Suiren invented drilling wood to make fire. Why is God of fire Zhu Rong?

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As we all know, being able to skillfully use fire is the most important step in human progress. Before humans have mastered fire, there is no great difference between human and animal life. So why did Suiren invent drilling wood to make fire, but the God of fire is zhurong? Today, China story net will give you a detailed explanation~

In fact, fire has existed in nature for a long time. When a volcano erupts, a fire appears. After lightning and thunder, trees will also spontaneously ignite. However, primitive humans were also very afraid of fire, and they would stay away at the sight of fire.


Until a forest fire broke out, many birds and animals were buried in the sea of fire. When the fire was extinguished, some people found that the meat of those animals was more delicious after being roasted. Therefore, people gradually learned that after the sky fire passed, they would look for hot cooked meat to eat.

Later, people also found that fire could be used to keep warm, so they began to consciously use the sky fire, and took the natural fire back to the cave for preservation.

However, it is difficult to preserve the natural fire. If you don’t pay attention, the fire will go out. People have to continue to eat raw meat and live a cold life, looking forward to the appearance of the sky fire again.

Fire is too important for human beings. With fire, human beings can overcome diseases and beasts, live a warm day and a delicious day of eating cooked food. How can human beings own and control fire?

About 6000 years ago, an ancestor of a clan tribe in China invented “drilling wood for fire” to produce flames so that humans could control the fire. In order to cherish the memory of the man who brought light and warmth to mankind, people call him “Suiren”, which means the person who takes fire. This clan tribe was also vividly called “Suiming state” by later generations.

Suiren invented artificial fire taking, which ended the history of ancient human beings’ eating meat and blood, and created a new era of Chinese civilization. He was honored as the “ancestor of fire”.


The invention of fire provides human beings with the warmth that can be created, provides weapons and conditions for the gathering of ancient human beings, and provides the root for the emergence of human social thought.

In the great biography of the book of history and other works, “Suiren” is listed as the first of the “Three Emperors and five emperors”, regarded as the “emperor” and honored as the “Suihuang”.

Although the “fire ancestor” Suiren invented the method of drilling wood to make fire, this method is not very convenient to operate in practice. People often can not make full use of fire freely.

About 4600 years ago, during the period of the Yellow Emperor (i.e. the period of emperor KU), a man named Chong Li invented the method of striking stones to get fire. This invention is much more convenient and easy than drilling wood to get fire. Since then, humans do not have to rack their brains to save fire.

For this reason, the Yellow Emperor held a special celebration meeting to honor Li as a full-time fire official, and gave him the name “Zhu Rong”. Zhu means to hope for a long time, while “Rong” means to be bright. The name given by the Yellow Emperor contains the ancient human desire for fire and light.

It is said that Zhu Rong was the first to invent the fire attack tactics. At the beginning, during the Zhuolu war between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou, Zhu Rong also ordered his tribesmen to bring torches and other inflammables to light the Marquis and throw them into Chiyou’s troops, burning Chiyou to ashes and embarrassment, making great contributions to the victory of the Yellow Emperor.

Chiyou, the God of war of the Yellow Emperor, established the supremacy of the Yanhuang tribe in the Central Plains. In order to commend Zhu Rong’s military achievements, the Yellow Emperor not only established the five mountains, but also let Zhu Rong guard the southern mountain Hengshan and manage the affairs of the south.

From then on, Zhu Rong lived on the highest peak of Hengshan Mountain. He often visited the people everywhere. Seeing that the people here were still eating raw food, he taught them how to make fire and how to bake things before eating. He saw that there was a lot of malaria and mosquitoes here. People were often sick. He told them to light a fire and smoke to drive away mosquitoes and malaria.

People around him respect Zhu Rong very much. In order to thank him for using fire, which is red, Zhu Rong is respected as the “Red Emperor”. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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