Sun Wu and Bai Qi are both unbeaten, so which of them is more powerful?

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During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, fighting seemed to have become a routine operation of various countries at that time. Those princes often fought each other for their own interests, completely ignoring Zhou Tianzi’s admonitions, and even ignoring the life and death of the common people. However, it is also easy to train the military strategists who can give strength in war, such as Sun Wu and Bai Qi, who were the gods of war in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. These two people have never suffered a defeat, and they have more military capabilities than ordinary people. It is a pity that they have never played against each other, so it is not easy to directly compare the level of the two. So which of them is more powerful?

Sun Wu was active in the late Spring and Autumn Period, and his masterpiece was to assist Fu Cha to destroy Chu. As far as the history of China for thousands of years is concerned, Sun Wu has the reputation of the saint of soldiers, and at the same time he published his own military masterpiece – “Sun Tzu’s Art of War”. You must know that later major military strategists regarded this book on the art of war as a must-read, which also shows that Sun Wu’s achievements in military theoretical knowledge are unparalleled. Of course, fighting pays attention to actual combat. For example, Zhao Kuo and Ma Su are big bosses with a lot of theoretical knowledge. As a result, they were abused as soon as they entered the battlefield.

There are several battles of Sun Wu’s fame, among which the representative battle is the battle of Baiju. In 506 BC, King Wu personally led an army of 30,000 to attack Chu, and at the same time Sun Wu and Wu Zixu also accompanied the army as generals. As soon as the State of Chu heard that Wu soldiers were attacking, they immediately dispatched 200,000 people to meet the enemy. The two sides started a decisive battle in Baiju. Although Wu and Chu were far apart in numbers, Sun Wu directly abused the other party with his extraordinary skills. From 30,000 to 200,000, Sun Wu’s record is quite impressive.

Bai Qi has never been defeated in his life, and is one of the four war gods of the Warring States Period with his colleague Wang Jian, his opponents Li Mu and Lian Po. Bai Qi is a very terrifying person, especially with the nickname “Killing God”. According to statistics, this guy killed as many as 1 million people in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. Ordinary people shivered when they heard his name. Of course, there are also many classic battles by Bai Qi, such as the Battle of Yique, which abused 240,000 opponents. But the battle that really made this guy “famous” was the Battle of Changping later.

From 262 BC to 260 BC, the Changping War broke out between Qin and Zhao. The scene of this battle is very spectacular, but the battle situation is very tragic, especially the picture of Zhao’s 4.5 million people being wiped out is shocking. Originally, at the beginning of the war, Zhao relied on Lian Po to be able to fight Qin to death, but when Zhao Kuo replaced Lian Po, Qin also sent Bai Qi to the battlefield, and the two sides decided the outcome. Bai Qi took the method of cutting off the supply of Zhao’s army, which suddenly caused Zhao’s army to fall into a state of starvation. Later, Zhao Kuo took a risk and failed to break through, and 450,000 Zhao soldiers also ended up being wiped out.

Objectively speaking, it is not difficult for Bai Qi to win against Zhao Jun. First of all, the combat effectiveness of the Qin army was obviously stronger than that of the Zhao army. Secondly, Zhao Kuo is a big gift package to give away. Furthermore, there is not much difference between the 400,000 Qin soldiers and the 450,000 Zhao soldiers. Therefore, it is not surprising that Bai Qi won the battle. On the other hand, Sun Wu’s victory is more valuable. At that time, the Wu army was only 30,000, while the Chu army had as many as 200,000. Even if the Chu generals had insufficient intelligence, they were still numerous and powerful, and the difficulties faced by Sun Wu were obviously higher than those of Bai Qi. In terms of the representative battle performance of these two people, Sun Wu is still more powerful than Bai Qi.

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