Su Shi was demoted three times and wrote the three most cured poems. After reading them, he was suddenly enlightened!

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When he first started working, everything went wrong and he was very depressed.

At that time, he especially liked reading Sudongpo’s poems, especially those written by Su Shi in Huangzhou, Huizhou and Danzhou.

As we all know, Huangzhou, Huizhou and Danzhou were the most miserable places for Su Shi to be relegated. It was in these three places that Su Shi left many poems and essays, cured his sadness and healed many later generations.

If you think life is too difficult, you will be enlightened by reading Su Shi’s three poems.




Nine times out of ten, life is unhappy. Often think about one or two, not eight or nine, everything goes well.

First visit to Huangzhou

He laughs that he is busy talking all his life, but his career turns absurd when he is old.

The Yangtze River is surrounded by the beauty of Zhiyu and the fragrance of bamboo shoots.

As a poet, the poet takes the example of water Cao Lang.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I still need the officials to press the wine bag.

The “Wutai poem case” in 1079 was the turning point of Su Shi’s life, and it was also the closest time he left the God of death.

After 103 days in prison, Su Shi was finally released and his life was saved.

The next year, at the age of 43, Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou and served as the Deputy envoy of the League practice in Huangzhou.

It was said that he was the Deputy envoy of the League practice, but he was not allowed to leave the place without authorization, nor did he have the power to sign official documents, and he had to be monitored by the government.

Huangzhou is a poor town. It is remote and rainy. The weather is bad. Anyone who is sent to such a place is in a bad mood.

With the exception of Su Shi, he has a song “first arrival in Huangzhou”.

In a difficult situation, in a dangerous environment, he said that the water here is good, and the fish must be delicious; The mountain here is good. I feel the smell of bamboo shoots.

A real wise man never sinks in disappointment, but finds another beauty in life.

Su Shi is a wise man who is good at discovering the beauty of life.

In Huangzhou, his family had no means of living. He changed from a bachelor to a farmer. He learned to grow rice. After harvest, he was as happy as a child.

He likes to eat. The pork in Huangzhou is cheap. When he bought it, it became “Dongpo meat” and became popular.

He built a house called “snow hall” by himself and lived a free and broad-minded life.

He often drank a little wine, wandered with friends, and made a night tour of Chibi, leaving the ode to Chibi, which has been sung for thousands of years.

Originally a prisoner’s life, under Su Shi’s management, it became a fairy’s life.

Life will not go well with everything. Only those who are good at discovering beauty can get happiness.

Linqingxuan said: nine times out of ten things in life are unsatisfactory. Often think about one or two, not eight or nine, everything goes well.

It doesn’t matter if you have a simple meal or if your friends leave. It doesn’t matter if life is difficult. As long as you still have a hot soul, your life won’t be bad.




People always have to heal themselves.

A unique Huizhou

At the foot of Luofu Mountain in the spring of four seasons, Luju red bayberry is new again.

Eat 300 lychees a day, and never quit being a Lingnan person.

Some people say that Su Shi was either demoted or on the way to demotion in the latter half of his life.

Su Shi stayed in Huangzhou for four years, and was employed again. He was transferred between Suzhou and Hangzhou as a prefect. After 10 years of silence, a piece of paper was demoted to Huizhou.

Huizhou is located in the south of the five ridges and is full of miasma. In ancient times, it was the place where heavy criminals were sent.

It is rumored that few people can come back alive when they are sent to Lingnan.

Su Shi was demoted to Lingnan and fell from heaven to hell. At this time, he was 57 years old.

After walking 1500 miles across the mountains in the south, he came to Huizhou from afar.

Compared with being at a loss when he was demoted to Huangzhou, Su Shi took a lot of time to Huizhou this time.

He said that Huizhou has beautiful scenery, and the local residents are also very kind to him. After living for a period of time, they “know Dongpo by chicken and dog”.

In Huizhou, he invented the roast sheep ridge:

Huizhou City has few shops, but it kills a sheep every day. Dare not compete with those who are in office to buy, but ask the butcher to buy his backbone.

There is also a little meat between the bones. It is boiled with hot wine. It is baked with a little salt in the wine at will. It is slightly burnt and eaten. It is like a crab claw.

He also fell in love with wine making. He made orange wine and pine wine himself, just like an expert.

As he filtered the wine, he kept drinking until he was unconscious.

Such Sudongpo is lovely when you think about it.

The litchi in Huizhou also attracted Sushi’s admiration. “Eating 300 litchi a day and being a Lingnan person” has been advertising Lingnan for a thousand years.

In Su Shi’s eyes, Lingnan is not a place full of miasma and desolation, but a lovely and amiable place.

The litchi here is very beautiful and the people here are very nice.

He likened himself to a fish unhooked. Yes, hanging on a hook, how can he be free?

In Huizhou, he cured himself with litchi, wine and food.

If you love, life is lovely everywhere.

There is no one without injury in this world. No matter when, you should believe that only you can truly heal yourself.

When you sink, if even you give up yourself, then you are completely hopeless.




This place of peace is my hometown.

“Calm the storm”

He often envies the jade man in the world, and the heaven should beg for a crisp mother.

When the wind blows, the snow flies and the sea becomes cool.

The more you come back from thousands of miles, the less you look. When you smile, you still have the fragrance of plum blossoms.

If Lingnan is a bad place to live, I can tell you that this place is my hometown.

Originally, I thought Huizhou would be the place where Su Shi died. However, the suffering imposed on him by fate did not end.

In 1097, in his 60s, Su Shi was demoted to Danzhou, Hainan Island.

In the Song Dynasty, this was a lower punishment than the death penalty.

The environment in Hainan is even worse than that in Huizhou: the weather in Lingnan is low and wet, and the earth is steaming, especially in Hainan. At the turn of summer and autumn, all things are rotten.

Man is not a stone, how can he last?

How can you live long here?

Su Shi lived here for three years.

There was no place to live. With the help of local residents, he built a simple house. Behind the house was the betel nut forest. His house was called “betel nut house”.

Hainan is located in a remote area. Sudongpo returns to freedom. He can communicate with others freely.

His friends are farmers and scholars. Sometimes, he chats with villagers under betel nut trees.

The farmer didn’t have Su Shi’s knowledge and said I didn’t know what to say.

Su Shi said: then talk about ghosts. Tell me some ghost stories.

In his free association with the villagers, Su Shi was happy. Sometimes the villagers didn’t come to chat with him for a day. On this day, Su Shi must be unhappy.


Su Shi has a short article “Book Shangyuan night tour”, which shows his mood in Danzhou.

”In Danzhou, several old scholars came and said, “can you surprise me with a beautiful moon and a beautiful night?” I am glad to follow it.

Walking to the west of the city, I went to the monk’s house, through the alleys, where the people and foreigners were mixed, and Tu Gu was confused. The three drums are gone.

I’m sleeping in my house, and I’m already snoring. What is the gain or loss of laughing with a stick? Ask Mr. He to laugh, and cover himself to laugh.

However, he also laughed at Han Tui’s failure to fish and wanted to go away. He did not know that he who walked the sea would not necessarily get a big fish. “

On the Shangyuan Festival this year, several old scholars came to see Su Shi and asked him if he would like to go out for a walk with the bright moon.

Su Shi readily agreed. Walking through the cottages and alleys, he saw that the Han and ethnic minorities were mixed together, and there were wine and meat sellers all over the street.

I didn’t go back until midnight, but my family had already snored.

Many years ago, Su Shi’s good friend Wanggong (Dingguo) was exiled to Binzhou, Guangxi, because he was implicated in the Wutai poem case.

In the days when he was demoted, Wang Gong’s concubine, rou Nu, never gave up and stayed together. When Su Shi was demoted to the south of the five ridges, he asked her if the customs of the south of the five ridges were too good. Rou Nu replied that this place of peace is my hometown.

Deeply touched, Su Shi wrote a poem: if Lingnan should be bad, but he said that this place of peace is my hometown.

And this phrase has now become a portrayal of him in Danzhou.

Su Shi, who came to Danzhou, already regarded Danzhou as his second hometown.

There is a famous saying in the Caigen Tan: if the mind changes with the environment, it will be common, and if the mind can change the environment, it will be holy.

Happy people in the wilderness, still have a bright smile from the heart; A melancholy man may look sad in the fertile field.

It is always the mentality that determines our life.

When you frankly face the suffering imposed by fate, and strive to find the light of healing in the suffering, then where you are, you are like in paradise.


Su Shi has passed away for 984 years, but in the past 900 years, he has still been mentioned.

People yearn for his happiness in suffering and envy his beauty in ordinary life.

No matter in any tragic situation, he can always find the joy of life. In the midst of suffering, he can still make life a flower.

If you enter the Jianghu, you will be unlucky. There is no one without injury in life.

If you are trapped in suffering, you can still find the little beauty in life;

If you fall into a swamp, you can still comfort and heal yourself;

If you fall into the trough, still do not lose hope for life;

Then, nothing in this world can defeat you. No matter where you are, you are in paradise.

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