Su Hu is Daji’s father. Why does he want to go to Xiqi instead?

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In the romance of the gods, after Hou Suhu of Jizhou defected to Xiqi, Fang Jingchun, a Chinese doctor who read the book in the literary study of the Yin and Shang Dynasties, scolded: “old pitian! A family that is favored by the son of heaven. It doesn’t want to report the book. Today it is rebellious and rebellious. It’s not like a dog swine!” When King Zhou heard the news, he was also shocked and said, “Su Hu is my confidant and the Secretary of my family. I hate him very much if he goes back to Zhou to help evil!”


Even Daji herself was in tears. She knelt down in front of King Zhou and asked him to punish her. In a word, anyone who knew the news, whether it was true anger or pretended anger, felt incredible and could not understand why Su Hu had defected to Xiqi?

Su Hu’s identity, the father of Queen Daji, and the father-in-law of King Zhou, the son of heaven, are all family and country. They should share weal and woe with the Yin and Shang Dynasties. However, something happened. Su Hu defected to Xiqi, which is an indisputable fact. Why? Did king Zhou treat him badly?

Has Su Hu realized that this Daji is not that Daji? Impossible, he doesn’t have the ability; Then, was king Zhou bad to him? Not to mention that he wrote poems against business, and could forgive him for offending after facing the Imperial Army, horses and swords. After Shan Daji was favored, King Zhou “returned his old official post, increased the number of relatives, and increased his salary by 2000 tons per month”. Two thousand stone is the annual salary of a prefect in the Han Dynasty. It is enough to prove that the annual salary of the prefect was changed into his new monthly salary in the canonization of gods.

King Zhou’s love and favor for Su Hu, the old father-in-law, is like the big son-in-law of the people. He doesn’t know how to curry favor with the old father-in-law. What’s more, this is just the beginning. Daji at this time is only a beauty in the harem. With the improvement of Daji’s status and the deepening of King Zhou’s favor, it can be imagined that Su Hu’s wealth and honor will also increase step by step.

In the past 20 years, a stone should be covered up. However, Su Hu can enjoy the bounty of the court and the flattery of his son-in-law, but he just looks down on the court and his son-in-law, and even does not hesitate to collude with the enemies of the court and his son-in-law.

After Zhao Kuangyin unified the country, Li Yun, the governor of zeluzhou, planned to revolt. His eldest son Li Shoujie repeatedly dissuaded him, but Li Yun did not listen. The father and son joined the business. Li Yun rebelled and was trapped in Zezhou. What about Li Shoujie, his son who stayed in Luzhou, regardless of his father’s life or death? Of course not, but resolutely sent troops to rescue, willing to live and die with my father.

Although the father and son were defeated and killed later, although they despised their father’s actions, they still chose to stand with their father at the critical moment. Who can say that Li Shoujie is not a hero? Some people may say that Li Shoujie and Li Yun are father and son. It is understandable that he did that, but the question is:? Although Su Hu and King Zhou are not father and son, he and Daji are father and daughter?

After he joined Xiqi, he never thought about what they would do to Daji if Xiqi Jiang Ziya could wait for the world? Do they want Daji’s daughter to repay King Zhou’s kindness? Although this Daji was no longer that Daji, Su Hu was completely unaware of it. Otherwise, can he have such a clear conscience to receive the imperial court’s bounty every month?

In fact, if you look closely at the romance of Fengshen, it is not difficult to understand why Su Hu, who has a special status, is bent on turning to Xiqi. Why? Two reasons:

First, I am not optimistic about King Zhou.


In issue 340, Waiwai said that after King Zhou ascended to the throne, on the one hand, there were old ministers of the three dynasties, including Shang Rong and Mei Bo, and on the other hand, there were Uncle Wang Jizi, brother Wang Weiziqi and other people who were qualified to inherit the throne. All the power fell into these people’s hands. As for King Zhou, if you want to break the deadlock, you must cultivate your own power. It’s not that easy to cultivate your own power. It’s so easy to promote two ministers with foreign names, Fei Zhong and you hun, He can only be promoted to the position of a middle ranking doctor, even if his title is low. He is still a doctor of advice and has no power in his hands. This fully proves that King Zhou’s throne at this time is not stable, and he may be replaced at any time.

Therefore, Su Hu was not optimistic about the future of King Zhou precisely because he was not optimistic about the future of King Zhou. Therefore, King Zhou wanted to recruit Daji into the palace. When he was his cheap son-in-law, Su Hu strongly opposed it and did not hesitate to raise an army to revolt. At that time, he didn’t want to be tied up with King Zhou, and he casually sought refuge with princes along the way. At that time, the princes of the southeast and Southeast were too far away to quench thirst. The northern Bohou was also a party of King Zhou. Su Hu looked down on him. Only Xibo Hou Jichang, who was famous for his wisdom, was the only one he wanted to join, When Xibo Hou Jichang wrote a letter urging him to offer his daughter to the capital, he immediately changed his mind. Unexpectedly, he knew the truth of “monarch, monarch, Minister and Minister” at that time. There was no other reason. Xibo Hou had already indicated that he didn’t want to tear the face from King Zhou. Su Hu had no hope at all and had to submit to King Zhou.

From this perspective, Su Hu had the idea of joining Xiqi from the beginning.

Second: he doesn’t love his daughter Daji

It seems to be a pair of contradictions that Su Hu did not love his daughter but fell out with King Zhou for her. However, was Su Hu really falling out with King Zhou for his daughter? In the romance of divination, it is said that it is not true. Just when I learned that King Zhou asked him to send his daughter to the palace, Su Hu said to his family: “if I want to send this daughter to the palace, I will lose my virtue and make people laugh at me for being unwise.”

He knew Daji’s character, so he was worried about his reputation; The second time, the tiger soldiers of Marquis Chonghou attacked Jizhou. Originally, Su Hu was still very tough, but after his son Su Quanzhong was captured, Su Hu’s performance was, with a long sigh:

?? “It’s needless to say. My son didn’t listen to his father’s advice. It’s only natural that he was captured today because of his ability. But I was a hero. Now my parents and son were captured, and the enemy was pressing on the border. Jizhou was soon owned by others. Why did I come here? Only because I had Daji, I was confused and listened to his flattery, so that my family was in trouble, and the common people were in trouble. These are my unworthy daughters. If this city is destroyed in the future, my wife and daughter will be captured to the court song, and their faces will be exposed, and their bones will be mutilated Violence makes all the princes laugh at me as a man without strategy; If you don’t kill your wife and daughter first and then commit suicide, you can hardly lose what your husband did. “

It was still his own honor. For the sake of honor and family interests, he even had the idea of killing Daji. All these are not the same. Can Su Hu still say that he loves his daughter Daji?

Maybe love, a normal father will love his daughter, but compared with the family interests and his own honor, Daji obviously puts it last, which is not difficult to understand why even if Daji enters the palace, becomes the queen, and Su Hu enjoys the grace of the imperial court, he also secretly communicates with Huang Feihu, King Takeshi of Xiqi.

In short, he despises his son-in-law King Zhou and does not love his daughter Daji. How can such a father put the interests of King Zhou and Daji in his heart, and how can he not consider his family and his reputation and integrity, and turn to Xiqi wholeheartedly. The matter is so simple. King Zhou only pitied him, but he used all his passion on the stone. However, how many people did he misjudge? Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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