Sun he laughed at Jiang Ziya’s death. What was he sealed? Be hated by people forever?

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Sun he laughed at Jiang Ziya’s death. What was he sealed? Be hated by people forever? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

As we all know, Jiang Ziya has been fishing along the Weishui river for several years. When King Wen of the Zhou Dynasty came, he was worshipped as the Prime Minister of youlingtai. After that, he assisted King Wu and King Wen to kill King Zhou and change the world. Exactly:

There is a fishing rod at the head of the Weishui River, and two clouds are shining on the temples. A man with a star across his chest is flying in the sky, and his breath is blowing out the rainbow and sweeping the sun. Xibo returned to the old age to avoid danger and give up his old crown. Since the dream of feineng, he has enjoyed diean for more than 800 years.


Jiang Ziya

A fisherman who fished in the Weihe River, and a fisherman who wanted to catch a hook, achieved the 800 year old Zhou Dynasty, and left behind the allegorical saying of “Jiang Taigong fishing – he who wanted to catch a hook.”. And this story has been handed down to this day, and it is still talked about by us with relish.

However, there is a small soldier under the command of King Zhou in the fairy tale. His kung fu is not very good, but his mouth and cannon skills are first-class. Before the two armies joined the battle, they dared to laugh at Jiang Ziya’s birth. The result is, let’s see the end of his fairy tale.

In the 35th year of King Zhou’s reign, when the Shang Dynasty was about to break down, King Ji of Wu worshipped Jiang Ziya as “marshal of Tang Tianbao” and led a large army out of Xiqi, pointing directly at the song of the dynasty. It was precisely that “the murderous men rushed to the sky and gathered to conquer the land.”

When the Xiqi army arrived at Jinjiling, Kong Xuan, the Grand Marshal of the Shang Dynasty, who was temporarily transferred by King Zhou to be stationed here, was about to arrive three days later. The two armies started the first battle. Chen Geng, the pioneer under his command, was killed by huolongbiao, the envoy of Huang Tianhua, and lost the first battle.


Small soldier

The next day, the generals of Xiqi and Yinshang sent out to fight. This time, Jiang Ziya sent Wu Ji; Kong Xuan sent sun he. Before the formation of the two armies, they exchanged names as usual. Wu Ji said that just after introducing himself, sun he laughed:

“Jiang shangnai is a fisherman, and you are a woodcutter. Your master and apprentice are the same scroll: questions and answers between fishermen and woodcutters.”

Is sun he wrong? No, Before entering the Xiqi Dynasty hall, Jiang Ziya had nothing to do after eating every day. He sat down by the Weishui River to fish. He was a serious fisherman; Wu Ji, on the other hand, is a woodcutter who earns his living by gathering firewood. He accidentally killed someone and was saved by Jiang Ziya. Only then did he have the name of master and apprentice.

But that was before, but it is different now. Jiang Ziya, let us not say that even Wu Ji, the former woodcutter, is now the right sentry pilot under Marshal Jiang’s gate. He is on an equal footing with Nezha, Huang Tianhua, and Nangong Shi, the elder of Xiqi.



Everyone knows the origins of Jiang Ziya and Wu Ji, but no one will openly mention them. After all, we are all face saving people. Just like those grassroots emperors, after they ascended the throne, they all gave their families the status of noble descendants.

But this sun he, on the battlefield of life and death, showed off his ability. It’s only enough to show off your ability, but don’t talk about other people’s origins! Wu Ji, who was mixed with a bunch of immortals and high-ranking officials, had a low self-esteem. Now, it’s a good thing. Sun he poked him in the heart. He immediately clenched his teeth and said angrily, “how dare you tease me with words if you are rude!”

Angered, Wu Ji fought a fierce battle with sun he. After thirty or forty rounds of fighting, he pretended to be defeated and fled. He picked sun he off his horse and cut off his head. Sun he, a young general of the mouth cannon who showed great courage of speech, died in this way and was later awarded the title of “five poor stars.”

What are the five poor? Five poverty, namely, intellectual poverty, academic poverty, literary poverty, life poverty and social poverty.

Wisdom, wisdom; Learning, learning; Culture and culture; Life, destiny; Communication. What else can we do without the above? It is simply the spokesperson of “Er”. Therefore, the five poor people are also called the “Five ghosts”!


People’s aversion to the Five ghosts has existed since ancient times: Jin and Bian Yuanxun’s “Qixi” said that “people in the high-rise buildings scatter wine and empty the air, and write new essays to send five poor people”; Ming and Zhuo Renyue said in the “flower boat fate” that “after 20 years of grinding, the poor life Liu Xiaoxin understood himself; the five poor people moved, and the fate of Li Guangshu was difficult to seal”; In the poem “sleepless” written by Zhang Lingyi in the Qing Dynasty, it is said that “when I am one year old, I will be eliminated, and it is difficult to send five poor people back.” That’s what I said.

Sun he, who has been honored as the “five poor stars,” although he has become an immortal in heaven, he is always hated by people. He is always driven out by the world with a broom. He can not even think about incense and fire on earth, or sacrificial melons and fruits. As the saying goes, the small soldiers under King Zhou laughed at Jiang Ziya as a fisherman. Since then, he has always been hated by the world.

Before the battle of the two armies, you were dead or I was alive. It was a real battle between real swords and real guns. It was really useless to talk. Sun he was just a small soldier under King Zhou, an ordinary little man. The most concrete manifestation of a small person is ignorance and arrogance. Sun he has both. He has offended Jiang Ziya. After he became a God, isn’t it a tragedy? Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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