Sun Yi and Dong Zijian divorce, Netizens feel unworthy for Sun Yi

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When it comes to the young couples who love each other in the entertainment circle, many people would say Sun Yi and Dong Zijian before today. However, Sun Yi and Dong Zijian divorced today, which also surprised many netizens. Many netizens also feel unworthy for Sun Yi, thinking that she has lost too much in this marriage. Moreover, Sun Yi’s previous behavior has already implied that her relationship with Dong Zijian has come to an end.

Sun Yi and Dong Zijian divorce

Because Sun Yi and Dong Zijian had shown too much love before, many people did not think that their relationship would go wrong. But now, Sun Yi has already hinted to everyone. This is because Sun Yi had already closed Dong Zijian in June this year. In July, I also shared a photo with the caption & ldquo; My $29.9 pants are so cute & rdquo;, However, her mobile phone case is particularly eye-catching, with four large characters & ldquo; Stay away from men;.

Therefore, many netizens also speculated that Sun Yi should have been wronged, but due to the power of her mother-in-law Wang Jinghua, she was already a daughter, so she swallowed her anger and did not tear Dong Zijian apart. Many fans who like Sun Yi also think that Sun Yi has suffered many grievances and lost a lot in this marriage. When Sun Yi and Dong Zijian got married, Sun Yi’s career was on the rise. The ratings of the new play “meet you” were also very good. As a result, Sun Yi’s career was shelved because of her marriage and child-bearing.

Netizens feel unworthy for Sun Yi

Although Sun Yi came back quickly after the confinement, she is already a wife and mother. Even though Sun Yi has good physical conditions and is young, it is difficult to receive good resources. As a mother-in-law, Wang Jinghua doesn’t like Sun Yi, let alone expect her to introduce resources for Sun Yi. Fans also shouted that Sun Yi should stay away from men like her mobile phone case and fight hard for her career.

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