Taiping Guangji · Volume 82 · Alien · How does lizimu understand? What is the original text?

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Taiping Guangji is the first collection of documentary novels in ancient Chinese, with 500 volumes and 10 volumes of catalogue. It is a kind of books based on documentary stories from the Han Dynasty to the early Song Dynasty. The authors are Li Fang, Hu Meng, Li Mu, Xu Xuan, Zhao LINGJI, Wang Kezhen, song Bai, Lu Wenzhong and other 14 people in the Song Dynasty. Because the book was written during the reign of Taiping Xingguo in the Song Dynasty, it was compiled at the same time as Taiping Yulan, so it is called Taiping Guangji. Next, the editor of China story network will bring you relevant introductions, hoping to be helpful to you.

Taiping Guangji · Volume 82 · alien · lizimu



Plum mouzhe, the seventh son of King CAI of Tang Dynasty, has a cool and beautiful appearance, elegant talent tone, and a leisurely temperament. He is especially good at playing flute, which is incomparable in the world. Jiangling old customs, mengchun looking at the evening, still lieying lamp. At that time, scholars and women were on the edge of the river, making a panoramic view of Khotan. When Zi Muke visited Jingmen, it was just the right time to meet him, because he called his friend Cong and said, “I can make thousands of people quiet with a flute.” So Tongyou agreed. Zi Mu immediately ascended the stairs, and played in the Pavilion (Ming manuscript for Solo). As soon as the sound was clear, all the operas stopped, and the pedestrians were worried (Ming manuscript for foot). Those who sat up listened, and after a long time of music, the crowd was noisy again. And Zi Mu was confident and confident. Suddenly, for a moment, he came from the boat downstairs. His appearance was ancient and steep, and his words were clear and clear. Zi Mu sat down as a guest and paid tribute to him. A moment later, Zi Mu said, “isn’t it a king and grandson to play the flute to him? The sky is extremely high, and those who cherish the instrument often have ears.” Zi Mu said, “the flute of the servant is given by the former Emperor. If there are gods, ghosts and foreign objects, the servant doesn’t know. In music, this is the most precious treasure. In his life, he only sees more than 10000, and the servant can’t know it (copying the ratio of instinctive knowledge), and for a moment, he thinks it often, doesn’t he say?” In a moment, he said, “I’m young and learn how to be old, and I’m still not tired. If you own it, I don’t dare to know it. If Wang sun thinks otherwise, it’s a try.” Zi Mu gave it, and in a moment he breathed out his voice, and the sound became and the flute cracked. The four seats were stunned and unpredictable. Zi Mu begged because of his kowtow, hoping to see something rare. In a moment, he said, “I can’t blow what I have stored.” Even if the little boy came from the boat, Zi Mu looked at him. He was white jade ears, and immediately paid to Zi Mu to make him tone up. His strength was exhausted, and his voice was unheard of. Zi Mu was restless and devout. In a moment, I gave it a little trick, and the guest’s heart was cold. In a moment, he said, “I will try to play for you.” The clear tone is intense, and the reverie rhyme is overflowing. Five tones and six rhythms, which cannot be combined, the song is not over, the wind and waves are blowing, the clouds and rain are dim, and after a while, I don’t know where it is for a moment. (published “Ji Yi Ji”)



Lizimu is the seventh son of King CAI of the Tang Dynasty. His demeanor is fresh, handsome, elegant, fond of music, proficient in melody, and especially good at playing flute. The world failed to catch up with him. In the old customs around Jiangling, rows of colored lights are hung on the river every night on the 15th of the first month. Both sides were crowded with men and women who came to watch the lanterns and the floats they took. Zi Muke swam in Jingmen. Just in time for this lively scene, he said to his friends, “I can make thousands of people silent by playing a flute.” The fellow tourists expressed their deep approval. Zi Mou then went upstairs to play a solo by the window. As soon as the clear and sweet flute sounded, all kinds of noise immediately stopped, pedestrians stopped, and the sitters stood up, all immersed in the sound of his flute. After a long time, all kinds of voices resumed their noise. And because Zi Mu believed in his talent very much, he looked at ease. Suddenly, an old man with white hair and beard came to him from the boat downstairs. His appearance was simple and austere, and his voice was clear and exciting. Zi Mu and the guests here rushed forward to pay tribute. The old man said to mu, “isn’t it Wang sun who played the flute just now? The style is really extremely high. Unfortunately, the musical instrument is too ordinary.” Zi Mu said, “my flute was given by the former Emperor. I don’t know what it looks like, but I know that this flute is a treasure among musical instruments. I have seen only more than 10000 kinds of musical instruments in my life, but nothing can match this flute. But you think it’s very common. What do you say?” The old man said, “I’ve learned to play the flute since I was a child, but I’m still not tired when I’m old. I don’t dare to know this flute you use. If Wang sunru thinks it’s not so, he should let me try it for you.” Zi Mu handed him the flute. The old man breathed out a sound. As soon as the sound came out, the flute broke. The people around him were very surprised and couldn’t guess who he was. Zi Mou also quickly kowtowed and begged, hoping to see the precious and strange flute. The old man said to him, “you can’t play the flute I keep.” He asked the boy to take it from the boat. Zi Mu went up and saw that it was a white jade flute. The old man handed it to Zimu and asked him to blow out his voice. The voice he blew out with all his strength was too weak to hear. Zimu was even more restless and extremely pious and respectful. The old man took over the flute and gently blew it, and the people present felt a penetrating cold. The old man said, “I sympathize with your interests and hobbies. Now I’ll try to play for you.” Only the clear flute sound is heard, which is passionate and full of aftertaste. It is incomparable to ordinary five tones and six rhythms. Before the end of a song, I saw the wind billowing, the clouds coming quickly, the sky was dark, the clouds dispersed and the sky cleared in an instant, but the old man who plays the flute did not know where he went. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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