Sun Wukong had another weapon before he got the golden cudgel. Why did he discard it?

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Journey to the west is one of the four famous works in China. The author spent his whole life to complete a work. It is a classic literary work and a cultural treasure left by the ancients. Now the corresponding literary common sense will appear in the examination of primary and secondary school students. Journey to the west is also a very important treasure for the educational community.


The author of journey to the west is Wu Chengen. It mainly tells the story of Tang Sanzang going to the west to learn sutras with three disciples, Monkey King, pig Bajie and monk Sha. After ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties, a line of four people finally obtained the Sutra, and finally was sealed as Buddha. There are very funny and mysterious plots in the story, so they are very popular with children.


In journey to the west, there is a very eye-catching existence, that is, the great apprentice of Tang Monk – Sunwukong. Sunwukong jumped out of a stone. After making havoc in the heavenly palace, he was pressed to the foot of Wuzhi Mountain by the Tathagata Buddha. Then he followed Tang monk to the west to learn sutras. Finally, he was awarded the title of fighting against Buddha by the Tathagata Buddha and returned to Huaguo Mountain.

Monkey King has a very powerful weapon, called the golden cudgel, which was made by the Supreme Lord with a lot of effort. This golden cudgel can be bigger and smaller, and it is very convenient to carry. In addition, the golden cudgel recognizes the Lord. Even if other monsters get this golden cudgel, it is useless.

Before getting the golden cudgel, Monkey King also had a powerful weapon called the mixed world magic knife. It is said that this is the weapon of the mixed world demon king, which is very easy to use. But after getting it, monkey king used it for two days, threw it aside, and then asked for the Ruyi golden cudgel from the Dragon King of the East China Sea.

After jumping out of the crack in the stone, Monkey King became the leader of a group of monkeys, and then led the monkeys to a magical waterfall, which was later called “Huaguo Mountain”. After settling down in Huaguo Mountain, Monkey King became a overlord, and nearby animals dared not disturb them.


Sun Wukong returned to Huaguo Mountain after learning art from Bodhi Shizu. However, without Sun Wukong, only some old, weak, sick and disabled monkeys were left. Some young and strong monkeys were beaten apart by a man who called himself “the demon king of the world”, and Huaguo Mountain was also taken by the demon king of the world.

In a fit of anger, monkey king returned to Huaguo Mountain with his monkey, and saw the “mixed demon king”. He used his newly learned magic – seventy-two changes to change many little monkeys with his hair, and finally defeated the “mixed demon king”, robbed the “mixed demon king” of his treasure – the mixed magic knife, and robbed the title of the “mixed demon king”, claiming to be the “mixed demon king”, and occupied the mountain as king in Huaguo Mountain.


After getting the mixed world magic knife, Monkey King found that he couldn’t use the knife at all, so he had to throw it in one place. Then he asked the Dragon King of the East Sea for weapons.

The story goes like this, but the author has another intention. As the saying goes: put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha on the spot. After putting down the mixed world magic knife, Monkey King got the golden cudgel to help monk Tang learn from the west, and became a fighter who defeated the Buddha, which also corresponds to the saying.


In the eyes of readers, it’s just that monkey king used a knife improperly and changed it for a more hand-catching weapon, but the author’s intention is not here, so he can see its meaning after reading thousands of times. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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