Takahashi’s love affair with FanFeng Wanli river was exposed, and the difference in age between them was 17 years

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Recently, the media took photos of Takahashi’s life and FanFeng Wanli river. Although both of them were dressed in a low-key manner, they were still targeted by the media. Gao Qiao’s love affair with FanFeng Wanli river was exposed. Gao Qiao was 17 years older than FanFeng Wanli River in his life. This father daughter relationship also attracted a lot of people’s heated discussion. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Takahashi’s love affair with FanFeng Wanli river is exposed

Takahashi and FanFeng wanlijiang met each other through the cooperation of “the shore is exposed and the company is motionless”. Although the two people are 17 years apart, they are very compatible. When shooting the set, many staff members can feel the ambiguity between them. The insider revealed that FanFeng wanlijiang had moved into Gaoqiao’s family since last year. The two people’s favorite thing was to cook together. They seldom went out to eat after dating, and they all went home to cook after work.

FanFeng Wanli Jiang was born in 1998. She is only 24 years old this year. However, she entered the circle when she was very young, so she is considered a child star. Takahashi has worked in the entertainment industry for so many years in his life, and has had several girlfriends in the industry. His love history is still very rich. Therefore, many netizens are very worried that the woman will be hurt in this relationship after seeing Gaoqiao’s love affair with FanFeng Wanli river. Many even think that Gaoqiao’s uncle has cheated a girl’s heart.

Takahashi’s life is full of food. Wanli river is 17 years old

Before Takahashi’s life, he had a relationship with Japanese actress Makiko Ono, and later with actress Morikawa Kui. These girls are many years younger than Takahashi’s life, but it seems that their relationship did not last for a long time. The type of girls Takahashi likes in his life has always been very fixed, that is, pure girls, younger than himself. It is hoped that Takahashi’s life can seriously associate with FanFeng Wanli river this time. After all, he is 17 years older than girls, and he will not fail FanFeng Wanli river.

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