Syria, the real version of old China!

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Syria, now the most suffering country on the earth, its capital Damascus was once one of the most brilliant cities on the earth.

“If there is a heaven on earth, Damascus must be in it;

If heaven were in the sky, Damascus would be as famous as it. “

This is a proverb that describes Damascus a long time ago, but not today.

Today, the total population of Syria is only 22.4 million, but the number of refugees under the shelter of refugees has reached 6million, and the whole country is almost in ruins.

On december1,2020, in a refugee camp in Syria, a group of children were chasing garbage vehicles and searching for food in the newly transported garbage.

According to statistics, of the 6million refugees in Syria, at least 1.5 million are children.

Why do Syrians live such a miserable life? We should start from 2010.

In december2010, the Arab Spring broke out, and the so-called Jasmine revolution broke out in the whole Arab region, which affected many Arab countries.

The cause was a self Immolation incident of urban peddlers in Tunisia. After the intervention of European and American forces, under the leadership of the public who yearned for Europe and America, it quickly evolved into a large-scale violent anti-government conflict, which overturned the current government.

On january16,2011, the jasmine Revolution spread to Syria, and the opposition looked everywhere for reasons.

In march2011, a student was arrested for graffiti against the government on the street, which triggered a large-scale protest by public figures and turned into armed conflict.

European and American forces took the opportunity to provide anti-government forces with a large amount of funds, weapons and ammunition to encourage them to overthrow the current government.

Then there was a full-scale civil war.

A very small matter can become a fulcrum to move a country to collapse.

Many people are obsessed with the causes of the riots in Hong Kong.

But the Arab example tells us that it doesn’t matter what the cause is. As long as the United States wants to do something in the future, you will have something to do no matter what you do. You can choose any social contradiction as a fulcrum.

Unless there is no contradiction in the whole country, but this is impossible. The sage can not govern the country.

The Arab Spring quickly overturned many Middle Eastern countries, but the Syrian government was unusually tenacious.

At the beginning, European and American countries provided a large number of weapons and logistical supplies to the Syrian rebels (Syrian free Army), and directly set up training camps for the free army in Turkey, Jordan and other countries.

After training, anti-government fighters carried a large number of military supplies and entered Syria in a steady stream.

The anti-government forces firmly believe that as long as the current government is overturned, the Syrian people will be more prosperous and powerful.

The two sides launched a fierce battle around major cities.

However, compared with the later wars, the first battle was only a warm-up match, and the rebels avoided being exterminated only by relying on the fact that their training and supply camps were outside the country.

In 2013, the Arab extremist armed forces took part in the Syrian civil war. The Isis extremist armed forces and Chechen extremist armed forces came.

Isis armed forces led by them were unstoppable, defeated the main force of government forces, occupied 80% of the land of Syria for a time, and announced the establishment of the “Islamic state”.

When European and American countries saw that the combat effectiveness of extreme armed forces was so strong, they immediately put aside the so-called anti-government forces that yearned for freedom in Europe and the United States.

That group of well-known people is really useless. They haven’t made any progress for 2 years, wasting so much money and weapons in vain.

It was Isis who saved money and settled the Syrian issue directly.

Although they are all terrorists, a symbolic blow is enough.

As for the extreme armed freedom or non freedom of Isis, what does it have to do with European and American countries.

It was to uproot this Russian ally that Syria was messed up.

As long as the aim of overthrowing the current government can be achieved, the means and process adopted are of secondary importance.

European and American countries feel nothing about ceding Syria to extreme armed control.

But Russia is not happy.

Because these extremist armed groups have become the headquarters of Chechen terrorists. Whether they are pro us or pro us will not be discussed, but they must be extremely anti Russian.

At least the anti-government forces can have normal dialogue. These terrorists really can’t even have dialogue.

In 2015, Russia directly intervened in Syria on a large scale, launching a direct strike against Isis armed forces.

He is not only helping the Syrian government, but also helping himself.

In the days that followed, the Syrian government army won day after day, and Isis forces retreated day after day.

In march2018, the government army launched the action to recover the East ancient pagoda. If it succeeds, the whole country will be pacified just around the corner. Now the United States can’t sit still.

Over the years, so much money and materials have been invested in various anti-government forces in Syria. How can they be so indifferent.

The Arab Spring has effortlessly overturned so many countries. Why is it so difficult for you and Syria to topple down and bring such a good action of the Arab spring to a successful conclusion?

On april7,2018, a terrorist attack occurred in Duma town controlled by the rebels, resulting in the death of dozens of civilians.

Western countries immediately concluded that this was a large-scale massacre of Syrian civilians by Syrian government forces using chemical weapons.

On april9,2018, the UN Security Council held a special meeting on the “chemical weapons incident” in Duma Town, Syria.

Syrian ambassador to the United Nations Jaafari frequently countered the representatives of the United States, Britain and other countries at the meeting.

He said that these magical chemical weapons never attack people who have weapons. They always look for women and children. These chemical weapons have learned to distinguish armed personnel, and rescue workers never need to wear protective clothing.


Jafari’s sharp diplomatic words have conquered the media all over the world. Everyone thinks that the Syrian government army has indeed not used chemical weapons to kill civilians.

But Jafari did not conquer the UN Security Council.

The British and American representatives left the scene shortly after Jafari spoke. They were not interested in listening to what Jafari said later because it was not important.

Whatever you say is useless anyway.

The so-called evidence of the destruction of Iraq in those years may only be a can of washing powder, but a small country like Iraq will be destroyed. It doesn’t matter whether the evidence is right or not.


Finally, the United States, Britain and France decided to attack Syria on the ground that Syria had weapons of mass destruction.

After hearing the news, Jafari was ten years old in a flash.


Jaafari is a very good diplomat, but weak countries have no diplomacy.

On the night of april14,2018, an unusually bright light crossed the sky of Damascus, the capital of Syria.

That night, Syria was attacked by 110 Tomahawk missiles from Britain, France, the United States and the United States.


The next day, trump announced his twitter “showing off” achievements:

“The” precision strike “against Syria was carried out perfectly last night. Thanks to the wise measures and excellent military strength of Britain and France, the result was great and the task was completed!”


Subsequently, European and American forces directly intervened in the Syrian battlefield on a large scale.

Turkey, Israel and other forces have also stepped in.

The whole territory of Syria has become a big battlefield, known as the “Mini World War”.

The forces that are hostile to each other and are allies of each other are intertwined with each other and are fighting on the land of Syria.


Even Turkey next door sent nearly 100000 troops to Syria.

The development of the situation here has nothing to do with the Syrian government army and the anti-government army. Various forces around the world are killing red eyes here in Syria, and no one is willing to give in.

The Syrian government, on the other hand, has no ability to prevent a war between them.

It is very similar to the Qing Dynasty.


Under the devastation of the war, the whole Syria quickly turned into ruins.




Syrian parents, holding their children, fled among the ruins.


Every day, they live under the threat of gunfire. They haven’t had a normal life for a long time.


They sent out the soul question: what did we do wrong?


The photos of Syrian children who had to flee and died on the beach shocked people with conscience all over the world.


A Syrian girl, facing the camera lens of a reporter, mistook it for a weapon and cried and surrendered.

That sensible look really breaks my heart.


In the Syrian war zone, the price of a bag of milk candy has exceeded $100, which is a sky high price for the poor and backward Syrian people.

A Syrian child who ate the white rabbit milk candy carried by the reporter directly cried.

Chinese children can eat the same milk candy at will.

From 2000 to 2020, the United States launched various color revolutions in the world, supported anti-government forces in many countries, and brought down the regimes of many countries with their hands.

The cost of subversion is very low, and those who follow the instructions of the United States to destroy their own country still firmly believe that they are working for the benefit of their own people.

But in fact, so many countries have been overthrown. Which of all the countries directly or indirectly overthrown by the United States has achieved democracy and freedom? In which country do people live a rich life?

Is it Iraq or Syria, Libya or Ukraine?

Counter examples abound, and there are no positive cases.

There are such people in China, and they have always been there.


If such a person controls the country, it may be our own children who are searching for food around the garbage.


Syria is very lucky to have a very good diplomat, who persuaded the world in a short time.

But he was still unable to stop his country from being bombed into ruins.

China has experienced all this. The last Syria was China.

Just because we have experienced it, we feel the same.

Syria has become a battlefield for the great powers because it meets the needs of the great powers.

It doesn’t matter what the Syrian people think, because weak countries are not qualified to have ideas.

Indeed, many Syrian heroes have sacrificed everything for their motherland. They are not afraid of death, but Syrian children still live a miserable life.

It is a pity that not every chaotic, poor and weak country can have a Mao Zedong.

“If we recognize that China is a semi colony contested by many imperialist countries, we will understand why China is the only country in the world that has such a strange phenomenon of long-term scuffle among the ruling classes, and why scuffle is fierce day by day, expanding day by day, and why there can never be a unified political power.”

Selected works of Mao Zedong Volume I a single spark can start a prairie fire

We were not born in a peaceful age, but in a peaceful country.

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