng out.

At the time of his death, Peng Sheng made an oath. After his death, he was determined to be a fierce ghost and asked Qi Xianggong for his life.

After taking care of the funeral of Duke Huan of Lu, the Jiang brothers and sisters managed to survive, and they could not wait to enjoy their world.

“The bookofsongs” says: “Zai Qu is thin, the mushroom Buddha Zhu Kai, the Lu Tao is swinging, and the Qi Zi is flourishing. The four Li Jiji, the bridle hanging MI, the Lu Tao is swinging, and the Qi Zi and his younger brother. The water is surging, the pedestrians are watching, the Lu Tao is swinging, and the Qi Zi roams.”

The four steeds pulled the light car with luxurious and soft exterior decoration. Wenjiang and his brother took a bus together. They could not see the flat road to the state of Lu, nor could they see the eyes of passers-by. They just wanted to have fun in the car and traveled around in the car.

Wenjiang’s son, Duke Luzhuang, could not bear the criticism of all parties. He sent his ministers to the state of Qi to take his mother back to the state of Lu to widowhood for his father. Wen Jiang could not resist justice, so he had to reluctantly get on the carriage. When the rolling wheels reached the land between Qi and Lu, Wen Jiang stopped, unwilling to move forward, and said to the Minister of Lu, “this is not Qi and Lu, it is my home.”

As a son of man, Duke Lu Zhuang had to acquiesce in her choice and built a palace in zhuqiu for his mother to live there.

Jiang zhu’er heard that his younger sister lived in Jidi for a long time and understood it. He also built a palace in nearby Fu as his hunting palace.

Since then, Jiang zhu’er has frequently “hunted”, and of course, all his destinations have been Shidi.

In the winter of the second year of Duke Luzhuang, Wenjiang met with zhu’er; In the spring of the fourth year of Duke Zhuang, Wenjiang once again shared a banquet with zhu’er; In the summer of the fifth year of Duke Zhuang’s reign, Wen Jiang became more and more aboveboard. Wen Jiang went to the garrison of the state of Qi to meet zhu’er. In the seven years of Duke Zhuang, he met twice in a year… All these meetings, “Zuo Zhuan” said bluntly: “traitor”.

With their special status, the two escaped from justice and were extremely happy.

At this time, the harem of Jiang zhu’er was empty, and the famous woman was only a concubine in the side room. The affair with my sister has also attracted a lot of criticism. So he decided to ask the Zhou royal family to marry King Zhuang’s sister. According to the ceremony system, the wedding of “Wang Ji” should be presided over by a Duke with the same surname. So the task fell on Duke Lu Zhuang, who was also surnamed Ji.

The identity of Duke Lu Zhuang was really embarrassing at the wedding: Jiang zhu’er was his uncle, his enemy who killed his father, and his mother’s adulterer. In such an embarrassing scene, the chief wedding man held the wedding ceremony for Princess Qi Xiang. It has become a joke among the princes.

But politics has always had little to do with reason.

Soon after, Duke Xiang Qi invited Lu Fawei, his uncle and nephew, to fight in the country where his sister and aunt Xuan Jiang was married. In order to win the recognition of Duke Zhuang of Lu, Duke Xiang of Qi gave all the postwar booty to the “fake son”.

The jewels dazzled Duke Zhuang. Duke Lu, who was young and weak, immediately liked his uncle and forgot all his revenge for killing his father.

Soon, Wang Ji gave birth to a daughter for Duke Qi Xiang. Wen Jiang restrained his jealousy and, regardless of the age gap, betrothed his infant niece to his 19-year-old son, Lu zhuanggong. He also said that in order to get close to his mother’s family, it would be all right to wait for the baby for 20 years. Duke Lu Zhuang had already been subdued by his mother, and Duke Qi Xiang dared not disobey his sister’s will. The marriage was settled.

When Duke Xiang Qi’s wife Wang Ji learned about the relationship between her husband and her sister-in-law, she was greatly stimulated and embarrassed by her loneliness. She died soon. Xianggong also stopped restoring his wife.

This matter has once again become a source of controversy among countries.

Five years have passed. Civil strife broke out in the state of Qi. The doctor and Guan Zhifu colluded with each other. With the promise of his wife, he colluded with Qi Xianggong’s side consort and his wife, and killed Qi Xianggong who had returned from a trip.

Another legend says that on the way back from his trip that day, Duke Qi Xianggong saw Peng Huahua, the son who had been killed by him in that year, become a wild boar and stand in front of the patrol car. He said that Duke Qi Xianggong was dying. He came to ask for his life. Duke Qi Xiang was frightened and became ill. The rebels easily took his life that night.

Duke Xiang of Qi died, but Wenjiang could not leave the land. Although there was no country to return to, she still controlled the state affairs of Lu.

Her husband and lover are gone. Wenjiang devotes himself to helping his son, Duke Luzhuang, with household chores and political affairs.

At this time, people found that she was not a simple beauty. In dealing with government affairs, she had a keen intuition and the means to find both ways. He has extraordinary talent in politics and military affairs. Before long, she grasped the political power of the state of Lu, and built the former weak state of Lu into a strong and prosperous country in both economic and military aspects. She won many wars among the vassal states.

Wenjiang died in the 21st year of Duke Luzhuang. The next year, Duke Luzhuang granted an amnesty and held a grand funeral for his mother.

Although Wenjiang died, her influence on the two countries was still there. When the daughter of Duke Xiang of Qi finally came of age, Duke Zhuang of Lu married the wife his mother had set for him in the 24th year, which made the two countries closely linked again.

Qi Wenjiang’s achievements in beauty and intelligence made the princes look at him with new eyes.

Therefore, all the subjects of the state of Zheng thought it was foolish for their son Ji Hu to withdraw his marriage to Wen Jiang without any reason. In the bookofsongs, he openly praised Wen Jiang’s beauty and talent, and thought that she would have been a virtuous and virtuous beauty if her engagement had not been destroyed.

Of course, Zheng Feng and Wei Feng were ridiculed as “pornographic poems” by later generations’ defenders. However, they seem to have forgotten that they also claimed that the bookofsongs had been selected by their master, Mr. kongqiu. According to this, it is a wonder that Confucius showed mercy on these two chapters of “obscenity”!

However, although Wenjiang was clever, she never expected that her chosen wife for her son, her niece, had done exactly the same thing as herself, so that her children and grandchildren would end up like her husband.

AI Jiang has thousands of styles and feelings, which are very attractive. Long before his marriage, Duke Zhuang had visited her several times in the state of Qi. Unable to resist the temptation of his little cousin, he had a “trial marriage” relationship with her. When he married home, he was spoiled.

Easy to get favor, easy to be despised. AI Jiang is tired of her cousin’s husband’s indulgence and wants to find stimulation. Instead, she has an affair with two younger uncles, father Qing and son ya.

Later, Duke Zhuang of Lu died, and AI Jiang did not give birth to any children for her husband. Meng Ren, another concubine, gave birth to a son for Duke Zhuang, while her sister uncle Jiang, who was married as a concubine, gave birth to a son Qi.

AI yuan is in love with a hot affair. He wants to let his beloved young master Qingfu take over the power, so he conspires to kill him and makes him king for Duke min. Min Gong is still a minor and can do nothing about his immediate mother. So Qingfu and AI Jiang were more and more openly and covertly covering up.

However, in any case, the control behind the scenes is not as happy as being king in public. So AI Jiang once again conspired with Qingfu and killed his concubine Qi, ready to formally establish Qingfu as king of Lu.

The people of the state of Lu were very angry about the actions of Empress Dowager Jiang and Uncle Wang, and wanted to get rid of the dog man and the dog man. AI Jiang and Qing Fu, who got the news, were at a loss and hurriedly ran away separately. Qing Fu fled to Ju and AI Jiang fled to Ying, hoping that the state of Qi could support him.

At this time, the king of Qi was Duke Huan of Qi, AI Jiang’s uncle. He had no friendship with AI yuan, and hated her for losing the face of the yuan family. Instead of helping her, he asked her back from the ground. Knowing that people in the state of Lu were not good at attacking AI Jiang, Duke Huan of Qi immediately killed her and sent her body back to the state of Lu.

When the state of Lu learned the news, he was bold and courageous, and then he killed Qing’s father.

Duke Huan of Qi killed his niece and set up another common son of Duke Zhuang of Lu to be the king of the country, which was Duke Xi of Lu.

AI Jiang is still a powerful daughter of the yuan family in the state of Qi, although she has committed many evils, so the state of Lu still held a grand funeral for her.

If there is a spirit in heaven, I don’t know how Wen Jiang felt when he witnessed this series of changes?

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