The Mystery of Wulibao

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In the 25th year of Qianlong’s reign in the Qing Dynasty, after Liu Yong and Efu Fu Kang’an investigated the case of Shandong Governor Wuertai, they solved the case and returned to Beijing by order. Liu Yong did not go back to Beijing with the brigade. A group of people spent the night in Xiaoxing and entered the Qinghe territory of Zhili on this day. In the early autumn, the fragrance of melons and fruits was fragrant, the grain ears were full, and the scene of a bumper harvest made Liu Yong and others stop. Liu Yong took a handful of grain ears and put them in front of his eyes, the thin man smiled happily.
“The territory of Qinghe is rich in things and the people are rich, and the people live and work in peace and contentment. It’s really a blessing for the people!” Liu Yong said.
Zhang Cheng walked in front of Liu Yong, “Sir, Qinghe County is not far ahead, and the weather is sultry, so we should hurry to find a teahouse and rest in front of us.” Liu Yong nodded and put the grain ears in his pocket. When the four of them were about to get up, they suddenly saw a black whirlwind rising from the plains, and the wind blew dust and sand straight up to the sky. , everything is as usual.
“Zhang Cheng, this gust of wind is strange?” Liu Yong said to Zhang Cheng as he looked at the figure of the whirlwind receding away.
“It’s not sir, you see, a lot of good crops have fallen. It’s not easy for farmers to grow the land, how much grain should be reduced for this crop!” Liu Yong glanced in the direction of Zhang Chengzhi. Liu Yong sighed and touched the ear of grain in his pocket. The four of them packed up and hurried to the county seat.
Just two miles away, Liu Yong saw a mighty funeral crowd approaching them. The filial sons and grandsons were wearing linen and filial piety. All the way, they were grief-stricken, singing and mourning, paper money flying. honor.
“The filial piety of children and grandchildren can reach this level, which is enough to comfort the deceased in the spirit of heaven.” Liu Yong ordered Zhang Cheng to temporarily stay aside and wait for the funeral procession to pass.
Liu Yong saw a young man in the team constantly reprimanding a middle-aged man who was pulling the hearse. The middle-aged man looked reluctant, and the young man kicked him in the back from time to time. Liu Yong felt strange and did not understand the reason. Maybe it was a local custom. The team quickly passed, and Liu Yong and others soon entered the county seat.
Qinghe County is not big, but the trade is prosperous, and the business of the shops on the street is booming! People selling on the street, juggling, repairing pots and barrels, all kinds of people make a Qinghe county very lively. After Liu Yong entered the city, he first found a hotel, and he was tired and tired before taking a rest. Liu Yong found a place by the window, which was clean and could watch the people coming and going on the street. The shop assistant made a pot of tea and served some cold dishes, and the four of them drank tea and ate.
“Do you know how Cai Zhongnian died? It’s mysterious here!” Several people on the opposite side were talking.
“I don’t know, but this matter is very popular in Qinghe County, and everyone knows it. Li Shun not only lost money, but also pulled a hearse for Cai Zhongnian, which is better than his sons.”
“Brother, I said don’t give a shit, hurry up and get to the point, everyone is waiting!”
“You can’t say that. On the fifth day of the seventh lunar month this year, it was the annual temple fair in Wulibao. Li Shun’s son Huzi was playing on the street, and the child accidentally threw a stone into the sky. , the stone fell on the head of Cai Zhongnian, who passed by. Cai Zhongnian had a big bubble on his head at that time. Fortunately, nothing happened. Cai Zhongnian taught Huzi a few words at that time, but he didn’t know why. What happened, Cai Zhongnian died in the middle of the night. The brothers of the Cai family said it was Huzi who killed his father and wanted Huzi to die. The Cai family couldn’t say that he was unreasonable, and Li Shun also knew that he was wrong and that his son was wrong. For 20 taels of silver, a small family, Li Shun almost bankrupted his family. However, the Cai family had no choice but to let Li Shun pull the hearse for Cai Zhongnian. Li Shun was also forced by Cai. The power of the family only pulled up the hearse, and now it is true that the great officials, wealth and power can crush people to death!”
“Li Shun is really useless. I don’t know if the tiger did it or not. Maybe Cai Zhongnian is dying! When you get older, you have to close your eyes one day! I think Li Shun is afraid of the power of the Cai family. ”
“No, Li Shun’s actions are worthy of the brothers of the Cai family. What does it mean that an enemy should be resolved rather than a relationship? The Cai family is not a good person.”
“Everyone, be quiet, let the Cai family hear, but there is no good fruit to eat.”
“Cough, no matter what, Cai Zhongnian’s life has been glorious once in his life. Look at the funeral procession, even the prefect can’t keep up.”
When Liu Yong heard this, he also understood that he was inseparable, and the scene he saw on the road just now appeared in front of Liu Yong again. It is difficult for honest officials to break up housework, and the most feared is that the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have their own opinions. Civil disputes, why is it difficult to handle them rationally!
After Liu Yong had a full meal, he settled the bill and led Zhang Cheng and others to the county office.
The county magistrate of Qinghe, whose surname is Chen and whose name is Fangyuan, was originally an official in Beijing. Liu Yong knew Chen Zhixian when he was in the Ministry of Personnel. Liu Yongbai posted in, and after a while, the gate of the county government opened, and Chen Zhixian county officials came out with their hats and attire neatly dressed, and the two went in after being polite.
“Master Chen, I heard people talking about the Cai family on the street just now. I wonder if Master Chen has heard of it?”
“This subordinate has heard a little.” Master Chen got up and said.
“I want to hear what’s going on here.”
“Master Liu, the Cai family now lives in Wulibao, Qinghe County. There are four brothers in total, the eldest Cai Guo, the second Cai Tai, the third Cai Min, and the fourth Cai An. The eldest now runs a silk goods shop in Qinghe County; the second goes back and forth. He sells porcelain in Shanxi, Zhili, and Shandong provinces; the third is always fond of guns and sticks, making friends with heroes from all over the world, and he is also vicious and impermanent; His father, Cai Zhongnian, who had followed Feiyang ancient generals and killed them in the past, had military exploits, and later returned to Wulibao. Cai Zhongnian is not a better person than Huai, and his work is relatively monotonous, which is also due to his merit. , the local people usually give him three points.”
“So it is!”
At this time, someone was playing drums, and Lord Chen went to the hall, while Liu Yong sat idle in the study. The drummer was Wulibao’s local security guard, named Wu Shuyi.
“Master Chen, you have to decide for me.” Wu Dibao said as he knelt down in the hall.
“Speak slowly if you have something to say.”
“It’s like this, Mr. Chen. Last year, a couple who escaped came to our castle. I saw that they had no relatives and no reason, and I felt pity for them. I rented an old house of my own to them, and agreed to rent every year. Qian Wen was worth three taels of silver, but when I went to ask for the rent this morning, I found that the couple had left without saying goodbye. You said that my rent money was wasted!” Wu Dibao told Lord Chen what happened.
“What is the name of the rented person, and what are the characteristics.”
“My lord, his name is Zhao Erbao. His ancestral home is in Shandong. He usually doesn’t like to talk, but his legs are a little lame.”
“Wu Dibao, you go back first, and I will send someone to find out the whereabouts of their family.”
After Wu Dibao left, Chen Zhixian went to the back hall and didn’t speak to Liu Yong for the first half, and someone else beat the drums. Chen Zhixian put down the tea bowl and went to the hall.
“Master Chen, our Huzi has not come back since Cai Zhongnian’s death. I searched all the relatives’ houses, but I still found no trace of Huzi. I was also negligent. I shouldn’t criticize Huzi that day. I was still a child, but I was stunned at the time. Hu Zi was timid since he was a child, and he didn’t know where he was hiding when this happened, it was really anxious…”
“Li Shun, don’t be in a hurry, look for it carefully at the homes of your relatives and friends, and the county will also arrange a right-hand man to help you find it.” Li Shun kowtowed away.
Chen Zhixian received three cases a day, all of which were missing persons. One is that Zhao Erbao’s family has disappeared, and then Li Shunbao’s Huzi has disappeared. The most incredible thing is that Cai Jiabao’s fourth child, Cai An, has also disappeared for no reason in the past two days. Cai Jia asked the county government to find the fourth child no matter what. How can the fourth child relax outside while his father is in mourning?
Chen Zhixian told Liu Yong about the situation, and Liu Yong was confused after hearing this, “Wulibao, what place is Wulibao? Why are all the missing people in Wulibao? These missing people are now in Wulibao again. Where?” Liu Yong thought for a while.
That night, Liu Yong stayed at the county government office. There is a bamboo forest in the garden of the county government. The green bamboos are lush. When the insects sing, the birds are flying around in the forest. Liu Yong couldn’t sleep, so he took a palm fan and came to the garden. When Zhang Cheng saw Liu Yong go out, he immediately moved a reclining chair and placed it in front of Liu Yong. Liu Yong was lying on the chair, looking at the dazzling stars in the sky, smelling the fragrance of flowers secretly released at night in the garden, Liu Yong gradually closed his eyes…
“Zhang Cheng, Zhang Cheng!” Liu Yong hurriedly woke up Zhang Cheng, who was leaning on the pillar to take a nap.
“Zhang Cheng, did you hear a child crying just now?” Zhang Cheng shook his head. Liu Yong looked at Zhang Cheng, “I clearly heard the cry of the child just now.”
Zhang Cheng looked around, walked around the garden again, and came back to tell Liu Yong that nothing was wrong. Liu Yong shook the fan a few times, “Could it be that you are too tired these two days and have hallucinations?”
Liu Yong heard the cry of the child several times that night, but Zhang Cheng searched carefully several times and found nothing. Liu Yong didn’t sleep well all night. When it was almost dawn, a black dog ran up to Liu Yong. Zhang Cheng hurriedly picked up a wooden stick and blocked it in front of Liu Yong.
After seeing Liu Yong, the black dog barked a few times, and then knelt in front of Liu Yong. Liu Yong was very surprised. He had solved countless cases by himself, but he had never seen such a scene. Tears flowed from the black dog, and Liu Yong pushed Zhang Cheng away.
“Black dog, if you want to tell me Liu Yong about anything, you will bark three more times.” Just after Liu Yong finished speaking, the black dog barked at Liu Yong three times.
“Are you trying to provide us with some information?” The black dog barked three more times.
“Zhang Cheng, you go with the black dog. No matter what happens, you must remember it clearly and bring the black dog back.” The black dog bit Zhang Cheng’s shirt and went out.
At dawn, Liu Yong told Chen Zhixian what happened last night. The two are puzzled, is there such a strange thing? While Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian were discussing this matter, Zhang Cheng came back from outside.
“Sir, I walked ten miles with the black dog to the cemetery in the south of the city. The black dog kept digging up in front of a new grave. I found out that the grave belonged to Cai Zhongnian. I was afraid that something would go wrong and put the black dog. brought back.”
“That’s it! Zhang Cheng, you have to take good care of the black dog.” Zhang Cheng walked away, Liu Yong stroked his beard and fell into contemplation. He felt that the case was confusing.
“Master Liu, there must be something wrong with Cai Zhongnian’s death. We might as well open an autopsy to find out!”
“Master Chen, do you have any evidence? We’re going to open the coffin just because of a dog’s strange behavior. Will the Cai brothers agree? If we don’t find any problems, how will we end it? It’s better to proceed with caution. , everything is considered in the long run.”
“Master Chen, do you know anything about Wulibao?” Chen Zhixian shook his head.
“However, Mr. Liu, there is a head arrester here from Wulibao, called Cheng Tingzhong. This person possesses unique skills, and he is very good at flying over the eaves and walls. I think it is better to let this person go to Wulibao to find out the situation first. We are ready for the next step.”
Cheng Tingzhong came in, and Liu Yong glanced at the burly head. Liu Yong explained the situation to the arresting head.
“Cheng Zhaotou, I’m sending you here this time. Be careful…”
The night is like lacquer, the wind is cool, and Wulibao is peaceful. A shadow ran quickly along the eaves of Cai’s house toward the main room, a bat fell asleep, and Cheng Tingzhong was pasted on Cai Guo’s window. At this time, the three brothers of the Cai family were talking about the disappearance of the fourth child in the house.
“…I heard that the fourth child hooked up with Zhao Erbao’s daughter-in-law! This is a shame for our Cai family, how can we have such a traitor! What time is it now, he still has thoughts, cough!”
“Big brother, don’t get angry yet, maybe the fourth has other important things to do.”
“Fart, what can he do, you should go to him tomorrow, you must find him back, this time you must not spare him lightly…”
Cheng Tingzhong saw three people coming out, one got up and disappeared into the night. Cheng Tingzhong didn’t go far, he walked into the backyard in the dark, and when he heard voices in the firewood room, Cheng Tingzhong touched it quietly.
“Lu Zi, I don’t know why these two days, this right eyelid is jumping so fast. I’m very scared, and I always have nightmares!”
“What are you afraid of. The master tells us to do things cleanly and without trouble, and we don’t care about our affairs, we just need to eat and drink spicy food!”
“I buried those things under the big poplar tree in the backyard, but I always feel like…”
“Okay, Luzi, you’re a timid person by nature, and you can scare you half to death with a big fart. We do it without knowing it, who knows.”
“Liu Zi, be careful that the walls have ears.”
“What are you afraid of, in the middle of the night, what can there be, Lu Zi, you’re too much like this.”
Cheng Tingzhong dodged and put a steel knife around Liu Zi’s neck.
“Forgive your life, these are none of our business. We are forced to do things for others.” Liu Zi was begging for mercy.
“Repeat what you said just now.” The two of them said what they said just now.
“Five days ago, our eldest master asked Lu Zi and I to dispose of some of the clothes, promised us five taels of silver after the matter was completed, and told us not to disclose the slightest bit of information to anyone. Our three masters said that if we do not If we are obedient, it will take our heads. Luzi and I have to obey, we dare not disobey…”
Cheng Tingzhong rushed back to the county office before dawn, reported what he had obtained to Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian, and put a child’s clothes in front of Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian. Liu Yong thought for a while, and immediately asked Zhang Cheng to call Li Shun and his wife.
After Li Shun and his wife came to the county office, they recognized that the clothes belonged to a tiger, and Liu Yong comforted Li Shun and his wife.
“This case must be inextricably linked with the Cai brothers. How could Hu Zi’s clothes appear in the Cai’s house, and why did Cai Guo ask Liu Zi and Lu Zi to dispose of Hu Zi’s clothes? That Hu Zi is there now again , everything is unclear.” Liu Yong thought.
When Li Shun and his wife went out of the yamen, they saw the black dog lying in the garden, and the black dog also barked at them a few times.
“Sir, why is our black dog here. We always thought that the black dog was with our Huzi. The black dog and Huzi are always inseparable and listen to Huzi’s words.”
“That’s it! Are you sure?”
This accidental discovery by Li Shun and his wife made Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian feel that the case was flickering. Liu Yong made a bold speculation afterwards that Hu Zi had been killed. The next night, Liu Yong ordered Cheng Tingzhong to sneak into the Cai family again, but this time the mission was completely different from the last time.
Early the next morning, people in Wulibao said that the Cai family was haunted, and it was very violent. The sound made people shudder and shudder. That night, the people in Wulibao did not stop, and people were more afraid. On the second day of this incident, the Cai family invited a mage to exorcise ghosts and save the undead. Cheng Tingzhong followed Liu Yong’s instructions and followed the plan. Three days later, Cheng Tingzhong brought news to Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian that Hu Zi was indeed killed by the Cai brothers. This is what Cheng Tingzhong got after getting his brother on the road drunk Cai Min. Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian’s hearts were relieved for a while, and then they became nervous again. All signs indicated that the time to solve the case had come.
The next day, Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian led the yamen to the grave of Cai Zhongnian, where they wanted to open the coffin for an autopsy. The Cai brothers also gathered in front of the grave, holding sticks and confronting the yamen, the feeling of a fight is on the verge of breaking out.
“My father hasn’t passed the 27th day, are you going to torment his old man like this? What kind of peace do you have? Dad, it’s all because the children are unfilial and make your old man suffer.”
“Chen, don’t think that our Cai family is easy to bully, we are not easy to provoke. Who of you dares to move half a hoe on my father’s grave today, I will fight with him desperately. Without any basis or evidence, we say that we murdered, I don’t believe that there is no reason for us in the Qing Kingdom.”
“Cai Min, what are you yelling for? There’s no basis or evidence, and we won’t alarm Lord Ling Zun. We also act impartially. Come on, let’s do it!” Chen Zhixian issued an order. The guy is here.
“Slow!” Liu Yong walked in front of everyone, “I’m Liu Yong.” After Liu Yong revealed his identity, there was chaos off the court. Liu Yong put his official seal on the koan.
“Fathers and fellow villagers testified that if I, Liu Yong, can’t tell you the truth today, I, Liu Yong, ask the emperor to apologize.” Liu Yong made up his mind. Last night, he gave the emperor a secret letter. After speaking, Liu Yong picked up three sticks of incense and inserted it in front of Cai Zhongnian’s grave.
“Bring Jia Liuzi, Wang Luzi and others up!” The group walked to Liu Yong. The Cai brothers saw the mage they hired and the clothes that Liu Zi and Lu Zi had to deal with.
The Cai brothers were no longer speaking, perhaps being stunned by Liu Yong’s sudden action. The yamen hurriedly moved their hands. For some reason, Liu Yong’s heartbeat was terrifying, and the beads of sweat kept rolling down his forehead.
“Report, sir, that Cai Zhongnian’s coffin was not found.”
“What! How could there not be? Strange!”
“Dad, Daddy!” The Cai brothers burst into tears, and the crowd began to surge. The Cai brothers asked Chen Zhixian to track down the tomb robbers, which left Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian at a loss. Liu Yong felt that the situation was very passive. How could this be the case? Just when Liu Yong felt overwhelmed, the black dog rushed out of the crowd and attacked the Cai brothers frantically biting. The Cai brothers desperately shouted for help…
A flock of crows flew from the sky, hovered over Liu Yong for a few times, then flew to the distant grove and landed on a mound.
“Sir, this person is looking at the grave.”
“My lord, Xiaomin’s name is Wu San, and he is here to see the grave. Last night, I saw Cai Min remove his father’s grave with my own eyes, and even beat me up…”
Liu Yong seemed to understand, and ordered the yamen to dig up the mound. After a while, the mound was opened, and there was a coffin inside. Some people know Cai Zhongnian’s, and others can’t make such a good coffin. The Cai brothers slumped to the ground together.
After the order for the autopsy went down, Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian sat aside, and the people around were discussing the matter. A surprising thing happened. Hu Zi appeared in Cai Zhongnian’s coffin. He was nailed to the coffin with ten iron bars.
“Report, sir, there are ten nails on Huzi’s body…”
“According to the inspection of Beizhi, Cai Zhongnian died of poisoning. Beizhi found a poison needle in Cai Zhongnian’s mouth…”
“Bold Cai Guo, Cai Tai, Cai Min, you are not quick to call in. The children are ignorant, don’t you lose your conscience! Heaven is so clear, how can I tolerate you in the laws of the Qing Dynasty…”
The Cai brothers admitted to killing Hu Zi, they just wanted Hu Zi to be buried for their father, but they did not admit to killing his father Cai Zhongnian, which is a tricky issue. The three were detained first.
How could Cai Zhongnian die from poisoning? Who is the poisoner? Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian glanced at each other in confusion. Before Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian returned to the county office, Wu Dibao from Wulibao hurried to the county office.
“Report, sir, Zhao Erbao’s family has found it and found Cai An’s body.” Wu Dibao described the case to Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian.
“This morning, everyone went to see the adult’s case of breaking the Cai’s family. I didn’t want Lao Suntou’s pig to get lost. Later, it was found in Zhao Erbao’s home. We also found the bodies of Zhao Erbao’s family, which were arched out by the pig. I’m going to file a report.”
“Have you protected the scene?”
“My lord, I am aware of this. I have sent someone to watch.”
“You go back immediately, we will go to check the scene immediately.” Liu Yong asked Wu Dibao to go back first.
Liu Yong walked around Zhao Erbao’s house a few times, but he didn’t miss any clues. After the investigation, he came to the body.
“Reporting, sir, Zhao Erbao’s family died of poisoning. As for why he died of poisoning, I forgive the official’s limited ability to draw conclusions. However, Cai An was shot in the back of the head and died…”
“Amitabha, good, good!” Liu Yong glanced at Wu Dibao.
“Why, Wu Dibao, are you also a Buddhist?”
“Occasionally recite the Buddhist scriptures, and can’t be called belief or unbelief. Master Liu, Master Chen, there is a lot of chaos here, go to the house and sit down for a while!”
Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian came to Wu Dibao’s house. After Wu Dibao entered the door, he quickly cleaned up the garbage in the garden.
“The garden is very messy, I made you laugh…” After Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian were seated, Wu Dibao went to make tea. Liu Yong picked up a string of rosary beads on the table and glanced at them. The rosary beads were very finely made and seemed to be some years old.
After Wu Dibao came in, Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian chatted with him for a while. After the yamen officers finished sorting out the scene, Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian returned to the county government office.
“Report, sir, we have investigated, and the Cai brothers have no possibility of committing the crime. We also investigated the concubine Zhang of Cai Zhongnian that the Cai brothers said. According to the neighbors’ reactions to Zhang, Zhang can also rule out the possibility of committing the crime… …”
“It seems that this line is also broken.” Liu Yong glanced at Chen Zhixian.
“I don’t know much about Cai Zhongnian, but Cai Zhongnian has no enemies in this county. Is this strange?”
“Master Chen, I think so, today we will go to Cai Zhongnian’s house again, maybe we can get unexpected results.”
Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian rushed to Cai’s house. After Cai Zhongnian’s death, the Cai brothers had not had time to sort out Cai Zhongnian’s relics, and many things were kept in their original state. Liu Yong walked to the study, where Cai Zhongnian was poisoned.
Liu Yong picked up a writing brush, the pen was new, and there were four characters engraved on it, ‘The Legacy of Nangang’. After reading it, Liu Yong put the pen in the same place, and Liu Yong picked up some pens and looked at it more carefully. There was a manuscript paper on Cai Zhongnian’s desk, with two regular characters written, “Mourning Yong”, Liu Yong puzzled, this may be an unfinished manuscript of Cai Zhongnian. Cai Zhongnian’s study is full of calligraphy and paintings. It seems that Cai Zhongnian was an elegant man who danced and played with ink before his death. Liu Yong asked the slaves if anyone else had entered the master’s study the night Cai Zhongnian died. The servant answered in the affirmative no. Cheng Tingzhong also interjected, “Sir, with years of experience in the humble position, being able to use a poisonous needle into the throat of Cai Zhongnian requires not only timing but also a lot of effort…” Liu Yong agreed with Cheng Tingzhong’s analysis, and then went out.
There is still no clue in these two cases. I feel that there are breakthroughs in the case everywhere, but there are many mysteries everywhere. In the past few days, Liu Yong received an urgent report from the capital and ordered him to return to Beijing to report his duties as quickly as possible. Liu Yong couldn’t let go of the case in his hand, and once again gave the emperor a discount. For the past few days, Liu Yong was also extremely tired physically and mentally, and soon fell asleep while lying in bed.
“Master Liu, Master Liu!” Liu Yong heard the call, stood up and walked out, only to see a silver-haired old man walking towards him, and Liu Yong raised his hand to greet him.
“I don’t know who Zuncha is, why are you calling Liu Yong at this time?”
“Master Liu, don’t panic. I am the city god here. Knowing that you are here, I can’t have endless friendship with landlords.”
“Master Liu, please come with me.” Liu Yong followed the city god. When they arrived at a teahouse, there was a lot of noise and shouting.
“Today, I invited the adults to watch two plays. They are very exciting. I wonder if Master Liu is interested?”
“Lord Chenghuang, you are too polite!”
The curtain was pulled down, and Liu Yong saw several huge mice scurrying about on the stage. Suddenly, the mice disappeared, and some ants emerged from around the stage. The ants immediately gathered into a group and bit each other. also gone. Liu Yong was very strange, “Lord Chenghuang, what kind of play is this playing? Why can’t I understand it!”
“Master Liu, don’t worry, I’m talking after watching the play.” Liu Yong stopped talking.
Another brothel woman stepped out from the stage, and she walked to the stage with a pipa in her arms, half covering her face, only to hear her sing.
“There are many mists of grievances and grievances in the world, and the jade soul smoke has dissipated, so why do we need a weapon. When the wind and rain are frightened, I am most afraid of squinting at the flowers, and it is difficult to distinguish the hatred.
Hidden sorghum like a rope, spit out the fluid in the abdomen. The cage steamed the mist, rushed towards it, and got out of the bed, but all the sharp weapons were thrown away. In many dreams, happy people have gone to the underworld. Life is like a dream, life and death are difficult to distinguish. ”
The woman sang a song, and Liu Yong was even more at a loss, while the Chenghuang Lord on the side couldn’t help applauding.
“Lord Chenghuang, what does this mean?”
“Master Liu, don’t you know that the mountains and rivers are full of doubts, and there is another village?”
“Treading through the iron shoes, there is nowhere to find it. It takes no effort to get it. Master Liu, you come with me.” Liu Yong walked a few steps, and suddenly saw a green snake descending from the sky, Liu Yong desperately called Lord Chenghuang for help…
Liu Yong woke up, sweating profusely. “Master, are you having a nightmare? You scared me to death.” Liu Yong wiped off his sweat, recalling the scene in his dream carefully. Liu Yong didn’t know if there was any connection between what happened in the dream and the case he was investigating.
Liu Yong tidied up his luggage a little and went to Chen Zhixian’s room to tell him what happened in his dream. The two participated for a long time without saying why.
Troubled by the recent cases, Liu Yong felt that he was in a fog and could not wake up. One day, he called Zhang Cheng to go out to relax. Liu Lvcheng forest, Yang Mao covered the road, Liu Yong and Zhang Cheng walked outside Wuli Fort unknowingly. Liu Yong smiled a few times, and Liu Yong saw Cheng Tingzhong, the head arrester. Cheng Tingzhong saw that Mr. Liu was busy kneeling down to greet him. Cheng Tingzhong invited Liu Yong to his home.
Just because it was hot and humid for a few days, Cheng Tingzhong put his father’s relics in the yard. Liu Yong picked up a book and flipped through it.
“What did Master Ling Zun do before his life?”
“An ordinary person, but the old man taught me some martial arts because he knew some boxing skills before he died. Later, he sent me to a famous teacher to learn the art. The old man put a lot of effort into it.”
“Lord Ling Zun is still a craftsman?”
“Yes, people in Wulibao say he is a skilled craftsman, I know it’s a bit exaggerated.”
“Tingzhong, I’m in a hurry to find you.” At this time, Wu Dibao shouted after pushing the door in.
“I don’t know that Master Liu is here, Wulibao’s ground guard Wu Shuyi has sent a greeting to Master Liu.”
“Wu Shuyi, why do you come to my house every day when you have something to do?”
“In the court, we eat this bowl of rice, can I not report anything?” Wu Dibao bowed to Liu Yong.
“Wu Shuyi, Wu Shuyi.” Liu Yong recited it a few times in his mind, and then glanced at Wu Dibao again.
“What’s the matter, tell me!”
“Last night, the eldest daughter of the old Zhao family in Baodong was bitten by a poisonous snake…”
“I see.”
After Wu Dibao left, Liu Yong walked up to Cheng Tingzhong and said, “Cheng Zhaotou, can you lend me these manuscripts from Lord Ling Zun for two days!”
“Master Liu, take it if you want to see it! I still don’t know how to deal with it here!”
After Liu Yong returned from Wulibao, he read Cheng Tingzhong’s father’s manuscript overnight. He carefully thought about the ins and outs of this case. The next day, Liu Yong went to Chen Zhixian’s house.
“Master Chen, I think this case can be closed.”
“Has the murderer been caught, Mr. Liu? Why didn’t I know.”
“You will know later, Lord Chen, bring the Cai brothers to court immediately.” Chen Zhixian went out.
The hall of the county government office was solemn and solemn, and the crowd outside the county government office was crowded and eager to watch.
“Brother Cai, do you know the life experience of Lord Ling Zun?”
“not sure.”
“Did someone give him any gifts before Ling Zun was alive?”
“It’s been a long time, and the little people can’t remember it clearly. It seems that my father likes the birthday gift that the fourth child gave to his father.” Liu Yong picked up a pen and walked in front of everyone.
“My lord, this pen is the birthday present that the fourth child gave to his father.”
“This case, let’s start with this pen. The real murderer of Cai Zhongnian was the one who gave the pen, but it wasn’t Cai Lao Si, but Cheng Chaitou’s father, Cheng Daikuan.” There was a commotion in the hall.
“My lord, did you make a mistake?”
“Cheng Zhaotou, don’t worry, just listen to me and tell everyone slowly.”
“Master Chen, do you remember those brushes we saw during the investigation of the Cai family?” Chen Zhixian nodded.
“Cheng Daikuan and Cai Zhongnian were both young generals under General Feiyang Gu. After the war in the northwest during the years of the Holy Ancestor, the two returned to their hometown together, but due to the poor treatment in the army, they did not get much money. One day, when the two passed by a place called Yungang, they met a businessman who passed by, which is the “Yungang legacy” engraved on this pen. The two became malicious and robbed the businessman, and they got a total of five Hundred taels of silver. Cheng Daikuan asked Cai Zhongnian to carry the silver. The two agreed that they would be divided into two after returning to their hometown, but Cai Zhongnian broke his promise and swallowed the ill-gotten wealth. Cheng Daikuan did not dare to report to the official, he felt injustice , I have always wanted to find an opportunity to take revenge, but there has been no good opportunity, and in the past few years, Cai Zhongnian has built a huge family business with the few hundred taels of silver.”
“Cheng Zhaotou, do you know why Lord Lingzun asked you to learn martial arts? It is very important to let you speak out for him, but your nature is not a villain, so your father gave up later. However, he did not Let’s stop there, but rely on his special genius in mechanics to create this murderous pen.”
“What? Killer pen?”
“Everyone might as well take a look. Please stand back.” Liu Yong twisted the end of his pen cap after everyone flashed an empty field, and a silver needle suddenly shot straight to the column in the lobby, everyone was startled A cold sweat.
“Cheng Daikuan knows that Cai Zhongnian likes painting and calligraphy, and he likes to bite the end of his pen every time he writes, which creates conditions for him to kill. Sir Chen, do you remember that many loose brushes in Cai Zhongnian’s study were bitten.”
“Remember, subordinate.”
“Five years ago, Cheng Daikuan made this pen and gave it to Cai Zhongnian as a birthday gift through Cai An’s hand. Cai Zhongnian liked it very much at the time and never wanted to use it. It was on the evening of the fifth day of July this year. , Cai Zhongnian suddenly remembered something in the evening, wanted to write something, but found that his pen was broken, so he took out this pen. But he would not have thought that it was this pen that gave his life. ”
“Master Liu, Cai Zhongnian was anxious to write something at that time.”
“Cheng Zhaotou, I don’t know when Lord Ling Zun died.” Liu Yong walked to Cheng Tingzhong.
“The fifth day of July last year.”
“Okay. Master Chen, do you remember the ‘Mourning Yong’ written on the manuscript paper we saw in Cai Zhongnian’s study?”
“Cheng Zhaotou’s father’s nickname was Yong An, which I read from his manuscripts. I still remember that I found several written articles in Cai Zhongnian’s study, all of them missing a man named Yong An. I didn’t know who Yong An was until I saw Cheng Daikuan’s manuscript that day. After the Yungang incident, Cai Zhongnian felt a little indebted to Cheng Daikuan, and this feeling became stronger after Cheng Daikuan’s death. On the evening of the fifth day of the seventh lunar month, he suddenly Thinking of Cheng Daikuan, we also saw the scene just now, and we finally understand the grievances.”
“It was so! ”
“Since Cheng Daikuan has passed away, this matter will not be investigated, and the Cai brothers will be held!”
“Good, good, good and evil are rewarded. Amitabha.” Wu Dibao chanted. Liu Yong glanced at Wu Dibao.
“Someone! Take Wu Shuyi down for me.” People were confused in surprise.
“Wu Dibao is a good person, Wu Dibao is a good person!”
“Master Chen, I think another case can be closed too.”
“I would like to hear the details of your lord.”
“My lord, why is this? My Uncle Wu didn’t break the law, and I didn’t do anything wrong, so why did you arrest me!” Uncle Wu shouted, but the people off the court calmed down.
“Wu Shuyi, you are also a sensible person. Good and evil are rewarded, and you often talk about it. I know you are not a bad person, you should call me from the truth, and I will be extra-judicial. , you understand.”
“Bold Uncle Wu, do you still need this official to elaborate?”
“Sir, the little one is really wronged!”
“Wu Shuyi, you went to Zhao Erbao’s house on the night of the fourth day of the seventh lunar month. Your purpose was to ask Zhao Erbao to give you your rent money. But when you entered the door, you found that Zhao Erbao’s family died at home. At that time, you were very panicked. , I was afraid that this matter would involve yourself, so you pushed the door and walked out, but unfortunately, you met a person, and he was Cai An. After seeing the scene at that time, Cai An slandered you and killed Zhao Erbao’s family and let him You can only pay for it. You are afraid that this incident will cause trouble, so when Cai An didn’t pay attention, he killed Cai An in a single thought…”
“Sir, what evidence do you have, I’m not convinced.”
“Uncle Wu, I know you would say that. You know the law, and you know how to protect yourself. But do you know that the sky net is full of omissions and omissions? You did clean Zhao Erbao’s house without any traces. Fortunately for you, everyone was busy that day and no one noticed you. You thought you were doing it flawlessly. You thought that if you lied about the case as Zhao Erbao’s family escaping rent, you could also sit back and relax, but you didn’t think it was a pig. The bodies of the four people were arched out, and in front of everyone, you knew that this matter could not be concealed, so you came to report the crime for the second time.”
“That’s not enough proof!”
“Uncle Wu, you know this.” Liu Yong took out a rosary.
“On the night of the incident, you slammed into the door in a panic, the door latch just hung up the rosary beads on your hands and neck, and the rosary beads spilled on the ground, you hurriedly picked them up, but you still dropped one at the scene, Afterwards, you went to Zhao Erbao’s house many times to look for it, but you didn’t get it.”
“Master Chen, do you remember when we went to Uncle Wu’s house for tea?”
“When Uncle Wu cleaned the yard, the sweeping patterns left by him were exactly the same as those at Zhao Erbao’s house, they were both short and short. On that day, when we went to Zhao Erbao’s house, although most of the sweeping patterns were destroyed by the people watching, we still left them in a remote place. The most important point is that we did not find Zhao Erbao’s footprints in Zhao Erbao’s main room at all. Even if Zhao Erbao was escaping the rent, it was impossible not to leave any footprints. Wu Shuyi also said that Zhao Erbao was a lame man. , and he found that Zhao Erbao’s main room was locked when Zhao Erbao disappeared, which proves that no one else has entered. Wu Shuyi, you are clever but you are mistaken, it is you who accidentally cleaned the main room without leaving any traces. I had my initial suspicions. We can know that there was a light rain on the afternoon of the fourth day of the seventh lunar month, and from the fourth day of the lunar month to the present, there should be no traces of rain in Zhao Erbao’s home. But we only found traces of cleaning. Why did you clean Zhao Erbao’s yard? At one o’clock, when Chen Zhixian and I went to sit at your house, we picked up the rosary you put on the table, and you entered the house. When I saw me holding the rosary, I looked very flustered. Uncle Wu, if I guessed correctly, the rosary in your hand is now fifteen. When I went to your house, I looked through the rosary and found that The string of the beads was just changed, I didn’t care at that time, it was your kindness that reminded me.”
“Sir, it’s exactly fifteen.”
“Wu Shuyi, you are guilty of committing a crime, and you have to discuss the case with Cheng Caotou every day. In fact, your real intention is to monitor the progress of this case, and it is your urgency that shows your tail.”
“Sir, you don’t need to say it, I will call you all.” Wu Shuyi lowered his head.
“Sir, how did you know about this situation?”
“The Buddha made it clear. Lord Chen, we should go to Wulibao immediately. The case of Zhao Erbao’s family can also be solved. I have sent Zhang Cheng to go first.”
“Sir, how did Zhao Erbao’s family die. Why did Cai An appear at Zhao Erbao’s house?”
“That’s exactly what we’re going to do next.”
“Master Chen, do you remember what Cheng Capitou said to us when he first visited Cai’s house at night?” Chen Zhixian thought for a while.
“My lord, it turns out that Cai An and Zhao Erbao’s daughter-in-law have…”
“Master Chen, let’s look at the situation below!”
Liu Yong and Chen Zhixian came to Zhao Erbao’s house, and Zhang Cheng and several yamen officers were ready. Liu Yong gave instructions to the yamen, and then smoked the kitchen of Zhao Erbao’s house.
“Sir, why is this?”
“Master Chen, we still stand behind and be careful.”
The smoke rose, and a poisonous snake more than one meter long fell from the beam of Zhao Erbao’s house in a short time.
“Master Chen, it was this snake that killed Zhao Erbao’s family. The credit goes to Wu Shuyi. He reminded me. Didn’t he say that the daughter of the old Zhao family bit the poisonous snake that day?”
“On the fifth day of the seventh lunar month, there is a temple fair in Wulibao, and on the fourth and fifth day of the lunar month, people in Wulibao usually prepare delicious food to entertain guests. The same is true for Zhao Erbao’s family. They steamed a lot of offerings in the kitchen. The smoke was so strong that it smoked out the poisonous snake lurking on the beam, and the poisonous snake spit the venom onto the food…”
“It turns out that this is the case. The adults are discerning, and the humble position is not as good.”
The cases of Wulibao were solved one after another, and Liu Yong was going to return to Beijing. The morning sun was slightly dew, the autumn wind was floating in the forest, the bell on the official road rang, and Liu Yong and the four rushed north along the official road…

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