Support for Russia does not mean “Russian fans”!

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Today, let’s continue to write about the Russian Ukrainian war, because this war is very complicated, and there are many things that people don’t know.

When it comes to the war between Russia and Ukraine, the vast majority of Chinese people support Russia, but there are also some who support Ukraine.

It would be biased to say that all those who support Ukraine are the Nationalist Party. Some people are really not the Nationalist Party, but they are too simple: they believe that the war launched by Russia is a war of aggression and unjust.

Is the war launched by Russia unjust?

This involves a series of questions: what is justice? Who defines justice? Who will execute it?

Frogs eat worms, so when frogs are killed, we think that saving frogs is justice!

But do bugs deserve to be eaten by frogs? Do insects have no right to live?

The reason why we think “saving frogs is just” is that frogs will eat insects that are harmful to us, which is good for us.

From the perspective of Ukrainians and Europeans, it is unfavorable for Russia to launch a war against Ukraine, so they believe that the war launched by Russia is not just. However, from the perspective of the Russians, they believe that the war is just. Otherwise, why would Putin’s support rate soar after the war?

By the same token, the United States has invaded so many countries. Why does the president’s support rate rise dramatically every time the United States invades other countries? The reason is the same, because they also feel that they are just!

In this way, there is a contradiction: the justice in your eyes may not be the justice in others’ eyes. Different positions will lead to different understanding of justice!

Therefore, we must remember that the so-called “justice” has never been an absolute concept, but a relative concept.

Everything in this world is not absolute, but relative!

One thing you think is just and I think it is unjust. What if there is a contradiction between the two? Yes, at this time, we must define “justice”. We can’t say that what you think is just is just, nor can we say that what you think is unjust is unjust!

Is the war between Russia and Ukraine just? Who should define it?

After the Russo Ukrainian war, the Russians believed that they were just and the Ukrainians believed that they were unjust, so they certainly could not define the nature of the war. Who should define it?

Yes, it should be defined by the world!

Who can represent the world?

United Nations!

Because the United Nations is an intergovernmental international organization composed of almost all sovereign countries in the world (only a few sovereign countries have not joined the United Nations, such as the Vatican and Palestine), it can represent the world!

Wars can be divided into just and unjust wars. Wars of aggression are unjust wars.

Why do many people support Ukraine? It is because they believe that the war launched by Russia is a war of aggression.

So, what is a war of aggression?

In 1953 and 1956, the general assembly of the United Nations twice established a special committee on the definition of aggression to study the definition of aggression. In 1957, the work of the special committee was interrupted. In 1967, the General Assembly established the Special Committee on the definition of aggression for the third time. After deliberation at its seventh session, the General Assembly adopted the draft definition of aggression proposed by the Special Committee on 14 December 1974.

In other words, it took more than 20 years just to define “aggression”, and the final definition could not satisfy all countries. For example, China is not satisfied with the definition of “aggression” given by the United Nations.

The definition of “aggression” in the United Nations is quite complex. There are many detailed rules. Interested friends can check them by themselves. However, the general meaning is that the use of force by a country to violate the sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence of another country constitutes aggression.

Why is China dissatisfied with this definition?

Because China believes that it is incomplete to define “armed aggression” as “aggression”, which should also include territorial annexation and expansion, political interference and subversion, economic control and plunder.

The United States often plots Color Revolutions in other countries to create unrest or overthrow the regimes of some countries. Isn’t this called a war of aggression? The United States controls the economies of some countries through various means to exploit and plunder. Is this not called a war of aggression?

In the view of many countries, a war of aggression is not only defined as an invasion by force, but also can be defined as any color revolution, currency war, economic war, etc.

There is no doubt that it is difficult to reach a consensus on this, because developed countries such as Europe and the United States often invade other countries through color revolution, currency war and so on. If these are defined as “wars of aggression”, isn’t it to move the interests of Europe and the United States?

It is precisely because of dissatisfaction with the definition of “aggression” that many representatives of Asian, African and Latin American countries, including China, did not vote when voting on the definition.

In other words, up to now, many countries in the world still have no consensus on “aggression”!

Although there is no consensus on aggression, one thing is certain: the use of force against another country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence must be a war of aggression.

According to common people’s understanding, according to this definition, the war launched by Russia against Ukraine must be a war of aggression – Russia violated Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity (annexation of Crimea) by force.

So is the war launched by Russia a war of aggression?

If things are so simple, I don’t need to spend so much time writing the above paragraph, because everyone knows that “the war launched by Russia is a war of aggression”. I’ll explain a lot to you. Isn’t that nonsense?

What’s the problem?

Because from a legal point of view, it is impossible to characterize this war!

According to ordinary people’s understanding, Russia’s annexation of Crimea by force has damaged Ukraine’s territorial integrity. It must be a war of aggression.

But who told you that Crimea belongs to Ukraine?

Putin made it clear that the nation and state of modern Ukraine are the product of the rough design of the Soviet Union, and Ukraine has never existed as a country in history.

According to Putin, the eastern part of Ukraine was given to Ukraine by Lenin in 1922; The South was given to Ukraine by Khrushchev in 1954; The West was given to Ukraine by Stalin in 1939 and 1945; The North was robbed by the Russians from other countries before, and was given to Ukraine during 1654-1917; The central part was given to Ukraine by the Russians in 1654.

In 1917, Lenin launched the “October Revolution”, overthrew the rule of the Czar and gave all ethnic groups independent power, so Ukraine became independent.

When Ukraine became an independent state, its territory was only the central and northern regions. Later, Ukraine joined the Soviet Union, and Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev assigned a large area of territory to Ukraine.

What is this division?

It is the division of internal administrative regions!

What is the division of internal administrative regions?

To give a simple example: China is a unified country with 34 provincial-level administrative regions. However, in order to facilitate management, we have merged some provinces with other provinces. This is called the division of “internal administrative regions”.

As a federal socialist country (just like the United States is now a federal capitalist country), the Soviet Union has also made a lot of administrative district adjustments internally, dividing a lot of land originally belonging to Russia into administrative districts of Ukraine.

National territorial sovereignty definitely requires two countries to sign an agreement – there is a disputed land, I say it is mine, you say it is yours. If you want to determine the final ownership, you can only sign a final agreement by force or negotiation. Only in this way can it be legally legitimate and universally recognized.

Many of the territory of Ukraine is the adjustment of the internal administrative regions of the Soviet Union, which was divided by the Soviet Union for the convenience of management or other reasons. Is this the territory of Ukraine?

There is no such law in UN law!

What is it like?

The two brothers lived in the same family. The eldest brother was very smart and made a lot of money. He bought two houses and gave one to the second. However, later, the eldest brother and the second son had a conflict and separated. The eldest brother took back the house given to the second son. At this time, the second son must have refused: you gave me the house, that is mine, and you have no right to go back.

So the two sides began to file a lawsuit!

However, at this time, something went wrong: since this situation had never been encountered before and was not taken into account in the legislation, the court was unable to make a decision – the court did not know what to do, and there was no legal basis for awarding the house to anyone.

What about this time?

We can only let the two brothers settle it through negotiation.

What if the two brothers can’t solve the problem through negotiation?

It depends on each other’s abilities. Whoever can keep this house belongs to him!

In the Soviet era, the Soviet Union assigned many territories originally belonging to Russia to Ukraine for management, but that was not the territorial division between countries, but the adjustment of internal administrative regions. Now Russia wants to take back those lands that once belonged to it, and the United Nations has no relevant laws, so Russia takes back those territories on its own.

Russia’s practice does not violate the laws of the United Nations, because the United Nations has no such laws!

If there is no prohibition, you can do it!

I have a good relationship with you. I gave you my toys. Now that we are in a stalemate, I have taken back the toys I once gave you

Although I didn’t break the law, many people saw me say I gave you my “toy”

What is it called?

Not against the law, but against morality!

The famous economist langxianping kept a junior and gave him a lot of things, including two houses. Later, the two broke up, and the two houses became the targets of contention.

According to the evidence provided by Xiao San, the two houses were “gifts” from Lang Xianping, who should own them after the breakup. Lang Xianping lost the lawsuit. However, after losing the lawsuit, Lang Xianping appealed again and filed a petition in the name of “joint property of husband and wife”.

According to the law, the individual has no right to dispose of the part that belongs to the joint property of husband and wife.

So he and his ex-wife not only got back the two houses they had sent out, but also let the other party bear a foreign debt of 9million.

This is the “langxianping incident” that once spread all over the Internet. The stewardess who slept for three years earned 9million.

This is typical of not violating the law, but violating morality.

Russia’s annexation of Crimea is not against the law, but against morality!

It is for this reason that we see a phenomenon: at the United Nations General Assembly, many countries condemned Russia’s practices (Russia violated morality), but the vast majority of countries did not participate in sanctions against Russia (Russia did not break the law).

If a person does not break the law but violates morality, how will others treat him?

If you ever have a grudge against him or dislike him, you will take the opportunity to criticize him, isolate him and punish him. However, if you don’t have any hatred with him, on the contrary, you have a very large interest relationship, then you can say two words to him at most, and then the cooperation will continue!

Why don’t many countries follow the European and American sanctions against Russia?

This is the reason: Russia has not violated the laws of the United Nations, and has good relations with Russia. Naturally, it will not participate in sanctions against Russia – this does not mean that these countries have no sense of right and wrong.

As we said before: everything in this world is not absolute, but relative!

In the eyes of many countries, Russia’s war against Ukraine is not a war of aggression or injustice, and the United Nations has no legal provisions to say that Russia’s practice is wrong.

What is justice?

We can define it as: in the premise of not violating the law, being beneficial to me is justice!

After the Russian Ukrainian war, many people said that we were “Russian fans”. In fact, we never “fans” anyone.

Friends who have been paying attention to China for a long time will surely know that in the past, we often analyzed Russia’s “black hands” on China.

For example, in 2016, when China and India confronted each other in the donglang region, Russia did not come out to “mediate” (Russia and China and India have very good relations, and it can come out to mediate the contradictions between China and India); In order to check and balance China, Russia forced India into the “SCO”… If I were a “Russian fan”, I would not analyze this for you.

Until 2016, I always supported Ukraine.


Because for a long time before that, the relationship between China and Ukraine was very good.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was called the third military power in the world by inheriting the legacy of the Soviet Union, and its military heavy industry was very powerful. After independence, Ukraine’s economic development was relatively poor and it was short of money. Then Ukraine carried out a lot of cooperation with us: part of Ukraine’s advanced ballistic missile technology was introduced to China to improve the performance of Dongfeng intercontinental missiles; The introduction of buffalo hovercraft has directly improved the landing combat capability of the Marine Corps of our army; More than 2000 Ukrainian aircraft factory employees came directly to China to help China build an aircraft factory in Xi’an, and the research on large transport aircraft in China took off from then on; Ukraine will resell half of the “Varyag” aircraft carrier to China, and China will build China’s first aircraft carrier “Liaoning” on this basis; Ukraine transferred some design drawings and technologies of Su-27 carrier based aircraft to China, so China built J-15 carrier based aircraft. From then on, China also had its own carrier based aircraft on its aircraft carrier

At that time, the relationship between China and Ukraine was very good!

In a sense, this is a counterbalance to Russia – Russia is very dissatisfied with this matter!

In fact, for a long time, China has had very good relations not only with Ukraine, but also with the whole central and Eastern European countries, which makes Russia and Europe dissatisfied with China, because both Europe and Russia have coveted central and Eastern Europe.


Why did central and Eastern European countries have such good relations with China in the past?

Because central and Eastern European countries are afraid of both Russia and the EU!

Central and Eastern Europe was once the territory of the Soviet Union, and Russia has never given up exerting influence in those regions; The EU is not a good thing either. It is almost equal to saying publicly that “the establishment of the EU is to establish a ‘Europa United States'”

Therefore, in order to balance Russia and the EU, central and Eastern European countries have introduced external forces: the United States and China. China and the United States also need to strengthen cooperation with central and Eastern European countries to check and balance Russia and the European Union!

Central and Eastern European countries want to use China and the United States to balance the EU and Russia, so their relations with China and the United States are very good.

But soon something went wrong

In 2016, when Trump came to power, everything began to change!

Central and Eastern European countries all need China and the United States, but the United States is constantly suppressing China

The United States began to force central and Eastern European countries to choose sides between China and the United States!

Let’s be fair and objective: for the central and Eastern European countries, the United States is more important than China!

If central and Eastern European countries and China can balance Russia and the EU in economic cooperation, the United States can give more to central and Eastern European countries – the United States can not only balance Europe and Russia economically, but also militarily, because the United States also controls NATO.

The United States forces the central and Eastern European countries to choose the side between China and the United States. Those countries can only choose the United States!

As a result, the relations between many central and Eastern European countries and China began to deteriorate: Poland wanted to suppress Huawei, Lithuania was Anti China, Ukraine violated the agreement and sold it to Chinese enterprises for forced nationalization

In fact, if there is no emotional analysis, then I can very well understand the practices of central and Eastern European countries, because these practices are completely correct from the perspective of their national interests.

However, I am a Chinese. Central and Eastern Europe has too many interests. How can I not be emotional? I am Chinese. If I don’t stand on China’s position, am I still Chinese?

Now many countries in central and Eastern Europe have joined the European and American team, which has damaged our interests; Now Europe and the United States are working together to build Russia. If Russia falls, we will be under great pressure… Therefore, from our standpoint, we naturally want to support Russia – we don’t need a strong Russia, but we can’t let Russia fall.

Many things, in fact, there is no right or wrong at all. Different positions lead to different conclusions.

As a Chinese, if you don’t speak from a Chinese standpoint, are you still Chinese?

Why is the “public knowledge” now being “beaten by everyone”?

The fundamental reason is that they are Chinese, but they do not speak from the standpoint of China.

In essence, such people have lost their qualification to be Chinese.

Chinese people, of course, should stand China’s position!

—–This concludes the full text.

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