Starz produces a large-scale American drama Spartacus. The desire for power is very yellow and violent

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As we all know, American dramas have always been known for their large scale, full of pornographic, violent, bloody, drug taking and other clips. Starz cable station, also known as Starz TV network and Starz TV station, as a representative team of American dramas, launched a number of large-scale high-quality dramas, which stunned the fans. Let’s take a look at the top ten large-scale American dramas produced by Starz!

10. the American gods

The play tells the story of a war brewing between the old God led by Odin and the new God in the new technology era. In order to survive in the United States, ancient gods should not be reduced to such low-level occupations as divining old ladies, funeral parlour operators and swindlers, which reflects that modern people lack faith, forget tradition and abandon their roots. All the friends who have read the original work know that there are a lot of pornographic and violent scenes in the original work, and there is absolutely no taboo on a large scale.

9. strip club

The play is mainly created by Katori hall, with Peter Chernin as the executive producer. The background is set in a strip club in Mississippi. This southern play will explore all kinds of people in local clubs, and the scale is super large. The plot includes money laundering, teenage mothers, homosexuality, pregnancy and welfare, living in trailers, mother daughter rebellion, slums, cities ruined by the Democratic Party, and serious problems among all classes. It is very realistic.

8. the Holy City

The play tells the latest version of the story of King Arthur and the magician Merlin. It nominated for the Saturn Award for best drama and invited Eva Green, the sexy goddess, to act as the female number one, which was a great success. The appearance level of the play is really high, and the picture is also very aesthetic. Although the plot is not very good, it is not bad. In addition, there are many large-scale welfare pictures, so it is highly praised by the fans.

7. spring and autumn of the temple

The play is adapted from Ken Follett’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of a ship carrying the direct descendants of the British royal family that sank off the coast of England after a fire broke out. This incident eventually led to the dispute over succession and chaos thereafter. The whole play is highly reductive, and it is easier to grasp the main line after refining. The story is quite ups and downs, and it is also powerful for the trials in the middle ages.

6. legend of ancient battlefield

The play, also known as “the stranger”, is adapted from a series of novels written by American writer Diana Gabaldon and directed by johndale. It tells the story of a war nurse in the Second World War who accidentally returned to the Scottish Highlands in 1743 from 1945 when she and her husband were traveling to Scotland. There, she was involved in a struggle story.

5. the devil of Leonardo da Vinci

This is a TV play CO produced by Britain and the United States. Based on the story of Leonardo da Vinci in his early years, the play uses CG effect to restore Florence, a magnificent and retro historical city in the Renaissance. With the addition of twists and turns, thrilling plots and suspense such as “the book of ye”, it not only ensures the historicity of the British drama, but also continues the curiosity of the American drama.

4. White Queen

In 2013, white queen was adapted from a best-selling historical novel. The story tells that it happened during the “Rose war” in Britain. Three women with different origins but the same ambition fought to the death in the struggle for the throne. The play has a sense of vision in the game of rights. All kinds of predictions and witchcraft are in chaos, but they are advancing too fast. Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson has been favored by the mission impossible crew since then. Please become the resident female number one.

3. black sail

The play is about “20 years ago” when the story of the novel Treasure Island took place. At that time, flint, the most feared pirate captain, was not famous, but flint was under threat from all parties to destroy him. The play was supervised by Michael Bay, the director of transformers. The scene and plot are completely the same as that of Pirates of the Caribbean. Neither pirates nor beauties are left behind.

2. desire for power

Desire for power, launched in 2014, has four seasons, eight episodes, and a single episode lasts 60 minutes. The story describes that when the hero, nicknamed “ghost”, plans to leave the criminal world to concentrate on business, his marriage, family and career are all threatened, which forces him to think about his life path. The whole play is nothing more than the true expression of human nature. Some netizens said that this American play should be called “lust”, and the performance is neither just nor evil, which really explains the human nature of each of us!

1. Spartacus

This is Starz’s famous super drama. It has 33 episodes (Drama) +6 episodes (Prequel) throughout the four seasons. The IMDB score is 8.1! This is the most famous legend in the history of the Roman Republic, which has been made into a very pornographic and violent masterpiece. Many fighting scenes are quite bloody because they strive to be lifelike, and sometimes they are interspersed with some sex and rude words. It is amazing to have the sense of picture in the film Sparta 300 heroes, the sense of reality in gladiator and the degree of nudity in the drama Rome. Such “unbridled” not only lays a chip for the male audience, but also challenges the endurance of television.

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