Strange Tales from a Liaozhai: a man saved a beggar, and the beggar saved his life!

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Strange Tales from a Liaozhai: a man saved a beggar, and the beggar saved his life! The editor of China story network brings detailed articles for your reference.

Immortal refers to the extraordinary existence and the life body with supernatural power in human beings. Immortals are unique to our country. In folk mythology, they refer to people who transcend the secular world, jump out of the three realms, and live forever. If the immortals help mortals, they can turn evil into good and escape life and death. In Liaozhai Zhiyi, there is a story about a beggar fairy helping mortals escape from the ghosts.

During the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1616 – 1911), Gao Yucheng was born into a noble family and lived in Guangli, Jinling. He is proficient in acupuncture and moxibustion. He treats both the poor and the rich. One day, a beggar came to the place where he lived. He had a festering sore on his leg, which was full of pus and blood. It was in a mess and smelled so bad that people could not get close to him. The local people were afraid that he would die and gave him a bowl of porridge every day. When Gao Yucheng saw him, he felt sorry for him and asked his family to help him to his home. Arranged in a side room. The family hated the smell and stood far away with their noses covered. Gao Yucheng took out wormwood to moxibustion him and gave him coarse rice every day. A few days later, the beggar asked for wonton. The servant scolded him angrily. Knowing this, Gao Yucheng asked his servant to bring him wonton. Soon, I asked for wine and meat. The servant ran to Gao Yucheng and said, “this beggar is ridiculous! When he was lying on the roadside, he was about to die. Now he is not satisfied with three meals a day, and he wants to eat meat. He might as well throw him out.” Gao Yucheng asked how the sore was. The servant replied, “the scab has gradually fallen off and you can walk, but you still pretend to moan and suffer.”

Gao Yucheng said: “how much money can you spend? Give him wine and meat. When he recovers completely, it won’t be like this.” The servant pretended to agree, but in fact he didn’t give him any wine and meat. When talking with other servants, he also laughed at the master’s stupidity.

The next day, Gao Yucheng went to see the beggar himself. The beggar stood up with a limp leg and thanked him. He said: “I can’t forget your kindness. I just have a leg injury and I’m not strong enough. So I just want to eat some meat.” Gao Yucheng knew that the servant didn’t do it, so he called the servant and beat him up. He immediately asked him to bring wine and meat to the beggars.

The servant had a grudge against him. He set a fire at night, set fire to the side room, and then shouted to put out the fire. Gao Yucheng got up and saw that the house had been burnt to ashes. He sighed and said, “the beggars are finished!” After commanding the people to put out the fire, he saw the beggars sleeping soundly in the fire, snoring like thunder. When he woke him up, he pretended to be surprised and asked, “where is the house?” Then they were surprised that he was not human. Gao Yucheng paid more attention to him, entertained him to live in the guest room, gave him new clothes to wear, and accompanied him all day. The beggars had good manners. After living in this way for half a year, the beggar did not say to leave, and Gao Yucheng was unwilling to let him go. One day, the beggar suddenly said to Gao Yucheng, “I want to go. I have been deeply indebted to you. I can’t repay you. Your life is not long. Go to the west mountain to escape tomorrow. You can escape.” Gao Yucheng still wanted to ask, but he turned around and left.

Gao Yucheng felt that the beggars were not mortals and believed his words. The next day, he brought dry food into the mountain. On that day, the fog was thick and vast. I could not see the road, so I walked quickly in the wilderness. He suddenly fell into a cave and felt unfathomable. Fortunately, he was not injured. I thought to myself, “beggars let me escape, but my destiny cannot be changed. I can’t get out of this cave. Sooner or later, I will die.” After sitting for a while, he saw a faint light in the depths of the cave, and then got up and walked slowly in.

Inside, there was another heaven and earth. Three old men were playing chess. When they saw him coming, they ignored him and continued to play chess. Gao Yucheng squatted beside him and watched. After a game of chess, I asked him why he came here. Gao Yucheng said he lost his way and fell in. The old man said, “this is not a human world, and it is not suitable to stay long. I will send you back.” He led him to the mouth of the cave. Gao Yucheng felt that the clouds lifted him up and he reached the flat ground.


The trees in the mountains are dark yellow and the leaves are floating, like autumn. Startled, he said to himself, “I came in winter. Why did it suddenly become late autumn?” At home, the wife and children were shocked and wept at each other. Gao Yucheng asked in surprise. The wife said, “you have been gone for three years and haven’t come back. I think you have become a ghost.” Gao Yucheng said: “strange! It’s only half a day!” Take out the dry food from your pocket and it has become ashes. I was surprised.

The wife said, “after you left, I dreamt of two people wearing soap clothes and shining belts, like tax collectors. They looked around the room and asked where you had gone. I scolded them and said: he has gone out. Since you are an officer, how can you break into a woman’s room at will! The two went out and said: strange things, strange things, showing that Gao Yucheng has entered the Yellow River. They left.”


Only then did Gao Yucheng realize that what he met was an immortal, and what his wife dreamed of was a ghost. Gao Yucheng lived to 80 and died unharmed.

Gao Yucheng did good deeds and saved a beggar. He didn’t think he was dirty and boring. Finally, he was rewarded. People in the world say that immortals are good, and only their fame can not be forgotten; All the people in the world say that immortals are good, but only my lovely wife can’t forget them. If you want to become an immortal, you need all kinds of hard work. Put aside worldly affairs, and several people can achieve your wish. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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