Sure enough, the United States and Germany quarreled!

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The article is reproduced with authorization from Niu Tanqin (ID: Bullpiano) Author: Niu Tanqin


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Sure enough, the United States and Germany quarreled.

One is the leader of the world, and the other is the leader of Europe. The world leader is very frustrated. We are forced this time. It is you Germans who force us.

This involves the so-called “tank alliance” – the US President Biden announced earlier that he would provide M1 main battle tanks to Ukraine; Germany agreed to allow other countries to provide Germany Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine in addition to its own.

This is regarded as an important turning point for Western assistance to Ukraine. It used to be more defensive weapons, but now it is an offensive main battle tank. The first four Leopard 2 tanks from Poland have been delivered to Ukraine.

Is there any secret behind this?

Sullivan, Assistant to the National Security Affairs of the US President, recently disclosed that Biden was actually forced. “At that time, the Germans told Biden that they were not prepared to provide the German Leopard 2 main battle tank to Ukraine, unless the US President also agreed to provide the US Abrams (M1) main battle tank.”

According to Sullivan, at that time, Ukraine only needed Leopard 2 and did not need M1 at all, but the Germans did not give in. In order to “unite the alliance” and “ensure that Ukraine gets what it wants”, finally, Biden clenched his teeth and stamped his foot: agree!

“(Biden) The president said, OK, let me become the leader of the free world. If you (Germany) provide Panther 2 tanks now, I will provide M1 in the future.”

what do you mean?

1. The Ukrainians do not need the US M1 main battle tank at all.

2. The United States was forced by the Germans to compromise in doing so.

3. At the critical moment, the United States stood up and became the leader of the free world.

In a word, Germany is selfish and the United States is generous.


What do you think of Germany?

The Germans felt a little confused. The United States has been putting pressure on Germany. You must provide the Leopard 2 main battle tank to Ukraine. The spring war is coming, and Ukraine urgently needs this main battle tank. Who knows, in a flash, the Germans agreed to provide it, but the United States said that they were forced by the Germans.

The Germans are also very frustrated.

As for Sullivan’s statement, the German government’s Deputy Spokesperson Bishner immediately said: “No, I don’t think so. I don’t comment on Mr. Sullivan’s statement here at all, but show you how the Federal Government and the Federal Prime Minister hold talks with the President of the United States. These are very good and constructive talks, and both sides have always attached importance to joint action in the talks.”

Previously, as for the statement that the Leopard 2 tank was linked to the M1 tank, the German government spokesman Haberstrecht dismissed the rumor that there was no suggestion or requirement to complete one thing as the premise of another.

In this regard, Bishner also made it clear that “I do not need to correct” the previous statement of Heibei Wright.

But the meaning is also very clear.

1. It is absolutely impossible to say that Germany forces the United States.

2. This is completely a joint action of the United States and Germany. How can it become coercion?

3. Sullivan, Sullivan, it’s not kind of you to talk nonsense like this.


But I always think that Sullivan’s revelations should not rule out two points.

First, explain to the United States that we are unwilling to provide M1 main battle tanks to Ukraine, but we are the leaders of the free world. Therefore, we shoulder the responsibility that the Germans are unwilling to shoulder. At the critical moment, it still depends on the United States.

Second, it is also to find a step for the United States itself. The M1 tank will not be fast. According to the Secretary of the United States Army a few days ago, the 31 M1 main battle tanks that the United States has promised to assist will be delivered as soon as next year. Ukraine is in urgent need of tanks now, but American tanks have to wait until next year. What is the efficiency?

In Germany, it is estimated that dumb people eat coptis chinensis. The Panther 2 tank was swindled out and was scolded by the Americans. What’s more, the M1 tank that the United States has said is not a word left. Europe’s boss has been fooled by the world’s boss again.

As for whether Ukraine needs M1 main battle tanks, can it not? But the United States says you don’t need it. Do you dare to say you need it in Ukraine?

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