Summary of the 195 days of the Russian Ukrainian War: everyone has won, and everyone has a bright future!

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Source: a bad potato (ID: iamhtd)

The first part, Ukraine won;

The second part, the United States won;

The third part, Russia won;

Part IV: China and India also won;

Part V: Iran, Türkiye, Europe… All won;

Part VI: Why did the Ukrainian people win?

Part 7: who lost? This is a big problem

It has been 195 days since the Russian Ukrainian war broke out. Why do we say that everyone has won?

The first part, Ukraine won

First, Ukraine is the biggest winner

Unprecedented international prestige

Yes, it’s really a win.

The center of the Christian world is Jerusalem, and the center of the American western group is Kiev.

Zelensky was canonized as a God.

After the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian conflict, if European politicians did not punch in Kiev and were not met by Zelensky, then he might be questioned about his qualifications to engage in politics in the West.

If Zelensky is not invited to deliver a speech from the United Nations Conference to the parliaments of western countries, people will doubt whether this conference is a serious one

As soon as truss became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, he had no time to worry about what the United Kingdom would do. He first reiterated Britain’s “firm support for freedom and democracy in Ukraine.”.

The British Prime Minister’s office immediately said that new prime minister truss had accepted Zelensky’s invitation and would visit Ukraine.

As for what happens in England, no one cares.

European politicians gathered together to say that Ukraine’s interests were above everything else.

Due to the energy crisis, demonstrations have broken out in Germany, but no one cares about this. On September 4, the German Chancellor first thought of pacifying Ukraine. When he met the visiting Ukrainian chancellor in Berlin, he said that Germany would not stop supporting Ukraine.

You can rest assured that they will make trouble at will. Who cares about the Germans? Even if all Germany makes trouble, we will not stop supporting Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Russia.

Scholz told the Ukrainian Prime Minister on the same day that Germany would not stop supporting Ukraine in military, political, financial and humanitarian aspects. Scholz once again stressed the need to make long-term preparations for Ukraine’s reconstruction.

European Union president von der Leyen said on behalf of the European Union that Ukraine has clear and broad prospects.

In this scene, as in the Czech Republic, a demonstration of 70000 people broke out. The Czech Prime Minister made it very clear that he firmly supports Ukraine. As for the lack of gas, inflation and industrial depression, it is because… Putin is to blame!

Although Europe is a colony of the United States, European politicians dare not say that the interests of the United States are above everything, but on any public occasion, European politicians dare to say that the interests of Ukraine are above their own interests.

Compared with the winter energy crisis in Germany, supporting Ukraine is more important. Even if Germans take to the streets to protest against energy prices, Germany must continue to sanction Russia to support Ukraine.

The German foreign minister said:

I promise the Ukrainian people that I will support them as long as they need me. I will honor my promise. No matter how German voters evaluate me, I will fulfill my promise to the Ukrainian people!

In history, there is only one post in Europe with such lofty honor, that is, the Pope.

In the middle ages, if any king in Europe dared to disobey, the pope would expel the king from the church, make the king become a heretic, and lose all honor and status in an instant. The Pope representing the divine power was superior to the king representing the royal power for a long time. The coronation of the king required the approval of the Pope.

It was not until the Renaissance that the Pope was driven from the altar by Europe, and finally Napoleon proclaimed himself Emperor, refused to kneel down to the Pope, and directly snatched the crown from the pope that theocracy ended in Europe.

But today, in the 21st century, zest has replaced the Pope. If any Western head of state dares not to respect zest and support Ukraine, zest will be furious and teach him to be a man

In fact, without Zelensky’s words, the western media would have begun to denounce those who do not support Ukraine as heretics, and carry out crazy liquidation, and they would “lose the hearts of the people”

It has to be said that Ukraine has won. As a third rate country, it has only taken half a year to replace the Holy Roman Empire.. you should know that the United States has always been called the new Rome, and so far a lot of people still refuse to accept it.

But no one dares to disobey Zelensky’s canonization.

The second part, the United States won

The United States also won.

After the Russian Ukrainian war, the refugee and energy crisis broke out, and the instability in Europe was greatly enhanced. At least $60 billion of hot money went from Europe to the United States, and Wall Street won.

American energy traders also won. Europe wants to sanction Russia and buy more American oil and natural gas, whether it is shale oil or natural gas. Energy traders earned a lot. From January to June 2021, the export value of American liquefied natural gas reached US $10.77 billion, a year-on-year increase of 74.16%.

In June 2021 alone, US LNG exports amounted to US $185955 million, a sharp increase of 208.92% year-on-year.

Biden, the White House, the Pentagon, arms dealers and the white house all won. The United States has allocated a total of 64.7 billion US dollars to Ukraine, which has almost exceeded Russia’s total military expenditure in 2021

According to the cost of the US western group, the Nimitz aircraft carrier is 4 billion US dollars, and the British Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier is 3.5 billion US dollars. If Ukraine really gets the 64.7 billion US dollars, it can build an aircraft carrier cluster that is almost comparable to the United States

Obviously, Ukraine does not have 20 aircraft carriers.

Therefore, the money will not be given to Ukraine, but at most a small change. Where has it gone?

It is the above community of interests plus Zelensky who will share… And the US military can buy the most $7000 coffee cups and $240000 goats.

Due to the rapid depletion of Western arsenals due to the apportionment of aid to Ukraine, it is necessary to sign large orders with US military industrial enterprises to replenish their stocks. In the past six months, US military industrial enterprises have received soft orders. In order to meet production demand, Raytheon, the manufacturer represented by “poison thorn”, Martin, the manufacturer represented by F-35 stealth fighter, and so on, have expressed that they will accelerate the increase of production capacity, and the number of orders received has increased by 31.7% over the past.

After the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the share prices of major military enterprises in the United States also rose all the way. The share price of Martin company increased by about 28% compared with the beginning of the year; Raytheon increased by nearly 20% over the same period; Northrop Grumman and general dynamics increased by 15%

Martin company has become the biggest winner, and the order can no longer be produced

Through the Russian Ukrainian war, the United States has more tightly controlled Europe. In the past, in the trump era, trump often threatened Europe: Putin will fight you!

And macron and Merkel both said, can’t we have a good talk with Russia?

After the Russian Ukrainian war, the Russian threat theory was confirmed by the United States, and the split between Europe and Russia became a foregone conclusion. No European country dared to “appease” Russia, and they began to prepare for war one after another.

Germany has previously announced a high-profile increase of US $100 billion in the national defense budget and will focus on the procurement of F-35. In addition, Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Norway and other countries have also indicated that they will purchase or add orders for F-35

According to the Sales Department of Lockheed Martin, in the next three years, the company is expected to deliver about 450 F-35 fighters to customers, exceeding 62% of the orders in previous years, which is also the maximum production capacity of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 production line.

The unit price of an F-35 is about $85 million. What is the total contract price of 450 fighters? This is close to 40 billion dollars!

I’ve earned a lot! The US government, which represents the interests of the military industrial complex, cannot shut its mouth with laughter.

After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Biden also increased the military budget by 32.7 billion US dollars in the new fiscal year, and the proposed defense expenditure reached 813 billion US dollars, most of which was the manufacturing orders of arms companies. When the orders needed to be increased, he invited Zelensky, a good actor, to give a speech

Supporting Ukraine has become the best reason for Biden’s political correctness. On the defense budget, Biden said:

European allies and partners supporting the United States are listed as the top priority, and the budget will be used to support Ukraine, support the relationship between the United States and NATO allies and other European partner countries, increase funds, and improve the response capacity and combat readiness of the United States, NATO allies and regional partner countries

The United States also won.

The third part, Russia won

Russia also won.

Today, Russia has acquired about 120000 square kilometers of land in Ukraine, which is not to mention that Russia’s biggest problem is the population crisis.

After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russia received a population of 4.22 million, which is equivalent to a direct population growth of 3%.

If we count the population of Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson, which are now occupied, Russia can receive more than 8 million people, which is equivalent to an increase of nearly 6% of the total population

This adds up to 9%. Do you know how difficult it is to get more than 9%?

In Russia, the number of newly born people is less than 1 million every year, and the number of people is getting smaller and smaller, which is equivalent to the number of people who have been born for more than ten years in half a year

Economically, it did not lose. Due to the soaring energy prices, during the Russian Ukrainian war in the first six months, it made a profit of 158 billion euros from fossil fuel exports alone.

So Russia also won.

In the fourth part, China and India also won

India also won. India has made a lot of money in recent months.

Now Russian oil is sold to India at a 30% discount. India processes this oil into diesel fuel in coastal refineries and then transports it to the European market for sale at a price of more than 1.8 times.

Proper windfall profits! And India has made money, and Europe is grateful

Thank you for selling us Russian energy

If we buy it directly, Zesheng will spray us.

According to the New York Times, in addition to the consumption of 5 million barrels per day, India has an annual oil refining capacity of 250 million barrels. Before the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, India imported less than 1% of its oil, which soared to 17% in just two months and is still growing. At first, this figure was only 300000 barrels per day, but now it is 700000 barrels per day

Finally, the US Forbes website said that in fact, the Urals oil field oil sold to Europe in the past is being sold to Europe through Indian smelters. India’s purchase of Russian oil is more than that of the previous year.

What about China?

China also won. China won at least two aspects. First, it made money by selling energy. As the world’s largest oil importer, it always imports more and exports less. But it is estimated that the money earned from selling energy in the first half of 2022 will be more than the total of the past 70 years.

In August, the media in Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States reported that on August 24, Chinese suppliers provided energy lifelines for Europe through spot resale of liquefied natural gas. Europe’s concern about natural gas shortage entering winter may have been alleviated, thanks to an unexpected knight in white… That is, China.

It can be seen from the data released by SCMP that in 2022, Sinopec sold a total of 45 batches of more than 3.15 million tons of liquefied natural gas to Europe, accounting for about 7% of the total import of liquefied natural gas in Europe.

China’s petroleum gas exports to Europe mainly come from two directions.

The first is the United States. According to the natural gas agreement between China and the United States, the United States provides energy to China stably, using the contract signed at last year’s price, and the United States gives China the CIF price. China directly calls the American energy merchant, asking the American energy merchant to drag the natural gas to Europe and then deliver it to the Europeans. We did nothing and earned a 30% price difference

The second main source is Russia. Now Europe does not buy Russian natural gas, but Russia has an exploration plan. What if it does not buy it, Russia will not use it up. Then Russia will sell it to China. China will take a big turn and drag it to Europe, and sell it to Europe at an increase of 30%

Every ship going to Europe can earn 100 million dollars

However, this is all small money, and the most important thing is to win the industry.

European financial capital can go to the United States, but what about European industrial capital? The manufacturing industry, in particular, obviously cannot go to the United States, because the manufacturing industry in the United States has been shrinking for a long time, and there is no supply chain at all.

So they piled up and ran to China.

From January to June 2022, Germany’s investment in China alone was about 10 billion euros, far exceeding the peak value of 6.2 billion euros recorded in the first half of 2000.

That is to say, it increased by 61%.

However, German enterprises still flock to China, with the focus on automobile, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry and other industries.

Let’s take a few recent examples:

In July, BASF, one of the world’s largest chemical groups, announced that it would continue to promote the construction of large-scale production bases in Guangdong, China, with a total investment of 10 billion euros by 2030;

In June 2022, BMW started construction of its third factory in Shenyang, with a total value of more than 2 billion euros;

Volkswagen has listed a new investment plan to invest about 15 billion euros in electric vehicles in China by the end of 2024, and will employ thousands of software engineers;

Haila, an auto parts supplier, announced to expand the production capacity of its Changzhou production base;

Aldi plans to build hundreds of new stores in China;


So China also won.

In the fifth part, Iran, Türkiye, Sweden, Finland and the EU all won

Iran also won. Iran sold the most UAVs to Russia;

Türkiye also won. Türkiye successfully made Europe list the PKK as a terrorist organization;

Sweden and Finland also won, and finally successfully joined NATO;


What about Europe?

Europe also won, and Europe fully demonstrated its faith in the world, that is, the value of European unity.

This is their most precious treasure!

Rather than buy Russian food and energy

From murder and arson in the era of great navigation to drug trafficking and slave trafficking, Europe has finally transformed. The values of Europe are incomparably consistent, which proves the unity of the European Union… Tell the world that your quality and morality are worthy of the virgin bitch. It’s simply a bitch to the peak.

EU president von der Leyen said she will continue to defend the dignity of European values.

Europe has won the respect of Ukraine and the United States!

What is the most priceless?


What is buying more expensive energy? What is cold and hunger? What is it to cut leeks and collect wool?

What happened to being colonized by the United States? The world thinks it’s stupid × So what?

That’s nothing. Europe has won dignity!

This NIMA is the most priceless!

If you don’t understand, it’s because you haven’t been well educated by American NGOs

We should know that 500 years ago, the people of Europe had to go to the church to buy atonement vouchers to ensure that they could go to heaven without eating or drinking. This moment has reappeared.

To sum up:

Ukraine has won the status of a great power;

The United States has won capital;

China has won the industry;

India won the price difference;

Europe has won dignity;

Iranians, Finns, Türkiye and Sweden all won

Er, it seems that everyone has won,

So who lost?

Part VI: Why did the Ukrainian people win?

Some people say that the Ukrainian people lost

That’s impossible. The Ukrainian people have not lost.

The Ukrainian people are busy making money. After the Russian Ukrainian conflict began, the arms aided by the US western group poured in. Ukrainians happily took the arms to the black market to exchange money to improve their lives.

At least 7 billion euros of arms have flowed into the global market

Not long ago, the official account of Russia’s ural locomotive and rolling stock factory issued a document saying that thanks to the Kaiser truck guns sent by France, the Russian coalition army has just obtained two.

How did this come about?

The Bulgarian military website disclosed the inside story. It turns out that the Ukrainian army reselled the French Kaiser artillery truck to the Russian army.

The Ukrainian army is selling at a good conscience price

As the world’s first large caliber vehicle mounted howitzer in the standard sense, Kaiser truck gun costs more than 7 million US dollars and is 100% new. It has never been used! Russia received only two sets at a price of 240000 US dollars.

Before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russia also submitted a lot of arms orders to France. Now, I can buy them directly at a price of 0.17%!

It’s really profitable. Where can there be such a good thing?

As for Ukraine, Ukrainians also made a lot of money. They took the artillery directly and handed it over to Russia. They didn’t have any cost. They got 240000 dollars. Do you think it was a huge profit?

Now the Donbass militia is not worried about having no weapons at all. The minimum standard configuration is javelin missiles. How much money do Ukrainians earn?

Interpol confirmed that a large number of Western weapons used by the Ukrainian army have flowed into the black market, and they are of good quality and low price. For example, Stinger missiles, which originally cost nearly 100000 US dollars a set, can now be bought at 5000 US dollars, which is a real shock!

In fact, it is an open secret. In June, because a large amount of arms from the US western group to Ukraine directly went into the hands of Russia, under the pressure of the western media, melniko, director of Ukraine’s Economic Security Bureau, said in an interview that Ukraine’s procuratorial organs and economic crime investigation units are currently investigating a number of cases, This includes cases where more than $7 billion worth of western humanitarian aid and military aid materials were secretly sold.

This is still found out. How many have not been found out?

Of course, the Ukrainian army does not need to be nervous, and Zelensky is not stupid. He does not know how much money he made and how much he shared with Biden’s son, so more often than not, he really closes one eye and cannot take it all by himself.

Do you have to give someone some time?

What are you looking for? It’s just a show!

This is also the first time that Ukrainian officials admit that the Ukrainian army is systematically reselling Western military supplies to Ukraine, including various advanced weapons such as missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, which are all sold at a marked price!

So you can calculate a sum. Before the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine was the womb of Europe and a human organ. It was either sold or cut. It was as miserable as it could be. But after the outbreak of the war, Poland and other countries queued up to accept Ukrainian refugees and gave them welfare subsidies. Those who did not run away could sell arms and missiles.

Do you think the lives of Ukrainians have improved?

Anyway, it’s much better than selling it.

In terms of arms sales, the living standards of Ukrainians have improved, and Russia has bought good things at a price of 0.17%. This is not a win-win situation. What is a win-win situation?

Did France lose?

For a $7 million item, it sold for $240000.

In fact, France has not lost, and France does not expect Ukraine to win. Anyway, it gives money and things. France has only one purpose, that is, it is the real virgin

If the cannons are given out, the goal of France will be achieved. As for how to use them, it’s none of his business.

So, the Ukrainian people also won

Finally, let’s sort out the interest chain:

The US western group provided Ukraine with arms aid, and the military industrial group won;

Ukraine got the arms, the Ukrainian people sold them to Russia, and the Ukrainian people won;

Russia bought cheap arms and won.

After Russia got the arms, it fought more fiercely, got the land and population, and won again, which is called a win-win situation;

Ukraine lost its land and population, became a martyr, won international reputation, and won a win-win situation;

Europe saw Ukraine lose its land, imposed sanctions on Russia, and won dignity;

Europe has no energy, and China and India are also winning if they hurry to provide it

So, who lost?

After all, it seems that only the Swedish princess has lost in the world.

Before the Russian Ukrainian war, it was the goddess of environmental protection worshipped by the western group and the White left in the world, which is undoubtedly politically correct.

Now it’s ok… It has directly become a Russian traitor, and everyone hopes to knock it down!

It lost alone and the whole world won.

We all have a bright future

Putin said… Er, this is not a win-win, what is a win-win? Can I play more?

It’s almost winter, and my Siberian wood is still waiting to be sold.

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