Taiwan is not a problem, Japan is!

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Author: Zonghengshi Source: Flower City (ID: hqsycn)

Japan officially announced on February 27 that it would purchase 400 Tomahawk missiles from the United States.

The Tomahawk missile has a range of about 1500 kilometers. Draw a circle around Japan, and its coverage can be roughly known.


There are some trends in Japan recently:

The range of the “Type 12” surface-to-ship missile was increased to 1000 kilometers;

We are developing hypersonic missiles with a range of 2000~3000 kilometers;

Purchase the Tomahawk missile with a range of about 1500 kilometers from the United States;

Strengthen the deployment of the southwest islands of Japan, such as Okinawa, Miyako, Yonago and Ishigaki. On the other hand, the United States has opened several new military bases in Luzon, Philippines, forming a “two-wing” pincer layout with Japan.


? American double-wing pincer layout

And so on.

We must pay attention to these trends in Japan.

Nowadays, the Russian-Ukrainian war under the control of the United States is in full swing. Many people are thinking of “the Asian version of Ukraine”, and think that Taiwan is probably the first choice of the United States.

The author has always had a slightly different view. He thinks that Taiwan is difficult to become Asian Ukraine. Who is it? Pay high attention to Japan!

Ukraine is connected to Europe on the land, so that NATO military aid can come in continuously through the land, and Russia cannot cut off. Taiwan is different. It is just a coastal island. Once the sea and air blockade is imposed on it, external assistance will not come in at all. It is not difficult to take it. Within 2000 kilometers off the coast of Chinese Mainland, it has become a restricted area for ships and aircraft of other countries, and within 500 kilometers off the coast, it has become an absolute restricted area.

Japan is different from Taiwan. Regardless of its geographical area, it is a big country in political, economic and other directions, and its military strength is not weak. It is not easy to form a comprehensive blockade against it, and it is easy for external assistance to enter in an endless stream.

Now the United States is not only strengthening its military assistance to Taiwan, but also strengthening its deployment to Japan. It is also likely to know that Taiwan is ultimately unsustainable, so it will make Japan the second obstacle to China’s eastward movement after Taiwan. The United States spent only a few tens of billions of dollars to make Russia in a mess. It is too cost-effective. If it can block the rise of China with the same method, it will move.

In short, we must pay more attention to Japan. It has become an “abnormal country” because of a war and has been imprisoned for more than 70 years until now. More than 30 years have passed under captivity. If the prison is not broken, Japan does not know how many more years will pass, and Japan will have no future. If another PK with the X object can turn itself into a “normal country”, it is not entirely impossible for it to bet on the National Games again. This “X object” can be China or the United States.

For Japan, the most ideal situation is to let China and the United States work directly, so that it can not only weaken a strong neighbor, but also get rid of the shackles of the United States on it; It can not only face China, but also stab the United States in the back. However, such an opportunity can’t be met and it can’t manipulate a big country like China and the United States.


? Video screenshot of launching “Tomahawk” missile

The island of Japan is in danger, which has made it dream of landing westward for thousands of years. Japan is a country that likes to gamble on the national luck, and is also good at finding the opportunity of the other party to take a bite and make it succeed in the Sino-Japanese War and the War of Aggression against China. This time, we must pay great attention.

To completely solve this problem, perhaps only as the author once said, can it be changed when the United States is repeatedly expelled from the West Pacific and the whole West Pacific is shrouded in Chinese influence.

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