Taiwan’s “black sheep” have been disgraced and thrown home!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming shuzatan wechat id:laomingdashu

The DPP likes to boast about what new breakthroughs have been made in Taiwan’s “diplomacy”.

In 2016, trump was “accidentally” elected president of the United States. Before taking office, trump actually received a phone call from Tsai ing Wen, which had a serious impact on China US relations and cross-strait relations at that time.

This incident was repeatedly boasted by the Democratic Progressive Party as a major “diplomatic” breakthrough, which proved how much Americans support Taiwan.

Nearly six years later, the Taiwanese media finally exposed the truth of the matter: it turned out that Tsai ing Wen paid up to $150000 in public relations expenses to Bob Dole, a veteran politician of the US Republican Party, in order to get trump to answer the call.

Spending so much money on the part of the people of Taiwan is just to make a phone call with trump, and then boast and hype about what new breakthrough has been made in Taiwan US relations. Taiwan’s “black sheep” are really disgraced.

At that time, trump was still a “political vegetarian”, and obviously did not understand the sensitivity of the Taiwan issue in Sino US relations. Based on the one China principle, the leaders of successive US administrations have carefully avoided direct interaction with the leaders of the Taiwan region to avoid causing severe turbulence in China US relations.

After trump answered the phone, China lodged a strong protest. Many senior diplomats in the United States also raised objections to this. Trump himself felt cheated afterwards.

Trump later made a vivid metaphor for Taiwan’s role in Sino US relations. China is too big and important. Therefore, he believes that China is equivalent to his big desk in the Oval Office of the White House, while Taiwan is just the tip of his pen. Compared with the two, the importance is not at the same level.

After Trump’s words came out, some people in Taiwan were “very hurt”.

For many years, the DPP has been employing retired American politicians and political public relations companies to lobby and create the so-called “breakthrough” in Taiwan US relations, which has become an industry.

In the final analysis, this is just a self deception.

For the DPP, it doesn’t matter whether there is a “breakthrough” in Taiwan US relations. The key is that American politicians can say something beautiful that seems to be beneficial to Taiwan. They will earn enough face, and then return to Taiwan, and they will have enough hype.

For those lobbyists in the United States, Taiwan’s money is not for nothing. It is reported that a number of retired US politicians each take more than 20000 US dollars from Taiwan every month, specifically promoting some people in the US government and Congress to “show goodwill” to Taiwan.

Pompeo, Secretary of state of the trump administration, was extremely Anti China. After stepping down, he was sanctioned by China. He could not go to large American enterprises to get high salaries. However, in order to “repay” Pompeo, Taiwan invited him to visit Taiwan. In just a few days in Taiwan, pompeio recorded as much as 150000 US dollars.

In 2020, in the US presidential election, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) bet that trump would be re elected, but in the end, it failed. After Biden was elected, the DPP immediately tried to get along well with Biden’s team. At the beginning of 2021, at Biden’s inauguration ceremony, Hsiao Meiqin, Taiwan’s “representative to the United States”, was invited to attend. At that time, it was also highly publicized. It turned out afterwards that this was also a gimmick made by the DPP with the hard-earned money of Taiwanese people. It was Gerhardt, a retired politician of the Democratic Party of the United States, who had been “filial” to Gerhardt for many years.

This is really the sorrow of the people of Taiwan!

In response to Tsai ing Wen’s $150000 public relations call with trump, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman wangwenbin said that in fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the Taiwan authorities’ filial piety to the United States.

He asked, how much money did the Taiwan authorities waste on such activities? I am afraid the DPP authorities simply dare not disclose the relevant data completely. Didn’t the US side say that the outside world is engaging in “political infiltration” into the United States? I wonder what attitude the US side holds towards such activities? Will action be taken to ban and crack down on this?

There is only one China in the world, Taiwan is an inalienable part of China, and the people’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing the whole of China. This is an ironclad fact, a universally recognized norm in international relations and a common consensus of the international community.

For the DPP, no matter how much it plays the trick of deceiving itself and others, it will not change this fact.

Through the DPP’s spending on the so-called “diplomatic breakthrough”, we can see two facts clearly:

First, the DPP is an extremely despicable political party. It deceives the people of Taiwan in Inner Mongolia and blindly flatters and flatters its American “master” in the outside world. As a political party, the DPP has no “party personality” at all; The political figures of the Democratic Progressive Party have no personality at all;

Second, there is institutional corruption in the United States. Retired politicians from both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party can collect money from Taiwan in good faith and influence the US policy towards Taiwan. This is a typical example of the US “elite” who enrich themselves and kidnap US foreign policy because of petty profits.

At present, some people in the United States “use Taiwan to control China” and are converging with the DPP “relying on the United States for independence”.

Some people in the United States have made full use of the tragedy of the separation of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, peddling weapons to Taiwan and making a fortune in arms; Containment of China disgusts us.

The most vicious trick of some people in the United States is to induce, lure and force war in the Taiwan Strait in the future, so that the Chinese will once again fight against each other.

The DPP has no “party personality” and no personality. Since 2016, it has flagrantly overturned the “1992 consensus”, pushing cross-strait relations to the brink of conflict. The DPP and its shameless politicians have become the historical sinners of the Chinese nation. In the future, they will be as infamous as Qin Hui.

The Taiwan issue will eventually be resolved, and the Taiwan issue will certainly be resolved. In this regard, we should be patient and have firm confidence.

At present, Chinese Mainland has gained an overwhelming advantage over Taiwan, even the United States, Japan and Australia in the Taiwan Strait region through solid preparations for military struggle against Taiwan. “Taiwan independence” elements are like grasshoppers after autumn. They will not be around for long. They seemed to be dancing happily, but in fact, a noose had been put around their neck. When the noose would be tightened, it would be up to the mainland the final say.

This is “using military force to prevent independence”.

In the future, China will actively “promote reunification by force” and eventually achieve “peaceful reunification” as far as possible.

This is the least costly form of national reunification for the Chinese people on both sides of the Straits, and also the most responsible form of national reunification for the Chinese nation.

This day is getting closer and closer.

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