Strange uncle Biden!

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

[creepy Uncle Joe], this is a new word I learned. Because the English level is too low, I only know the last two of the three words, and the first word is Baidu. [creepy: Creepy; chilling; weird, weird (making people nervous)]. Joe refers to Joe Biden. Uncle naturally refers to old. When the three words are combined, it is called strange uncle Joe. In fact, the strange uncle has a special identity in the west, generally referring to pedophiles, transvestites and other strange hobbies different from ordinary people.

In fact, I knew about calling Biden “strange uncle” when he ran for president the year before last. But I think there is too much smear propaganda from the Republicans. It’s no wonder that when I was in school, I learned Mark Twain’s article “running for governor”, so I was used to all kinds of fancies in the American election, and even naturally sympathized with American politicians who were attacked by public opinion. Therefore, when I saw these things, I didn’t think Biden was really a strange uncle.

It was not until these two days that I saw Biden’s gestures to Johnson’s wife on the news and yesterday’s cuddling to the Spanish queen in Spain that I began to seriously think about Biden’s strange uncle.


Sneak attack on the queen of Spain

Whether Kelly, the 34 year old Mrs. Johnson, or Leticia, the queen of Spain, are not little Lori when facing Biden, who is nearly 80. But Biden still seems to be fascinated by them. Especially for Leticia’s sudden shot from the rear, the queen was a little surprised. This kind of picture surprised me a little, because it was in an absolute public place, and it happened under a large number of double lights. Even if Biden was an old goat, he wouldn’t be so impatient. This is indeed something that undermines the image of a country’s president. Confused, I began to read the previous reports on Biden.

I really don’t know. I was shocked when I checked. The old man’s evil deeds in the role of “blame uncle” are as bad as the water of the Mississippi River. As early as 2013, Biden was exposed as a vice president. And I did it in front of my wife. It was a Christmas party. White House female reporter Paneth took her boyfriend to the white house party. When I see the vice president and his wife, I naturally want to go up and have a co production. Everyone knows the benefits of partnering with celebrities. Biden clearly grasped this weakness. Standing behind Paneth, she suddenly held Paneth’s waist with both hands and showed signs of moving upward. Paneth quickly pressed Biden’s salty pig hands with both hands to prevent his hands from touching his sensitive parts.


Paneth’s struggle

In 2016, Trump and Hillary Clinton were in a fierce battle during the election campaign. The strength of both sides is equal. At this time, almost all the Democrats came out to canvass for Hillary Clinton. As a candidate, Hillary Clinton naturally treated these Party comrades warmly. At this time, Biden, who was already a retired vice president, naturally had to come out to help. When Biden came to the scene, Hillary embraced him warmly. But to my surprise, this hug was inseparable. In short, time is definitely beyond the scope of the normal courtesy hug. It was not until Hillary Clinton struggled a few times that Biden reluctantly let go of his embrace in full view of the public.


Lingering with Hillary

Well, there are a lot of such things. You can find more and more extraordinary pictures on the Internet. I won’t list them one by one. Some pictures are really not suitable for dissemination. As for Biden’s bathing with his daughter, this is the definition of the relationship within the family. We outsiders can’t say anything. They are so close. Why? Can you still envy the ‘happiness’ of such a family?

I am not talking about this topic today to expose the true face of Uncle Biden. Instead, I want to analyze Biden and the meaning behind him.

First of all, I noticed Biden’s blatant attitude towards this kind of salty pig hand, which shows that Biden is not a person of forbearance. It also shows that people in American politics do not have high taboos in this regard. The character and style of American officials should only be a tool rather than a moral necessity. The so-called tool means that if you need to strike you, these salty pig hand movements you make will be used as a tool to strike you and rise to a moral level. Westerners seem to enjoy it. If you need to use you instead of attacking you, you are really mixing with Epstein all day and will not be investigated. The reason why Biden dared to do so was not how bold he was, but that he understood the rules. American politicians who abide by the rules will not be held accountable for their mistakes, but will also be rewarded and become the president of the United States.

What are the rules of the game in American politics? We don’t know, but Biden obviously found out the way, so he dared to take advantage of others on any occasion without scruple.

Why do you do this in public? This seems to indicate that Biden has some psychological problems, because women like the queen of Spain, Johnson’s wife, the first lady of Argentina, and Hillary Clinton are unlikely to have any private contacts with him. That’s why he took advantage of the opportunity in public. At least some of my desires have been satisfied. For example, she hugged the princess of Spain and Clinton’s wife. You can be a part of your legendary life. Moreover, his son Hunter Biden likes to record his wild life. It seems that this is also the tradition of Biden family.

Secondly, Biden is not a lustful impulsive person. In fact, he is prepared to go. For example, for a strong woman like Hillary Clinton, if Biden dared to touch her at ordinary times, it is estimated that Hillary Clinton would be able to fan her. But in the election, Hillary Clinton asked Biden, so she had to put up with the old goat’s salty hands.

In addition to Hillary Clinton, a woman who is on a par with Biden, Biden needs to seize the opportunity to touch. In Biden’s opinion, other women can do whatever they want. Since Biden knows how to take advantage of the opportunity to rob Hillary Clinton, it is not a big deal for the Spanish queen, Johnson’s wife and the wives of other heads of state or the head of state himself, especially those in the western system. Because Biden is the president of the United States, and they are the followers of the United States.

To sum up, we can get the following information from Biden’s doing this: first, this guy is lecherous. Second, this guy is well versed in the rules of the American political game. Third, this guy is good at taking advantage of opportunities to get benefits for himself. Even if he just takes bribes, he will hold on to it. This shows his greed [this lets us know why his family has so many interests in Ukraine, and the start of the Ukrainian war should also be related to Biden’s capture of Ukrainian interests]. Fourth, it is important that it stems from the arrogance of the United States.

The first feature is actually useless. If it is useful, there must be a T in Trump’s evidence of Biden’s lust, and if this kind of thing really lifts the lid too much, it may hurt him. Because this kind of thing should be common in American politics and even western politics. Otherwise, there would be no such professional political porn brokers as Epstein. Epstein was killed in prison, which showed that the lid could not be lifted too much. This is the game rule of American and western politics, and Biden just mastered this rule before he dared to do it. This is Biden’s second characteristic.

The third characteristic is that we are good at seizing opportunities and taking advantage of everything we can. If this kind of thing is put into foreign policy, it is also very instructive. Biden’s policies toward China, Russia, Europe, Asia and other countries must follow this line of thinking. Daring, quick and reckless. This is the main reason for the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine. If Biden was a little more rational on the Ukrainian issue, it would not inspire Putin’s determination to start. Of course, Biden is just a marionette. Russia, Ukraine and Europe are not the decisions he has made. He is just an American politician who uses his power while he is empowered.

The fourth point is American arrogance. Regardless of other people’s feelings, they attack their wives in front of their husbands, including the wife of British Prime Minister Johnson. This is where America’s arrogance lies. As I have said before, many leaders of western countries grew up in an era when the West was strong enough to do whatever it wanted in the world, which led them to treat other countries and regions with natural arrogance. Similarly, the United States, which has always been the leader in the west, also has its own arrogance towards European countries. This arrogance is reflected in Biden. Naturally, it’s your wife who makes me feel it.

If this is the case with its own allies, the United States will naturally treat other countries, especially those that are not as good as the United States [in the eyes of Americans, there is no better country in the world than the United States], with great arrogance, to communicate and contain.

If we understand this truth, we will actually benefit a lot, because it is easier to deal with an arrogant enemy than with a prudent enemy. We should be more resourceful, have more opportunities, and the other party’s fate will generally be worse.

So, what should we do? Think how arrogant and bossy Li mi was when he faced the cautious Li Yuan. What was the result? Li mi became the guangluqing of Li Yuan’s staff, who took care of the meals for Li Yuan.

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