Sun Wukong and the ox demon king are sworn brothers. Why should Sun Wukong be ruthless in the fire mountain war?

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Sun Wukong and the ox demon king are sworn brothers. Why should Sun Wukong be ruthless in the fire mountain war? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

In life, there will be friends and family. But when you choose to treat a person as a friend, you should know that there will not only be warmth and love between you, but also opportunities for him to hurt you. Because he is the person who knows you best and trusts you most, he will also become the person who hurts you most.

There is such a negative example in the journey to the west, the relationship between Sun Wukong and the ox demon king.

When Wukong returned from his overseas studies, he met a large group of so-called friends in his hometown Huaguo Mountain. They drank and chatted all day and talked about their ideals, including Comrade Lao Niu. Because of his old qualifications, Sun Wukong took the initiative to elect him as the leading elder brother.

But what is strange is that the two finally turned against each other and tore their faces. What is the matter? In fact, it was mainly because the old cow did three things, which made the monkey brother very angry and unbearable.

First, because of his arrogance, Wukong provoked the heaven and sent all the soldiers to clean up Wukong. However, as the eldest brother, Niu hid and did not appear. It’s human to worry about getting caught in the fire for self-protection. Wukong should understand even if he is angry; However, after Sun Wukong’s action failed, he was imprisoned and locked up at the foot of the five elements mountain, the old cow didn’t even go to see it once, which is somewhat unreasonable.

Second, according to the important relationship between Wukong and Laoniu, the little red boy must call his uncle. However, red boy has never heard that his father has such a good friend. Isn’t it clear that he doesn’t treat our monkey brother as a good brother? Not only that, the red boy also gave him a hard hand, which almost killed him in the fire of Samadhi. Do you think monkey brother is not angry?

Third, everyone in the three circles knows that our monkey brother has joined the Buddhist Scripture collection team organized by the Tathagata and has to complete the task of going to the west to get the Scriptures. Even if the old cow is unknown in the mountains, the monkey brother made it very clear when he asked for a banana fan, but he still did not choose to lend this treasure to monkey brother. You know, without this treasure, the monkey brother and his entourage could not cross the flame mountain, You can’t finish the task until you cross the Flaming Mountain. So in the monkey brother’s view, the old cow is blocking his future. This is a big event. How can he swallow it?

It was these three events that polished Sun Wukong’s patience and made him angry. He fought with the old ox in spite of his brotherhood and his vows. After all, how can you blame me for being unjust if you are unkind first?


From their relationship, we can see: what is a true friend? Even when you are in trouble, he is still willing to share the only hot steamed bread with you. Although there are many fair weather friends around you now, how many are willing to help you when you are in trouble?

However, everything is double-sided. When you complain that you are in trouble, no one gives you hot steamed bread. However, when your friend was in trouble, how many people did you give the hot steamed bread to? I didn’t do it myself, so don’t complain about others first. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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