Suliya: the main Sun God in Indian mythology, one of the twelve days

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Suliya (????? /s ? RYA) is the main Sun God in Indian mythology. He is the son of the Father God teyus. In religious art, he is depicted with golden hair and arms, riding on a chariot pulled by seven horses, which symbolize all seven chakras. Buddhism lists him as one of the twelve days, namely the day. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

The sun god, the main Sun God in Indian mythology, was born from a part of Brahma’s body. In the “Rigveda”, his whole body was described as dazzling. Later, his father-in-law Vishnu Motian used a part of his body – some flashing fragments to make a flywheel of Vishnu God, a trident of Shiva God and a series of gods’ weapons. The Konarak Sun God Temple in the bay of Bengal was dedicated to Surya, and the shape of the temple was also built by comparing with the carriage of Surya.


The sun god was born from a part of Brahma’s body. Suriya is respected as a divine giver of vitality. He inspires the understanding of mortals, calls the wind and rain, and dominates everything in motion and stillness. He himself operates according to a fixed law, and he binds heaven and earth to make it permanent and stable. He was the first person to sacrifice on earth and gave fire to human beings, so he was regarded as one of the most important gods in the Vedic period, like Indra and ajini, the God of fire. Buddhism lists him as one of the twelve days, namely the day.

Surya’s wife is the dawn goddess ushas. It is said that when Surya’s radiant incarnation appears as the sun, ushas will be dizzy and hide.

In the epic Mahabharata, the young unmarried woman Gundy, out of curiosity, used the child seeking mantra learned from the immortal. This spell can invite any God to come down to earth and give birth to the caster. As a result, suliya, the sun god, was attracted. So Gundy gave birth to the hero of charity, Garna.

The myth and legend of suliya

The seventh son of Aditi, the mother of the gods, pivashava (meaning “the one who shines all over”) was born as a meat ball with the same width and height. He had no hands and feet, and his whole body was wrinkled. He was a deformed child.

In this regard, Aditi, the mother of the gods, was very disgusted with this biological son and abandoned him at birth. Finally, it was his brothers Mitra, Baja and Varuna who took all the excess meat from him and trimmed it into a mortal shape.

So the child became the ancestor of mankind. Later, he became the God of the sun, also known as suliya.

When the sun god suliya grew up, the God of craftsman doshido betrothed his daughter Yunshen saloniyu to him. After marriage, Yun Shen Saloni, especially the sun god suliye, gave birth to a pair of dragon and Phoenix twins, which are the famous God of death Yan Mo and his sister Yan MI in the future.

However, the married life between Yun Shen saloniyu and the sun god suliya is not happy. The light of the sun god suliya is too bright, so that Yun Shen saloniyu can no longer stand his husband emitting dazzling light all the time.

So one day, sahroniyu asked a maid who looked exactly like him, jatakaya, to take his place. But she herself became a mare and went to Jingxiu forest to practice hard.

At first, the sun god suliya did not find that the people around him had changed. The sun god suliya not only didn’t find it, but also gave birth to two sons and a daughter with the impostor maid.

One of the sons is called manu, who is the ancestor of human beings. In the later flood, with the help of Vishnu, he became a surviving human. Since he began, human beings began to multiply on this land again.


The other son is Saturn Soni, who is the ruler of Saturn. It is said that he has a lame leg and a very evil character. He is considered to be old, ugly and unable to move.

The daughter is the goddess of the topaz.

Like the image of stepmother in all the stories in the world, kankhoye has completely two attitudes towards the children of the previous term and his own children.

Kanhaya has repeatedly framed the two children born to saloniyu, the gods of death, Yan Mo and Yan MI, and is very cold and bossy. On one occasion, Yan Mo, the God of death, really couldn’t stand it anymore, kicked Kan Heye severely.

Suddenly, the God of death Yan Mo’s resistance made Kan Heye angry. She cursed the God of death Yan Mo angrily: How dare you treat your father’s wife like this? Now I curse you for being full of maggots.

The cursed God of death Yan Mo painfully found his father, the sun god suliya, and told his stepmother what he had done. When the sun god suliya saw his son’s wound, he gave him a cock and asked his son to put the cock next to the wound and help him eat the maggots on the wound.

After the death God Yan Mo’s wound was completely healed, the sun god suliye ran to the fake wife and questioned her: you don’t have to sophistry anymore. I already know that you are not my original wife suronyu. No biological mother would be so cruel to her son, and no biological mother would curse her son after he made a mistake. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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